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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: The Top 12 Females

 Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com Update:  My apologies to the last few singers who performed last evening. I just noticed that, although I had written critiques for all of them, my blogging platform – WordPress – did not update this blog topic. Very frustrating. However, the last three singers were outstanding – with a special mention to […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: The Top 12 Males

 Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com Live Update Of Performances At The End Of The Post Over the next three weeks,  the Semi-Final Rounds of American Idol Season 14 will feature the Top 24 Singers.   On Wednesday, February 25th, the Top 12 Guys will perform, with the viewing audience  deciding via voting who will advance to the […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: The Top 40 House Of Blues Showcase And The Top 24 Reveal

Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox Well, this is it everyone! The week of the Top 24 Reveal! I am very excited and hopeful about this season – American Idol, the one that I know and love, is back with a vengeance. Now, I know the Top 24 names have been leaked all over the Internet but […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: Hollywood Week Part Two

Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox I thought last week’s show highlighted some very promising singers. Some of the solo performances and a couple of the group numbers were absolutely outstanding. American Idol, it appears, seems to be on the right track this season and I have fingers crossed that the show does not become derailed over […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season XIV: Hollywood Week Part One

Picture Credit: American Idol/Fox Over the next three weeks, the viewers will be treated to the drama and excitement traditionally known as Hollywood Week. This is the point in American Idol where the curtain rises to reveal the strengths and weaknesses of the singers. Can they withstand this pressure cooker experience or not? Also, we […]

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American Idol Season XIV Preliminary Auditions Week 4: Two Nights In San Francisco

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com Was it only me who thought the light and glow was a tad dimmer during last week’s American Idol audition episodes? In my opinion, some singers advanced that had questionable talent so we shall see what happens. This week seems more hopeful – they are devoting two nights to San Francisco so […]

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MasterClass Meltdown Of The Day: Phillip Phillips Sues 19E For Career Manipulation

(Sigh). Seriously, this is beyond ridiculous. I am still trying to wrap my head around this American Idol News Item. According to The Hollywood Reporter, American Idol Season 11 Winner, Phillip Phillips, is suing the company for manipulating his career via his recordings, special bookings and appearances. In other words, he is suing them for […]

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American Idol Season XIV Preliminary Auditions Week 3: Minneapolis And New Orleans

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com Wasn’t Adam Lambert fantastic last week? I love Keith Urban as much as the next person but Adam added such dimension and flair to the judging panel. Such a star! Sitting, talking, mentoring or singing, he exudes charisma and class. Some mighty fine talent emerged as well, especially in New York City. […]

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American Idol 2015 Contestant Sarina Joi-Crowe Slam Dunks Her Preliminary Audition

Okay everyone. This is how it’s done. And this is why a – cappella auditions can be a good thing. Sabrina Joi-Crowe has auditioned for American Idol four times and I believe that, with this last audition, she will most certainly see her name in lights in the Top 24, followed by the Top 12. […]

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American Idol Season XIV Preliminary Auditions Week 2 With Adam Lambert

Well, Adam Lambert Fans!! This is your week! The former American Idol finalist takes a long overdue seat at that Judges’ Table to share his advice and insight in his role as mentor and judge to prospective contestants of American Idol Season 14. How did this happen? Well, unfortunately, during the New York auditions, Keith […]

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The Curtain Rises On American Idol Season XIV On January 7th and 8th

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com Aaaaaaaaaand, we’re off!! Yes – January can only mean one thing to Idol diehards and that is the debut of a new season of American Idol. What will this season bring us? Well, hopefully, singers with charisma, talent, professionalism and poise, elements that were sorely missing during Season XIII. I am still […]

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American Idol Season XIV: Sneak Peek: The Top 24 (Almost) Revealed

I don’t know which is more exciting – the fact that we get to hear the Top 24 in this video below or that American Idol Season XIV has finally re-embraced the Top 24 Semi-Final format? Yes, finally! I have only been harping and harping on a return to this format for the past four […]

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A MasterClass Moment: David Cook’s ShowStopping Response To Caleb Johnson

When will American Idol Season 13 winner, Caleb Johnson, ever learn to keep his mouth shut? Someone “google” him a filter and a brain because this guy does not know how “keep a lid on it” to save his life. Recently, he dissed American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook, by saying that he – […]

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A Masterclass Moment: American Idol Contestant Serenades And Dances With Jennifer Lopez

Okay! this is too darn cute. It made me smile and I like to call it my Masterclass Moment of the Day. It appears that a contestant in Nashville, upon receiving his gold ticket for Hollywood, had another ticket in mind. An opportunity to slow dance with judge Jennifer Lopez. However, what made this moment […]

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American Idol Season 7 Finalist, Michael Johns, Dies At the Age Of 35

I honestly don’t know how to do this. I don’t. Like all of you, I am saddened and shocked by the recent passing of Michael Johns. According to his website and numerous reports, Michael passed away from a blood clot in his ankle on Saturday, August 2nd. I am assuming that his death was completely […]

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Jessica’s Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol XIII Top 2 Performance Show

BY JESSICA TURNER For American Idol XIII contestants, the season is at the climax. Last night two went in, and tonight only one will come out. It is hard to imagine the chummy finalists, Jena Irene and Caleb Johnson, actually coming to fisticuffs, despite the faux prom battle that kicked off the show, but each […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol XIII Top 2 Performance Show

Picture Credit: American Idol Well, here we go! The Top 2 Performance Finale for American Idol Season XIII will air on FOX Tuesday, May 20th, followed by the Results Finale on Wednesday, May 21st at 8:00 PM. Vying for the American Idol crown are retro rocker Caleb Johnson and multi-genre artist, Jena Irene. At this […]

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Jessica’s Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol XIII Top 3 Performance Show

By: Jessica Reffler Turner MasterClass Lady Comments: Jessica Reffler Turner has provided a detailed, excellent critique of the Top 3 Show. It is full of interesting detail and insight and I am extremely grateful to her for taking the reins in light of my busy schedule over the next two weeks. Thank you Jessica. Your […]

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Alex Preston – Please Help Him To STAY!

Excellence comes in a variety of packages. And Alex Preston has his own unique look and sound. Packaged in a sometimes awkward but always musical stage presence, Alex Preston gave three absolutely riveting performances on Wednesday’s American Idol Performance. However, his performance of Rhianna’s “Stay” on the American Idol Top 3 show was an absolute […]

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Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol XIII Top 3 Performance Show

Picture Credit: AmericanIdol.Com I will not be contributing a Vocal Masterclass article for the remaining two shows of American Idol Season XIII. I am honestly just too busy this season and need every free moment to either deal with real life and/or relax. Also, I feel I have said everything I could possibly say to […]

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