Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Top 5 Will Not Be Available This Week

Hi everyone:

I am having another busy week and can only accomplish so much.

I will probably miss part of this week’s show and the rest of the week is quickly being filled up with tons of activity.

I will add comments In the comment section once I tune in to the show this evening.

I apologize for this.

However, I know many of you will add your own excellent insights and evaluations, so I look forward to this.

Also, in the wake of this news, I am always looking for writers who wish to contribute articles to MasterclassLady.Com. Unfortunately, I cannot pay you so, like me, it would have to be a labor of love on your part.

If you are interested, please contact me via the Contact Page.

Thanks so much everyone.

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105 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Article For American Idol Top 5 Will Not Be Available This Week”

  1. Vonnie 🎵🎼 April 30, 2014 at 10:22 pm

    My favorite tonight in this order


    Jena and Jessica!

    I think I did figure out who I think Caleb sounds like…def leopard

  2. That was a mixed bag, wasn’t it? I will say Jason Mraz was a really, really good mentor–he was really listening and watching and, at least what they showed, he gave specific, performance-oriented advice (which Jena didn’t seem to pay any attention to–“stand still for the first verse” doesn’t precisely mean “circle the whole universe”–but the rest of them clearly were trying to follow). I wish they had shown some of his advice for the second songs, it was interesting.

    First songs:

    Alex was good if not great on the first song, not really in his wheelhouse but I liked it. The song did show off his vocal range more than the songs he usually sings.

    Caleb sounded a little off in his first song–and keeping a death grip on the mike stand is not appreciably more expressive than the hand on his belly! (Didn’t Kelly Clarkson used to do that when she was on AI–keep one hand on her stomach?) Again, not his wheelhouse, but it’s nice that he really tried for something quieter.

    Jessica started off kind of weak, but once she hit the chorus and the higher notes, she came alive and sounded great.

    Applause to Sam to getting all the words on “Sing” without looking like it was a chore, and I liked that he was actually looking around the audience. While I usually love Ed Sheeran I do NOT like this song, but I will say I liked Sam’s version better than the original. And I bow to HCJ’s knowledge, but I didn’t think Sam was falling behind the groove, it sounded to me like he was trying to play with the rhythm and if it had just been him and the band, syncopation might have worked, but with the background singers it just sounded wrong.

    Jena sounded awesome on this song! (But she also sounded like she was trying to imitate Paramore–some of those bits that JLo was praising, Hayley Williams does them. Jena doesn’t need to copy Paramore, we already have them, and she has enough going for her without that.)

    Second songs:

    As usual, I was folding laundry and putting things away and going through my spam and so on during the show, and literally the first two notes from Alex on “Say Something” stopped me absolutely cold. Beautiful. Really beautiful.

    Jena singing “Valerie” was a no for me. She can always sing, but it was a bit dead and gone.

    As the judges noted Sam started iffy on “How to Save a Life,” but I don’t think it was the melody moving into his “sweet spot” that changed it–it seemed to me that when he closed his eyes he seemed to really click into to the lyrics and it became moving–and it didn’t matter at all that he wasn’t looking at the camera or the audience for most of the song.

    Jessica on “Summertime Sadness”–again, she started off all sleep-singing, but once she stood up and hit the chorus, excellent. (Couldn’t someone tell her this in rehearsal? She shouldn’t always start slow and build, the slow start isn’t working for her.)

    Caleb and “Still of the Night”–That was smack in his alley and he did it beautifully, it was excellent. But…the 1980s called and they want their music back! (In other words, he needs to bring the sound into this century or he’s gonna be stuck in tribute bands after Idol, and that would be a pity.)

    Anyway, those were my thoughts!

  3. i love the song ‘say something’ and i loved alex singing it. i loved jessica’s second song. i don’t know the song but that lower register of jessica’s *really* made a connection with me. and i loved caleb’s last song. his first one did seem off.

  4. Thank you one thank you THANK YOU ONE AND ALL! I did finally watch the performances and, overall, it was a terrific show. These singers have really evolved from Day One haven’t they? I really loved them all for different reasons but Alex’s artistry really pulls me in. He understands the capabilities of his voice and where he can take it. He needs to coach his buddy Sam on the powers of nuance. Then Sam would really ignite.

    I am very tired here. Will comment more tomorrow. Thanks so much everyone.

  5. Alex’s artistry really pulls me in. He understands the capabilities of his voice and where he can take it. He needs to coach his buddy Sam on the powers of nuance. Then Sam would really ignite.

    I could not agree more with all of this!

  6. I may have mentioned that I told Sam to look at Ricky Nelson on YouTube several weeks back because I saw a resemblance. Well, he is trying to connect. He needed more energy and I am wondering if he’s ready to go home? Remember when Jason Castro had made that comment after being sent home 4th on Season 7?

    The judges have been really hard on Jessica. I think this gets to her. She really does have a good voice. I wonder where she goes after Idol? Jena wasn’t as good this week. I am trying to catch the Alex vibes but it hasn’t happened yet. I think it will be either Jess or Sam going home.

    I read that Caleb was sick. He did a good job but I expect a bit more on the ballad. He has an excellent voice, so being sick may be part of it.

  7. I think Alex and Sam are very deserving of the Finale!!! I could hear both of them on the radio right now!

  8. I was listening to some of the performances again on YouTube, and Jena really has some problems with articulation–I can’t even tell what most of the words are supposed to be in that first song (although her voice sounds great, and her energy is high).

    I would love an Alex/Sam finale, Vonnie, but I don’t think Sam is going to make it that far–he’s improving, which is lovely to watch, but he can’t put on years of maturity in a matter of weeks, so it probably won’t be enough fast enough. I’m guessing an Alex/Caleb/Jena final three, and I wouldn’t be surprised by a finale of any of those two. For tonight, I’m guessing either Jessica or Sam is going home tonight, but I can’t guess which. Based just on last night’s performances I’d probably choose Jessica to go home.

