Talented Candice Glover Wins American Idol Season 12

Sometimes, this little ‘ole show called American Idol gets it just right.

For the first time in a very long time, a very gifted vocalist won American Idol. And her name is Candice Glover.

Here we have a singer whose persistence, dogged determination and stellar vocal preparation finally paid off.

This is Candice’s third time trying to make some sort of dent and impression in the American Idol journey. How can you not applaud and stand up and cheer for this extremely talented young lady? How? Her persistence is so inspiring. Three time’s a charm for sure!

She held her own tonight with a former Idol finalist and Oscar winner when she performed an outstanding duet with Jennifer Hudson.

It was such a spectacular moment on stage, although Ms. Hudson would be advised to (ahem) work on her technical skills. She is slowly turning into Season 3 winner Fantasia. Sorry, not a fan of the screaming!

At any rate, congratulations Candice. You are a star!

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24 Responses to “Talented Candice Glover Wins American Idol Season 12”

  1. what are your thoughts on Randy leaving? When was this announced?

  2. I am so HAPPY Candice Glover won! I started supporting her 16 months ago and it was worth the wait. She became an even better singer. Even better than Jennifer Hudson! I hope she has a successful career! I thoroughly enjoyed the Finale and will admit the guys singing with Frankie Valli was my favorite performance. There was a lot of humor, with the tribute to judge Nicki M. Funny, funny, funny! Great to see Aretha Franklin. I worry about her health. So good to see Adam Lambert. Too bad Phillip couldn’t appear on video. Then, there was Janelle. Loved her duet and hope she goes into that genre. So much to enjoy tonigh!

  3. Candice Candice Candice – SO happy she won :)! I voted my little fingers off last night. MCL, it’s funny you should mention Jennifer’s “screaming” – she performed on the Oscars & I had the same reaction – stop the “screaming”. It’ll be great to hear Candice on the Tour here in Charleston. Well done, Candice, well done!!!

  4. Kariann – it was a great show. But, yes, where was Philllip? Weird. I thought Candice more than held her own with Jennifer Hudson I worry about Jennifer’s vocal health. Her voice sounds pretty tense and strident. Not good.

    Lots of wonderful moments tonight. I could go on and on but my eyes are closing. More tomorrow. :)

  5. Darlene – yes the screaming drives me crazy. Crazy I tell ya! Good for you for voting for Candy girl. And so many others did as well. She has a loyal and supportive fan base that will see her through the next stage of her blossoming career.

  6. I logged on here this morning with the intention of commenting about the Candice/Jennifer duet so I was glad to see the other comments. I thought that duet truly showed the beauty in Candice’s voice. Although I’ve enjoyed Jennifer Hudson in the past, last night it seemed as if she was trying to do better than Candice and she really failed. It was a wonderful moment for Candice, but definitely not for Jennifer.

    Did anyone think Mariah Carrey’s performance was lip-synched?

    I also loved seeing Janelle, Amber and, yes, even Angie perform last night. It was for the most part a very entertaining show.

  7. Louise…Yes on the Mariah Lip Synching…There were a couple of times that she wasn’t keeping up too well…I thought that was awful.

    Candice sang circles around Jennifer!!! I wanted to hear more Adam!!!

    I think next season they should bring back idol alumni to fill the judges seats…who knows this show better!!!

    Kelly Clarkson, Adam Lambert, Taylor Hicks and Kelli Pickler

  8. Soooo pleased about Candice.


    I’m with you on the judges. No more giant celebs,. Kelly, Adam, Taylor and Kelli would all be god with me. Kelly was great as a Duets judge last year.Nw I would come back for them.. Vonnie can you call the producers up and have the arrange it

    Now lets talk about Mariah’s lip sync . OMG !! That was one of the worst lip sync jobs I’ve ever seen in my life (LOL). It was awful !!

