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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 10: Let’s Play Football!

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox This week, the Top 10 take to the football field to highlight their cooking prowess. Led by Team Captains, Elizabeth and Jaimee, both of whom won the Top 11 challenge last week, the home cooks must provide football snacks for the crowd while weathering, so to speak, the unpredictable natural elements. Like […]

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A Masterclass Moment: American Idol Contestant Serenades And Dances With Jennifer Lopez

Okay! this is too darn cute. It made me smile and I like to call it my Masterclass Moment of the Day. It appears that a contestant in Nashville, upon receiving his gold ticket for Hollywood, had another ticket in mind. An opportunity to slow dance with judge Jennifer Lopez. However, what made this moment […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Nine: The Times They Are A-Changin’

The Sixties was quite the revolutionary decade. Looking back, it seems almost unbelievable that the social issues raised during this decade were significant enough to warrant change, but, we have evolved and become a better culture as a result of the social movements of strong leaders during this decade. Acceptance of Homosexuality , equal rights […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Quarter – Finals Group Two

Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent/NBC Last week’s first group of quarter-finalists gave exciting performances. Well, some were more exciting than others, but, overall, it was a great show. That being said, I feel that the correct performers were voted through to the semi-finals, especially my new front-runner, Miguel Dakota. What a star and he possesses […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 11: A Tale Of Two Boxes

Picture Credit: Fox/MasterChef It is Civic Day here in Canada so I am late to the gate posting this blog topic. We are getting mighty close to the Top 10 of MasterChef. So exciting. Last week, Francis Biondi was eliminated. I was sad to see him leave as he was one of my favorites. And […]

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American Idol Season 7 Finalist, Michael Johns, Dies At the Age Of 35

I honestly don’t know how to do this. I don’t. Like all of you, I am saddened and shocked by the recent passing of Michael Johns. According to his website and numerous reports, Michael passed away from a blood clot in his ankle on Saturday, August 2nd. I am assuming that his death was completely […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Eight: 1968

The 8th installment of The Sixties show airs on CNN at 9:00 PM on Thursday, July 31st. This week, the focus is on the year 1968. It was not a very good year. There was so much unrest and turmoil in the United States which culminated in the assassinations of the Reverend Martin Luther King […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Live Shows Begin

Picture Credit: America’s Got Talent/NBC The first Group Of Twelve Acts is set to hit the America’s Got Talent stage on Tuesday, July 29th at 9:00 PM. on NBC Over the next four weeks, four groups of twelve will perform for your votes, with the results being revealed each Wednesday. Scheduled to perform tonight are […]

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David Cook And David Archuleta’s Heartwarming Reunion On Stage.

A couple of days ago, American Idol Season 7 Runner-Up, David Archuleta, surprised American Idol Season 7 winner, David Cook, with an impromptu visit during the latter’s concert in Sandy, Utah. David Archuleta performed his hit, “Crush”, accompanied by background vocals supplied by David Cook. How perfect is this? And how exciting for the fans. […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 12: Team Spirit In The MasterChef Kitchen

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox This week, the remaining 12 home cooks are divided into teams. Based on last week’s results, the Team Leaders, chosen by our knowledgeable and discerning MasterChef Judges, Gordon Ramsay, Joe Bastianich and Grahm Elliott, are Ahran for the Red Team and Elizabeth for the Blue Team. Anyone following closely take note: Leslie […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: Judgement Week

Picture Credit: NBC/America’s Got Talent Does anyone know what is going on with this show this season? Two weeks of reruns? Really? Sounds to me like a production malfunction. Maybe the producers are making it up as the show moves along. Are they, perhaps, discovering the power of social media and becoming influenced by which […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 13: Panic Attack In The MasterChef Kitchen

This week’s episode of MasterChef should be a doozy!! One contestant, Elise, has a veritable panic attack while competing for a spot in the Top 12. Check out the video below. My heart goes out to her. I really, really love her. She has a wonderful personality and is so determined. But, unfortunately, the pressure […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Seven: The Space Race

The 7th installment of The Sixties show airs on CNN at 9:00 PM on Thursday, July 24th. This week, we gain exclusive insight into the dollars and drama surrounding the most affluent time of the Space Age – with particular emphasis on the Moon Landing in July 1969. I thoroughly remember devouring every nook and […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Road To Radio City

This week, the judges have to whittle down this incredibly strong lineup of talent to 48 acts deemed the strongest for the live shows. America’s Got Talent Season 9 has an exceptionally high calibre of acts in every discipline – from music to dance to comedy to magic and more. So, how this is all […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 14: Fried Eggs And Ham

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox Are you ready to watch the Top 14 strut their cooking stuff? The show is getting very intense and the competition fierce. Apparently, home cook, Leslie, has a bit of a meltdown during this week’s episode. I like the guy – he brings a lot of character to the show so I […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Six: The British Invasion And More

Suffice it to say, some of the very best and thoroughly iconic music emerged during The Sixties. Not only were we introduced to the sounds of Motown and the likes of the great Michael Jackson, but also the singular sound from British artists exploded in North America. It was an exciting, almost mind-blowing time in […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 15: Arch-Rival Pair-Ups

Picture Credit: MasterChef/Fox Ooooo – this week’s episode is going to be a down and dirty one. According to MasterChef’s Official Site, the kitchen cooks will be working in pairs and with an individual whom they deem to be their nemesis. Love it! I mean, can this show get any better? But, it does! Week […]

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Performing Masterclass For America’s Got Talent Season 9: The Final Auditions

Picture Credit: NBC/America’s Got Talent In a bit if a rush here. We are celebrating Canada Day and I totally forgot that this is America’s Got Talent night. What a great season. Apparently, the promo last week hyped that the AGT crew saved the “best for last”. Well, we shall see about that. There has […]

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Cooking Masterclass For MasterChef Season Five Top 16: Welcome Back Luca and Alexander

I am so excited for this week’s MasterChef episode. MasterChef Season 4 winner, Luca Manfe and Junior MasterChef Season 1 winner, Alexander Weiss make an appearance. I love both of these talented culinary experts and they are proof positive that age holds no barriers in the kitchen. Both are creative, detailed cooks and I wish […]

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CNN Presents The Sixties Episode Five: A Long March To Freedom

This week, CNN’s 10-part documentary, “The Sixties”, focuses on The Long March To Freedom. And it was a long walk. A really long walk. And, unfortunately, we are still walking that walk. Donna Brazile, a CNN contributor and a Democratic strategist sums up the significant events focusing on segregation during this decade: “CNN on Thursday […]

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