  9. At this point, I have no idea who is going to win this thing – which is probably a good thing. Jena does have an affectation happening with her speech. Her articulation is far from precise but she commands the stage like crazy. Based on pure artistry, Alex should take this but that is not how this Idol cookie crumbles. Unfortunately.

  10. “Based on pure artistry, Alex should take this but that is not how this Idol cookie crumbles.”

    All too true!

  11. Why does Sam sing without the guitar when he is eliminated? Twice now. And he is so much better. He really does need to go home and try to figure out who he is as an artist.

  12. Heh, true!

    I assume he’ll be going to Berklee College of Music in the fall–a few years there should help him figure his musical self out. He has such a wonderful voice, I’ll be looking to see what he turns into.

  13. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 1, 2014 at 9:35 pm

    I’m heartbroken!!!

  14. I’m sad too, Vonnie. I loved Sam!

  15. Well, ReReader, this will be a tremendous help. Thank you God!!! He actually looked relieved to leave. Like our Jason. Thanks for the links BTW. Will add them soon. Loved them

  16. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 1, 2014 at 10:02 pm

    Louise, we need to get Alex to the top of this now!!!

  17. Vonnie,

    That would be great, but I don’t see it happening. I’m really hoping that Jena doesn’t win. I understand that she’s a good performer, but I don’t particularly like her attitude. Sometimes I think she sounds good, and other times not so much.

  18. Hi all! That sure was a strange twist of events! And I’m surprised they all didn’t vote to have all of them stay this week. I wish Sam all the best. He sure does have a beautiful voice, and was so worth saving a few weeks ago by the judges. I could tell he really took their comments seriously, as he got better and better. I really wish he would have let go of that guitar more often. I think we would have seen even more magic and growth happen with him if he did. I feel the same way about Alex. Although Alex is certainly a more refined artist than Sam. His performance this week was stunning.

  19. I missed the first part. What was this voting all about?

  20. I’ve thought for a few years now that at the final five or four stage it should be a cumulative vote total with the winner announced on finale night. By eliminating fairly popular individuals at the five/four/three point – real favorites in the eyes of many viewers – the show is basically looking to find a way to turn people away from the show rather than keeping people invested and voting all the way to the end. The show after all is looking for ratings and viewers, so the way they do it makes no sense to me.

  21. And who voted that someone should go home? And why did they do this?

  22. First– :). Glad you liked them!

    The five contestants had a choice: They could vote (anonymously) to A) keep everyone another week, and have two eliminated next week, or they could vote to B) have the elimination as usual; for A to win, it had to be unanimous. Three voted for A and two for B, but we don’t know who voted for what.

    Really, there was no good reason to vote for B. If someone is going to have a bad week next week that had a good week this week, they would STILL be going home next week, since either way whoever places 4th in the viewers’ eyes will be going home next week. Meanness? Not thinking it through? I hope it was not thinking it through.

  23. Yes why would you vote for B? Hmmmmm. Seems a little strange to me and raises all sorts of possibilities.

  24. MCL-I really think this voting thing was another one of Idol’s tricks. They might not have been satisfied with the results, so they tried to save Sam twice. Well, it didn’t work!

  25. The vote gimmick was yet another way to screw Jessica and protect Sam. She was smart enough to see it and voted against the everybody stays scheme and indicated that with a nod and a smile. Caleb could be heard suggesting the everybody stays scheme. Everyone else was poker faced except I paused the TV and looked at their faces closely and I believe Sam was the other vote.

    Jessica has been very smart in dealing with the treatment she has gotten this season. Apparently she has watched past seasons and realized the mistakes the other girls that were singled out for abuse have made the mistake of showing anger or talking back or just blowing up and allowing it to affect their performances. She hasn’t done that. Her voice has always been good and her performance abilities have slowly improved. She is the most versatile singer in the group. She can do Caleb’s rock, Jena’s pop, Alex’s Indie as well as country. She also has original material and close to 200 You Tube videos. She was the only contestant this week with two good performances. Everyone else had one, although I would put Alex at the top position for best song of the night. of the night. She knew they wouldn’t have come up with this gimmick if she was going home so why set yourself up for the broader dragnet of a dual elimination in a top five scenario?

    Sam must have believed he was the other member of the bottom two, and if correct, he would also avoid the broader sweep of the dual elimination next week and also have one more shot at improving his lot next week.

    I believe that the vote gimmick suggest that Jessica came in third or better, but most likely third because they didn’t want to weaken one of the chosen by reveling they were in the bottom two. I can see where Jena or Caleb might have slipped to the bottom two this week. We could see that Jena was a bit of a know it all in her mentoring session and her second performance wasn’t good at all for me. In her defense, she could have easily been the original artist of her first song performing it on tour. Caleb revealed weakness in his first song but had a strong comeback in his second. The problem for Caleb is that at this point in the competition the fans begin to tire of same ole same ole and begin to question where this contestant fits in the market. Even when Caleb sings a current song it sounds 35 years old. I enjoy his performance when they are good, which is most of the time, but I’m not seeing a top level opportunity for him going forward.

    Alex remains my favorite but Jessica has moved into my second place spot. I also respect the abilities demonstrated by both Jena and Caleb so far. I could care less about who wins and have also advocated something similar to Don’s suggestion for the top five.

    As for Sam, I wish he could have utilized his opportunity better, but He is too immature and lacks a rounded life experience. He would have been better served to have waited at least two years or maybe gone to college first. I would think he will attend one of the state colleges in Florida due to their free tuition program for students who maintain a B average in high school. That may also weigh into the decision for him to live with his Grandparents and Morty Seinfeld at Del Boca Vista. Just a guess.

  26. Gene, I don’t think Sam will pass up the Berklee College of Music in favor of a Florida state college, since he not only said in an interview that he was accepted to Berklee (and indicated what he plans to study there), but also attended a 5-week summer session there last year. (Source.)

    I’m afraid I don’t follow your argument about the voting–I can’t follow who you have voting for which option; you seem to have Sam as the other no vote, but then you give a reason why he voted to stay, which would have been a yes vote. Not that it really matters!