    Rosanne and Darlene

    Regarding Jennifer and Candice: I guess we all like different things. What you guys call screaming …. I love. Some of you guys were sort of the same way about Joshua last year. Different strokes for different folks. Thats why after last night Jennifer became my favorite singer of all time. I will admit though , the two together weren’t a good mix for me. Jennifer has a very heavy tone. Candice much lighter and I can see how it could sound very much like she was trying to drown Candice out. But I really don’t think it was intentional. Its just the tone … but then I’m a great big Jennifer fan …. and to me even if Jennifer said to me herself she tried hard to drown her out I’s say she was lieing … as to mein my eyes she could do nor wrong., But I DO get that she’s not everybody’ cup of tea

    Bye !!

  9. Wow !! Those above typo’s were awful but then thats so normal for me here. LOL. I guess I just get so excited about getting my little two cents out here with you guys that the spell check don;t even matter

  10. Entertainer award goes to Janelle!! Love her energy and personality. Was fun seeing her and Kree sing energetic songs.
    Happy for Candice and runnerup Kree. Nice to see female win again, finally and the best singer for a change.
    Not a big fan of Angie but she did well last night with Adam and her Idol

    Favorite parts were the behind the scenes of the guys lamenting about the girls fixing the competition and mocking the Judges. Very humerous.

    Least favorite Mariah and Jennifer!! Detest lip synching!!

  11. Brotherkarl…I will get right on that phone call..LOL :-)

    LOL did you see the one time Mariah was talking and the singing had already started so she had to catch up…and they put that stuff on tv!!! Beyonce needs to give her a few lip synching lessons!!!

  12. CONGRATULATIONS CANDICE!!! Today, I was thinking, “I wasn’t dreaming last night was I?” I was nervous as heck last night before Ryan announced the winner! America FINALLY got it right! I wish only the best for Candice as her career moves forward. With the incredible talent that she has, it still kind of boggles my mind that it took Candice 3 years to even got on the Live show. She obviously worked very, very hard over those 3 years! Not only did she finally get to the Live show, but she won it as well! How incredible is that?! I’m very proud of her!

  13. If Angie couldn’t win, I was happy Candice did. That said JHud was a screamfest and not good. I would have preferred Candice singing alone to that. Besides the Adam-Angie duet that was my favorite performance of the night, I really enjoyed Janelle. That was great.

  14. Vonnie:

    I absolutely saw when she was talking to the audience and then had to catch up with the song. It was comical. LOL It was almost worst then a silent movie with background music down.. There was almost never a time in that song when she was mouthing in time. OMG. I love Mariahs singing but obviously there’s an art to lip syncing and Beyoncee has it down.

  15. As for where Phillip Philips was, he is recuperating from Kidney Failure. He had to cancel the remaining college concerts and try and get better before he heads out with John Mayer.

    So the poor kid obviously still has severe kidney problems. :(

  16. Aubry – you are absolutely right. I really need get to discussing Adam ‘s vocal gift here on this blogging community. He really is a well-rounded artist, someone who can pretty much do it all. That beautiful, understated duet between he and Angie was one of the finest moments I have ever seen on American Idol. It was vocal perfection.

    I do believe that Angie is a very marketable artist and will move deep within the music industry. She is not going anywhere but up.

    But, to see someone with Candice’s impeccable vocal gift emerge as the winner is very, very exciting. She is not your normal mainstream artist – she is a soulful, jazz-inspired and theatrical performer, as far removed from the WGWG winner syndrome as one can be.

    And I couldn’t be happier. Ecstatic beyond words.

  17. Brotherkarl…My question about Mariah; she was on a show where these kids come out and sing live each week…why not just come out and sing??? LOL

    Okay, we need to start a campaign for the Idol Alumni to judge the show and for MCL to be the singing coach!!!

  18. I bought Candice’s single “Beautiful”. What a wonderful song that is, and her vocals are gorgeous! I hope it gets lots of radio airplay.

  19. Anita -it really is gorgeous and I hope beyond hope that it receives the airplay it deserves.


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