  27. Sorry, I haven’t watched any Sam interviews. If he has a full scholarship to Berklee that would likely be a better choice. The downside is he may still lack life experience when he graduates and only gain “training.” That isn’t the resume of most top performers, (Barbara Streisand comes to mind)but you can make it that way I guess. Best of luck to him.

    I’ll try again. I think Sam did the math and thought that he was number two. I assume that he thought Jessica was going home. Voting no would allow him to come back next week and perhaps not be eliminated. Voting yes would still have him return next week, but he would have to improve enough to be in third place or better or go home. He had a 20-50% chance of going home tonight against a 100% next week if he remained in the bottom two.

    Sam has been history since before the save, but has been buoyed by praise. Judge’s saves from past season don’t last more than a few weeks and he may have realized that as well.

    Or to paraphrase Anita, it was another one of Idol’s tricks; it didn’t work.

  28. I saw a poll last night where most people thought that Caleb and Jena voted “no.”

  29. Sorry. I meant to say in my previous post that most people thought that Caleb and Jena voted “yes.”

    Actually, I just read on another blog that it was Jena and Alex who voted to send someone home last night. Alex stated that he thought it was wrong to change the voting.

  30. as gene said, we heard caleb say ‘let’s all vote yes’.

    gene, i’m not sure sam would have done all that analyzing in that short amount of time. they were all under pressure and it had to be done with a time constraint. i would suspect that some of them thought about it later and wondered why they voted like they did. it may not even have been clear to them.

    last night i’d assumed jessica and sam voted no. and even me, at this moment, is reevaluating that opinion.

    i don’t know where you all are getting the information about sam and school?

    i continue to ‘feel’ jessica’s second song. i haven’t downloaded it, but am thinking about it. that deep voice in parts of that song just really really got to me. as i mentioned earlier, i had never heard it before, and i’m an ‘alex will win’ person.

  31. I’m including a link to a wiki page about Sam Wolf.

    I hope this link works! If not, it says that he has been accepted at Berklee. He has also had quite a bit of musical training, and has some relatives who have been musicians. Interesting.

  32. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 2, 2014 at 8:14 am

    I thought for a few minutes that I had changed the Chanel by accident and was watching Lets Make A Deal…do you want curtain 1 2 or 3 or do you want what Jay had in the box?

    I’m not sure what that was all about other than idol likes the Voices instant save and wants to create a similar!!!

    I have thought about who should win idol…I love Alex, but the idol machine will chew up his artistry and spit it out. He should go home next! I think Jessica should win!

  33. Hunter, the word “source” in my previous comment about Sam and Berklee is a link to an article in a Florida newspaper; that is what they say he told them in a phone interview.

  34. If Sam goes to Berklee he will get more life experience in one month than in his previous 17 years. Even if he lived in the South End of Boston (not South Boston – completely different) and didn’t attend Berklee, he would get more life experience in one month than in his previous 17 years.

  35. rereader, thanks for the link. wow, reading the article, i wouldn’t think it was sam: i.e., reading the article, i’d expect someone older. and i still find it amazing that a young man who first performed at the age of 6 is as shy as he is as a performer. and also amazing how music seems to be strongly a part of his heritage. because i’m someone who loves details, i’d love to know more about his family dynamic, the details about who his parents are and what happened. prior to reading this article i’d thought he left a mom and a dad who lived together in michigan. this article explains a lot more but not enough for me :) about the family dynamic.

    vonnie, you are funny.

    they made such a big deal about that voting thing like it really *mattered*, it really didn’t. one way or the other, it just didn’t matter. obviously we know it was just a ‘get higher ratings’ ploy. so silly. :(

  36. i’m curious what others think about this: harry said to one of the singers ‘look at us, the audience’, rather than looking into the camera so much. i totally and completely disagree. yes, if you look at the audience, *maybe* you’ll increase your audience energy, and *maybe* that will ramp up the singer’s performance. however, i think it is far better to look at the camera..it increases the television audience’s (the voters) connection to the performer, it pulls one in. i don’t mean pimping for the camera, i mean a natural eye contact.

  37. The theme for top 4 week is love songs and break up songs (or something along those lines, I think). I only want to hear Caleb sing Isaak’s “Baby Did a Bad Bad Thing” and Jessica sing Norah Jones’ “Turn Me On”. If Alex is smart he will choose one of Dylan’s great love songs.

  38. Hunter, several contestants on AI have spoken about the schooling they get looking into the camera. One of the big disconnects on AI is what the judges say and the way the individual performances are directed. Harry does the contestants and the show a disservice when he has not spoken with the direction team. i.e. when the contestants are coached one way and the judge’s comments are at odds with that coaching.

    I think there are songs that demand looking into the camera and songs that don’t. I call the look into the camera songs “soliloquy” songs and the non camera looks “group sing-alongs” So as examples, Elton John’s The Last Song (which properly performed would win a contestant AI all by itself) or Sam Cooke’s Lost and Looking demands looking into the camera the entire song. “YMCA” and “Pinball Wizard” demands looking and interacting with the audience.

  39. I really have trouble believing much that comes from idol anymore! I think they wanted us to think this was a ploy to save Sam but all the while there really was going to be a shocker boot and I think that was Jena or Caleb…she/he and Sam may have been neck and neck and Sam took the fall…Otherwise, why did we not see bottom two after all was said and done???

  40. I thought I saw them flash two pictures after Ryan said Sam was going home, Sam and Jessica. If anyone has the show recorded, maybe they could check?

  41. Seriously one and all. This show is all over the place this season. I don’t think they can visualize any one left in this competition as becoming a viable star in the making so they are grasping at straws. Trying to create one. They are very good but good does not always cut it in this business.

    And I honesty, did not see any Ricky Nelson similarity in Sam. They just invented this to create a Teen Idol who was obviously not ready for the role.

  42. “reading the article, i wouldn’t think it was sam: i.e., reading the article, i’d expect someone older. and i still find it amazing that a young man who first performed at the age of 6 is as shy as he is as a performer”

    I think that he’s been used to performing in front of classmates, who didn’t think much about him, or in front of adults, who were friendly but restrained, and was totally and utterly unprepared for shrieking tweens and teens. He often looked like he was afraid they’d tear him into tiny pieces!

  43. “I don’t think they can visualize any one left in this competition as becoming a viable star in the making”

    This is absolutely true. The contestants they have left all fit into distinct genres, and none of those genres are big mass pop stars. The closest thing they have is Jena, but pop is not where she’s said she wants to go–and if she meant that, winning would be bad for her, because Top 40 (and to a lesser extent country) is where the big money is, and where AI wants to position their winner, iMO.

  44. rereader, I have it taped I will go back and watch it later…I think this is the first time in idol history that we have not seen a bottom three or two in this case!

    I agree MCL…Alex’s Artistry is a thing to behold and I think with the right producer he can create some great songs, like Plain White T’s “Delila” and he has a Neon Trees Vibe as well, I think he would certainly fit in the Indie scene! I would love to her him do Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know”

    But, smack me now! Caleb (while he is amazing at what he does) Jessica and Jena are glorified Karaoke singers! When Jessica made the comment that performing was hard work and that she didn’t realize all that went into it…I told my husband then, Yep! getting up and doing a decent version of a Stevie Nicks song on Karaoke night is pretty easy compared to this!!!

  45. I found out it was Jena and Alex who voted “No”! I say, good for them! Alex tweeted that the twist was not cool, and that this won’t be the last we’ll hear from Sam, and he’ll come out with an incredible album someday. Alex also tweeted he’s one of his best friends for life!

  46. At this point, I’m really hoping the final two will be Alex and Jena. Although, I do get what Vonnie is saying about Caleb and Jena. Alex has always been the most creative of the whole bunch.. Caleb is definately a better singer than Alex, but Caleb has taken almost the same approach with his song choices and how he performs them.

  47. I’ll be very interested to see if I remembered right or not, Vonnie, thank you!

    Thanks for the heads up, Anita–I found Alex’s twitter feed: https://twitter.com/RealAlexPreston

    To be fair, he is right that the “twist was not cool” and not what people were expecting when they voted Wednesday (it would have been more fair if they had said that the two weeks votes would be added together, rather than have this week’s votes simply discarded). He is also right, I think, that this won’t ultimately hurt Sam in the slightest. (And I do believe that he and Sam are friends–they are the most alike of all the contestants.) I still think it would have been nice for them all to vote to keep the five together for one more week, especially as I don’t see how it would make one whit of difference to the final outcome…but then, I don’t see how it would make one whit of difference to the final outcome, so it doesn’t really matter.

  48. Oh, here’s an interesting tweet! From Sam’s twitter feed (@samwoolfmusic):

    “Stop hating on Alex and Jena. No one knew what the results were before the decisions were made. Anybody could of went home.”

    He’s a sweet kid. (With terrible grammar! ;) )

  49. Well, with all due respect to Sam’s forgiving remarks, I think they did surmise who was going home. Jena and Alex have escaped the bottom for weeks on end so I think they knew what was coming. I still think they should,have all voted yes. Where’s the harm?

  50. rereader,
    The pictures that you referenced are part of the Idol set. I believe they started with the top 13 contestants pictures on large TV screens surrounding the wall above the back row of the audience. When a contestant is eliminated, you hear a sound much like a large spot light being turned off, and that person’s screen goes blank. I’m not sure what order they are in, it maybe alphabetical, but I don’t think the order changes as the group gets smaller. In other words, Sam and Jessica’s pictures have been next to one another all along and the reason they appeared to be displayed alone was that the contestants that had been displayed next to them were previously eliminated.

  51. ” I still think they should,have all voted yes. Where’s the harm?”

    Agreed, MCL!

    (I’m just somewhat less annoyed about it than I was last night.)

    Thanks, Gene! I’m glad to know I wasn’t imagining things, even if I didn’t realize what I was seeing. :)

  52. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 2, 2014 at 5:16 pm

    Did Alex and Jena just come forth with the info that they voted no or were they outed and then have an explanation? Either way not a good move! Sam’s fans needs a place to toss votes…hmmm! Maybe a Caleb Jessica Finale!!!

  53. Vonnie – I never thought of the voting implications. Hmmmm. ReReader – I am still upset. Lol

  54. “Did Alex and Jena just come forth with the info that they voted no”

    If I understood MJ’s correctly, four of the Idols told reporters backstage how they voted; Alex didn’t, but it’s not exactly higher math to figure out which way he went. (I haven’t time to watch the video there now, I don’t know if it adds anything to that.)

    I have to say, while I still disapprove of the no votes, I ALSO disapprove of the people who voted yes unilaterally deciding that “anonymous voting” means “tell reporters as soon asl we get backstage.” I mean, I do understand why Caleb and Jessica in particular would want to get the “It wasn’t ME!” message out, since there certainly were plenty of people saying it WAS them, but if the voting had not been anonymous, probably no one would have voted no, so…it’s a mess all around, and I’m now unhappy with all of them! :(

  55. At this point in the competition, there’s alot at stake. If Jena and Alex would have voted “Yes”, one of them might have gone home next week, and not gotten into the Top 3. I don’t think America should give them the cold shoulder. I suppose one of them could have gone this week, but I think the chances were greater of it happening next week.

  56. I think at this point in Idol’s career, if they were trying to save someone this week and needed a gimmick to do it they should have done the tweet route, let America decide Yes or No, then that takes these kids off the hook!

    I just get a sense that this was yet another manipulation by TPTB and I think it may be going as planned…have a reporter back stage to ask them so that they unwillingly rat out the others!!!

  57. Three words about last night’s voting gimmick – What! A! Mess!

  58. MCL-Right you are! And People have no business getting upset with Jena and Alex. That was uncalled for and terrible that the producers put them in that position in the first place. Get mad at the American Idol producers America, not these kids!!!!

  59. I think it was foolish for any of them to vote “Yes.” They were given one minute to decide, as a group, to change the rules the competition has operated under for thirteen seasons now. Jena was the only one who got it right and could articulate the best reason for her vote. I watched the video from the reporter that used to do the post performance interviews (Chris Trondsen) and it’s as described previously here with one exception. Sam said that they all talked and he was under the impression that they had agreed to vote “Yes.” I guess Jena and Alex did a little more thinking before filling out the form. Anyway, I’m glad they threw a wrench in the plan and the votes already cast stood. That’s not an anti Sam sentiment but I do believe he received the least number of votes this week.

    This gimmick was a stroke of evil generous on the part of the producers. They were able to have an elimination without revealing who was the second lowest vote recipient, attempt a second save of a contestant in a single season, create a stir in the entertainment press and blogosphere, and maybe get the contestants at one another’s throats. It is reality TV you know.

    If they had a standard elimination this week, we would have seen who finished in fourth place. That person would have a new understanding that it’s do or die and their fans would rally behind them. Sitting on the second stool is not a sure sign that you are going home next. One of those stools has an impression of Haley Reinhart’s back side in it from her sitting on it so many times, yet she finished third. She raised her game and her fans rallied. We also saw that with Sam. One week he was eliminated and saved by the judges and for two more weeks he stayed out of the bottom two. When two are eliminated at the same time, while it is true that they both had one more chance to perform, neither one had the rallying effect of sitting on the second stool.
    All of that was to say that it does make a difference whether they have a normal single elimination or none this week and a double next week.

    Credit to Jena and Alex for seeing that, maintaining what little integrity remains in the process, and realizing they are in a competition, not a fraternity.

  60. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 3, 2014 at 9:30 pm


    None of this makes a bit of sense to me! I will just be curious to see if this affects the voting!

    Would love to know who was with Sam in the bottom! I can’t believe that this was all done to save Sam, he has been in the bottom enough for the judges to realize he was going eventually!

  61. “What! A! Mess!”

    A perfect description, MCL!

  62. Vonnie,
    I think as far as saving Sam goes, that was just a side benefit, and as you suggest, it was more about the person on the other stool. My guess is that Jena or Caleb; most likely Jena were next to last. They wouldn’t have done that for Jessica. It was for the other reasons as well. Revive interest in the season, get people talking, sharpen the competitive instincts of the contestants.

    The emphasis was on “evil” when I said it was “evil genius.” The producers win either way.

    I thought it was interesting that the producers didn’t seem prepared for anything but a “Yes” vote. Sam didn’t get his Idol journey video and the judges seemed shocked at the outcome. Maybe they just managed the time poorly since this was a new gimmick, I don’t know.

    I wish they would do away with the segment on Thursday night’s when Randy “analyzes” the performances and gives “HIS opinion” on who is safe and who is in trouble. That bit was lame when Jimmy Iovine did it and I can’t think of a polite word to describe it when Randy does it. We are supposed to be dumb enough to believe that these are off the cuff remarks and that he doesn’t know the results of this week’s vote as well as the trends in the vote from previous weeks.

    Did you see “Nashville” week before last when the cast (except for the Stella girls) performed live at the Ryman? Also, I forgot to tell you that I finally watched the DWTS videos and could see what you were saying (or not saying) There was definitely an over rated and an under rated performance.

  63. gene…randy’s ‘recap’ is always what the judges have said the day before. to me it NEVER is original, so why bother. he even uses the same words. :( i LIKED jimmy’s comments. yes, they could be tough and not warm and flowery, but those comments were coming from his very successful business man’s eyes (and mouth) and could be entertaining.

  64. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 4, 2014 at 8:31 am


    I agree, it was about who was in the second seat…you can hear Keith at the end saying he did not see that coming! Evil is a perfect word for this and I still am not sure Sam had the lowest votes! You’re right had it been Jessica going home they would have went forward with the bottom two!

    I think when Ryan was asking Sam about missing home on Wednesday night he became the scape goat!

    Yes! Their is a very obvious bias on DWTS.

    I did watch Nasville, I thought it was pretty good, and I loved how exited all of the actors were getting to perform at the Ryman! I missed the Stella Sisters, I wish they could have been on there. I liked getting to see the writers. Do you think this show will get another year? I hope, but really wish they would make it a lot less soapy!!!

  65. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 4, 2014 at 8:35 am

    Blah! There is a bias on DWTS…my spell check has a mind of its own!!!

  66. Caleb needs a fulltime handler or something: See article at MJ’s.

    Bad enough that he called ANYONE a “retard”, but super-stupid to go insulting his fans. And the ones that bother to suggest/request songs on Twitter? They are EXACTLY the ones most likely to be trawling around the internet to see what scraps of info about him they can find, so they are going to see this. You have just insulted your most loyal, involved fanbase, Caleb, and that “apology” is pretty unconvincing. Not. Smart.

  67. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 4, 2014 at 4:16 pm


    Ouch! He may not have to worry about singing those songs sent to him! That’s maybe why he acted like he was pouting on Wednesday night while performing! He didn’t like the songs he was given???

  68. Hunter,
    I never thought Jimmy was that tough. I know someone misunderstood a previous remark that I made about him as suggesting he was too tough or something along those lines. I usually liked his pre-performance mentoring on Wednesday nights but I think he was the same “tool,” different shed as Randy on Thursday night. The second season he did it there was little doubt that he was reading a script.

    They have so many ways to influence viewers opinions it would take a book to cover it. The Thursday night thing is to reinforce the show’s point of view as to who is on top and who is on bottom. It prepares you for next week’s vote. There is way more to it than that, but having the expert share his wisdom for a enriched fan experience isn’t on the list. It’s propaganda.

    Re: your question about looking into the camera. That is a very good question and I think Don’s answer is a good base to work from but I think the techniques are evolving rapidly. Some of the change is being driven by new technology and some by new artistic styles. The miniature, broadcast quality cameras available today allow so many new camera positions for a producer to choose from that it is best for the performer to ignore them and work his audience. These views give the audience a feeling of being in a privileged position and seeing something previously unseen. You could call that the “fly on the wall” view or “voyeur cam” or something like that. That effect might be ruined by the performer looking at the camera with a big toothy grin.

    I went to see Eric Clapton Friday night and they used several robotic cameras placed on stands for high angles and on the stage floor for low angles along with two camera men to bring a huge variety of views to the big screens on either side of the stage. It was if you had a stage pass and could move about unseen on the stage watching anything you liked. I don’t think he ever looked directly at the camera. Some guys mount the little cameras on the headstock of their guitar for a view down the neck and I’ve seen James Taylor mount one inside his guitar so you can see his finger picking style.

    On the artistic style side of the coin, you see the difference everywhere from wedding photography, advertisement where they use odd angles, unusual points of view, casual framing (like heads half cut off etc) In those cases the director is the artist and the performer is just part of the subject matter and there probably is no right or wrong but not looking at the camera would probably be more the rule than the exception.

    David Cook was advising them to look into the camera because it represented the majority of the audience. Valid point and it represents a long standing style but since his time on Idol they have added steady cams, the camera that circles the contestant has come and gone, HDTV, digital broadcasting, as well as the miniature cameras and robotic cameras. That’s a lot of technological change and development to be ignored by those on the artistic side.

    When they do look at the camera they have to avoid the appearance of being fascinated by the machine and address it more like a face in the crowd. This is an area that Jessica has had trouble with and Jena seems to have a natural gift for.

    So who is right, Harry or David. I think they are both right but the trend is moving away from David’s suggestion and toward Harry’s.

  69. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 4, 2014 at 6:20 pm

    Bring on Americas Got Talent!!!

  70. I have been so busy this weekend that I haven’t had a chance to catch up with any American Idol news. That being said, I thought Caleb’s remarks were absolutely disgusting and, in the wake of this, I have decided not to critique his performances for the next three weeks. I don’t expect him to care so why should we? I have better things to do with my time!

  71. You have to wonder just what he thinks the entertainment business is all about, especially the music business. I mean, even if a label picks up an artist, labels don’t pay salaries, it’s all about the fans!

  72. Vonnie,
    I don’t know if Nashville will return or not. There wasn’t much of a cliffhanger to keep us on the edge of our seats in suspense until next season. I love the Ryman and many of the comment’s the actors made about performing there echo my sentiments so I was glad to hear them express a respect for the place. I was surprised that Hayden had never performed before a live audience and that Clare Bowen had never used a microphone before.

    Charley was so mad that he was unrecognizable during the judging except for a brief smile. I think he was mad at himself for making a mistake at that point though. They have always overpraised people who were fan favorites to help carry them “gracefully” to a higher position than their dancing would justify. Carrie Ann made the snafu of saying “when you win” instead of “if you win” to Amy but it seemed like a legitimate misstatement at the time. Stay tuned…

    I’ve always believed that the vote counts are legitimate on Idol. There is the disclaimer in the small print that says they have the right to ignore votes if they think there is some sort of technical manipulation going on but the game that they like to play and that is an inherent part of American Idol is manipulating the voters, not the votes and they are very good at it.

    You posed the question earlier about how the idol gimmick might effect the voting. You were a Sam fan as well as an Alex fan, so how does it effect you? Will you hold Alex’s “no” vote against him?

  73. That was pretty dumb of Caleb. I thought his secondary remarks were worse than the first, if that is possible.

    I’m glad you will not be critiquing his performances MCL.

  74. Gene, ReReader and all – in all my seasons watching Idol I think this is the most disgusting and ungracious behavior I have ever seen from an American Idol contestant and that says a lot since we all know we have seen many crazy things happen on this show. I honestly don’t even know how is going to walk onto the stage and perform with any sense of clarity or ingenuity. I would honestly remove him from the show and bring back Sam. The show has to have standards and stand by them

  75. You know I have said many times that I don’t like the judges save and that the fans should decide who stays and who goes but I fully agree with your proposal to remove Caleb.

    If that remark had slipped out and then he had an OMG moment and ask for forgiveness, I could live with that. People say dumb things sometimes. But I’m not the one the remark targeted so I’m not the one to let him off the hook. I can advocate for the offended parties, many of whom are unable to do so for themselves.

    I’m proud of you for taking the stand MCL, and I’m glad to join with you.

  76. MCL–It certainly would make me a lot happier if they’d swap Sam for Caleb! But it’s not against the rules to be an *unprintable* *unprintable*, so I’m afraid they’re stuck with him–although I’m not sure they’ll be stuck with him after this week, now that he’s done his best to alienate his fan base.

    Gene, I know you were asking Vonnie, but for what it’s worth, I am a fan of both Sam and Alex, and I’m not going to hold his “no” vote against Alex. From what I could gather, poking around the interwebs, they sprang this twist on the contestants pretty suddenly, and they didn’t really have a chance to think it through. It may show a nicer nature for a first impulse to be “let’s keep everyone”, but I can understand either 1) a feeling that somehow two people going home in one week would be riskier for oneself (even though I think that’s not really the case) or 2) being taken aback and uncomfortable with a sudden proposed change in rules (I need time to get used to that sort of thing myself). Also, I’m fairly outraged that they told the kids that it would be a secret ballot and then let the contestants say how they voted, basically making it an UNsecret ballot. So I’m giving both Alex and Jena a pass on that and putting the blame on TPTB for arranging is all so badly.

    I suspect most people who were Alex or Jena fans already won’t hold it against them. Where I think it could hurt them is that people who were throwing all their votes to Sam and might have shifted to one or the other of them might well not do so now–but they might not have anyway, so it’s hard to say if it will hurt them in the end.

  77. There’s a nice interview on EW with Sam; this bit is about the ‘twist’ thing:

    When you heard they were doing a twist, did you think it might be a second chance for you?
    I was kind of mad, actually. They didn’t really tell us, but when they told us that keeping someone for another week was an option, we kind of all huddled together and decided we shouldn’t really.

    So you voted for everyone to stay and have another week?
    No, I did vote for everyone to stay, but after I’d circled the “yes,” we decided we shouldn’t have it changed, because two people would be going home next week and that seemed worse. We wanted to stick to the one person originally each week.

  78. Vonnie 🎵🎼 May 4, 2014 at 8:42 pm


    I think next week is the season finale of Nashville…I think! I know they advertised it as all new!!!

    Yes! Charlie was very upset! And I did catch the Kari Ann slip! 😜

    I am a Sam and Alex supporter so for me it would not affect my voting, but I wonder about the people who are Sam only fans and who may be looking at a place to throw votes! So pitch in Caleb’s flub Jessica could be in line for a lot of votes!

    MCL, I appreciate your stance on Caleb and I am going to change the Chanel for his songs and come back on when he is done!

  79. i actually am cutting caleb some slack. i think the kids are just at a point where they’re over stressed. he was feeling really bad that he hadn’t done well and he just sort of ‘snapped’.

    they’re not used to their every word being ‘published’.

    i remember following vino alon (the x factor) on facebook. he’d ask a question about something else and nine million people would respond with ‘sing this, sing that’ rather than whatever it was he talked about. over and over and over, like it was a fresh idea. i remember thinking that i couldn’t handle that and their poor manners, all ‘wanting a piece’. and there *were* the haters.

    yes, everyone who signs up, ‘wants this’, but they never know how stressful it will really be.

    i remember when kelly clarkson won and she was complaining about how tired she was and she just needed some time. everyone came down hard on her because they felt she didn’t appreciate her fans and her ‘new job’.

    give these people a break.

    mcl, i really do hope you’ll reconsider and do critique caleb.

    caleb can’t take it back. he is learning a crash course in being a public person. these things are never easy.

  80. Thank you so much everyone. I’m glad you agree that I should just eliminate Caleb from critiques this week. Since he feels he doesn’t need any help and those that do try to help him are labeled unfavourably, then !!!! him!!!

    I was going to address this in a separate article. But it will be a cold day in hell before I give him headline publicity. I will mention it quickly in my VM article and leave it at that. I still think the producers should tell him to leave. He has offended many many people because of his insensitive and arrogant remarks.

  81. Hunter, I will cut Caleb slack on this if he can come up with an apology (or something close to an apology) that shows he actually GETS it, which he has not in the least done. It’s not the first time he’s shown disdain for his fans, after all–remember those bits about manipulating the audience, making “old ladies” cry and making the “old baby face”? It all adds up to a not-good picture.

  82. Hunter – no. I will not cut him some slack. He is an irresponsible, ungrateful young man and does not deserve an ounce of my energy. However, if he does walk out on stage and issues an apology which seems genuine and heartfelt well then maybe. But I honestly cannot see that happening. His remarks disgust me

  83. So Caleb did issue an apology . . . http://www.mjsbigblog.com/caleb-johnson-apologizes-for-rtard-remark.htm

    But in my opinion, he is a very immature young man. His remark in the interview about hookers and cocaine when he gets to visit his hometown was really stupid too!!!

  84. Louise, that’s the article I brought in the first place, and as apologies go it’s profoundly inadequate, to put it kindly!

  85. Sorry, rereader, I missed your article.

  86. No problem, Louise!

  87. gene, i loved your ‘story’ about cameras. i hope your eric clapton concert was a great experience for you. i don’t think you really said….

  88. Hunter,
    Thanks for asking. Clapton was great as always. He’s one of the artist that makes it clear that real rock and roll grew right out of delta blues. Of course he is known as a guitarist, often consider the best in the world, but he is one of my favorite blues vocalist as well.

    He had really good sidemen with him on this short tour, notably Paul Carrack (Ace) on the B3 and Chris Stainton (Mad Dogs and Englishmen) on piano and British guitarist Andy Fairweather Low. He also has a pair of R&B backup singers who have been with him several years now who rock the house. There isn’t much fanfare or glitz to his concerts. They are for the music lover. The only thing I remember him saying was “I hope you’re warm enough” and “thank you” after each song where he actually stopped playing. Many times he went from one song to the next without stopping.

    He does a surprising number of covers which is unusual for someone with as many hits from many bands as well as solo as he has, but it gave him a chance to just be a guitarist while the other guys did their songs in some cases. I heard him say to Jools Holland recently that he’s not making new music these days but rather, “looking for something new in the past.” There were three Robert Johnson songs, of course including “crossroads Blues,” along with some Willie Dixon / Muddy Waters (Hochie Cochie Man”) traditional blues songs, but also did Carrack’s “How Long” (Has this Been Going On”) and finished with the Stanton / Joe Cocker “High Time We Went.” I’ve seen him before and I recommend catching one of his shows if you ever have the opportunity. Watching him play on the big screen was a masterclass in making the complex look simple. There is a lot of tone in those fingers!

    The only downside is that I added a new Taylor to my guitar collection a few weeks ago and this was just another reminder of how poorly I play! I saw Johnny Cash Loan Willie Nelson his guitar once when they were doing a duet and Willie broke a string. Willie said “nice guitar” upon returning it after giving it a serious thrashing and Johnny replied ” yeah, it’s never been played before just now.” I know how he felt.

  89. Vonnie and rereader,
    Thanks for the feedback on the voting. That’s about the way I see it to.

    I had assumed that Jessica would have to do a country song last week, and from a popular current artist like Miranda Lambert etc., to pick up some of the votes left behind by the ousted members of the Alabama gang but she managed to pick up votes from somewhere without that strategy

    I’m not so sure people shift their votes that often after their favorite is gone unless they were voting for more than one to begin with or there is a long period between when their favorite goes home and they begin to vote again.

    Thank you for straightening me out on the Nashville schedule. I guess that’s why there wasn’t much of cliff hanger, huh.

  90. I am disappointed in Caleb. I’m glad he apologized. I understand how a word like “retard” can come out by mistake … but he should’ve corrected himself immediately. I have an autistic (functioning around MMR-moderately mentally retarded) son, and privately around family and close friends, I’ve found that expletive (carry over from its popularity in the early 80s) slip out. I know it can happen, but I would never use it publicly. I teach writing in high school and community college, so I do have a little bit of a public persona. I have a filter. Caleb needs a filter.

  91. Upcoming week the theme is Break Up/Make Up:

    My ideas:

    Alex Preston:
    Break Up
    “For No One” – The Beatles
    I can just hear the plaintive cry in Alex’s voice singing: “Your day breaks, your mind aches, You find that all the words of kindness linger on When she no longer needs you.”
    “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” – John Mayer
    “Foolish Games” – Jewel

    Make Up
    “Starting Over” or “Jealous Guy” – John Lennon
    “Make You Feel My Love” Bob Dylan
    “God Only Knows” – The Beach Boys
    “In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel

    Break Up
    “Love the Way You Lie” – Eminem feat. Rihanna
    “Jar of Hearts” – Christina Perri (I would love to see Jena do this sitting down at the piano.)
    “Dog Days are Over” – Florence and the Machine

    Make Up
    “I Melt with You” Modern English
    “I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” – The Proclaimers
    “In Your Eyes” – Peter Gabriel

    Break Up
    “Maggie May” – Rod Stewart
    “Wicked Game” – Chris Isaac
    “It Must’ve Been Love” – Roxette

    Make Up
    “Sherry” – Steve Perry
    “We Can Work It Out” – The Beatles
    “Dancing in the Dark” – Bruce Springsteen

    Break Up
    “Nothing Compares 2 U” Sinead O’Connor/Prince
    “Smoke Gets in Your Eyes” – The Platters
    “You’re So Vain” – Carly Simon
    “Foolish Games” – Jewel

    Make Up
    “Still the One” – Shania Twain
    “You Make Loving Fun” – Fleetwood Mac

  92. Trying to pick love and heartbreak songs for these four is difficult as they seem so self-limiting in the way they sing and perform. I go back and forth, but if I wanted them to sing a love/heartbreak song I would choose the following. (A teacher once said if you can’t quite get there, you need to step outside the circle. So in this case what song really fits their respective rhythms and personalities and abilities?)

    Caleb – You are so beautiful to me (Cocker ver)/ Baby did a bad bad thing (Isaak)
    Jena – Love me (Presley)/My immortal (Evanesence)
    Alex – I Can’t help falling in love (Presley)/ Cold Cold Heart (N. Jones ver)
    Jessica – I will always love you (Parton)/This much I know (Yoakum)

    Duet – Caleb and Jena – Don’t (Presley)
    Duet – Alex and Jessica – You must love me (Madonna)
    Duet – Caleb and Alex – Quarter to three (HCJ would flip out)
    Duet – Jena and Jess – If he never said hello – Linda eder ver

    Wish I could direct and produce this.

  93. One question. Why are you people choosing songs for Caleb? He and he alone is his own fan base and song-chooser and manger and mentor. He is a non-entity around here. His comments and his subsequent apology disgusts me.

  94. So I took a little sightseeing tour onto Caleb’s twitter…no tweets for 3 days!!! I think he needs to bow out and let Sam come back in his place!

    My one and only pick for this week is Alex…Please, Please sing Gotye’s “Somebody that I used to know” for break up song! Please!!!

  95. Vonnie. I thoroughly agree. We need to celebrate not only great singers but also good, courteous and sensitive young adults on this show. Sam fits the bill. Caleb does not.

  96. I like the way you put that MCL.

    ” His **comments** and his **subsequent apology** disgusts me.”

    That was what I was trying to say but failed to articulate it very well. There are all sorts of special interest people groups who are more than capable of speaking for and advocating for their own interest. The slur he chose insults a group of people who are least capable of defending themselves. I can’t envision an apology that will make that go away but what he offered previously was a dodge, a shift of blame, back peddling and obfuscation, not a concise apology that is from the heart. I was trying to say that his apology made the situation worse, not that IT was worse.

    The insult to his fans will work itself out in the voting as well as the marketplace but my guess is that there is a catchall phrase is the contestant contract, such as “conduct unbecoming” etc, that would allow him to be removed from the competition.

    In reality, I can’t see them reinstating Sam.

  97. Thanks Gene. No I can’t see that happening either, Gene. But I would be pleasantly surprised and gain higher respect for the Idol Producers if they did remove him from the competition. Sometimes, it is not about the ratings but how you conduct yourself in the face of adversity. Idol – are you up for it?

  98. Absolutely. Doing the right thing is ALWAYS the right thing to do.

  99. I think that if Idol allows Caleb to continue in this competition I am going to boycott and never watch them again! After all there are more singing competitions for me to chew on!!!

  100. I agree Vonnie. The entire show this season has left a sour taste in my mouth and now, with Caleb’s ungracious comments, this show is very hard to stomach. I would be embarrassed to be part of this mess. They can remedy this by simply replacing Caleb with Sam but, unfortunately, I cannot see this happening.

  101. Me either! I may be only one voice but at least I will have my integrity left, LOL. If Caleb is still in the line up Wednesday I will change the channel.

  102. What You Allow…You Encourage!

    I just thought of James Durbin…the Rocker contestant on Idol who had Tourette’s and Asperger’s! What message are they sending to him and future contestants if they allow Caleb to continue!

  103. Jessica Reffler,

    I have dear friends with a son who has Asperger’s and I completely understand how a word spoken recklessly makes one cringe!

    Just when you think as a society we have come so far!!!

  104. MCL, I totally agree with what everyone here has expressed. I have found Caleb to very smug and arrogant. Remember when Simon accused David Cook of that. David would never act so ungrateful, ever. In fact when David was guest mentor that was the occasion when Caleb made the “old ladies” remark. It was at that moment I had second thoughts about whether he was worthy of my admiration for his voice. In the ensuing 3 weeks, he has proven to be very full of himself as well as being rude and crude. If he makes Top 3, I will be very disappointed. He needs to take a page from the David Cook Guide to The Music Business, rule #1 Never Bite The Hand That Feeds!!

  105. Vocab – thank you for your input. David Cook is the first one I thought of during this whole Caleb mess. What a class act David was and is. Caleb doesn’t have an ounce of the talent, charisma, class and intelligence that David embodies to this very day. What a downward spiral this show has traveled. And to think there are so many wonderful musicians,,judges and host associated with this show. Makes no sense.


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