Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 5 Results Show Featuring Clay Aiken And Fantasia

Well, here’s the good news. After all the estrogen on stage last night, we are finally going to get a bit of testosterone in the form of American Idol Season 2 Runner-Up, Clay Aiken.

It’s been a long time since I have seen Clay so I am excited here! He has always been one of my favorites!

He will join Season 3 winner, Fantasia, as special musical guests on this Top 5 Results show. Please, Fantasia, I beg of you. Do! Not! Scream!

It will be interesting to see if the judges finally make use of that “Save” option. I would think that if one of their favorites is the lowest vote getter, then probably the save will be activated.

And the pimping continues. Even Ryan is pimping some of the singers this season. So strange. So disappointing.

The American Idol Results Show airs Thursday night at 8:00 P.M. eastern on Fox.

Join me in the comments section, why don’t ya? I will be live blogging the show!

  • Live Update
  • Medley of Donna Summer hits. Amber starts, followed by Candice. They were solid. Boy this sounds really canned though when the rest come in. Okay, some dudes are on stage circling the Top 5 ladies. Guess they needed to give us eye candy. Ha!
  • Results and Clay Aiken after the break!
  • Individual Results
  • Angie first: Jimmy said that when she plays the piano she was more believable. She was technically believable in her second song, but not as believable. He thinks she will come up short tonight. Nicki diasgrees with Jimmy and said “Halo” was brilliant.
  • Candice next: Jimmy said last week’s performance was so inspired. This week, her Paula Abdul song was too narrow for her but her Mariah song was so inspired. She redeemed herself. OMG – Paula Abdul surprises her on stage and thanks her for sharing her song with the public. Ryan asks her to take a seat with the judges one more time. And, I have to say that I like seeing her at that table. Memories
  • Jordin Sparks and Jason Derulo are in the house.
  • Clay speaks about his continued work with kids with disabilities. He has travelled with UNICEF all over the world to share ideas on how to help these children. He performs “Bridge Over Troubled Water”. His voice has really deepened – which is natural with age. Plus he has a vibrato now. Woah! He still has the strong “r” sound and sings a bit diphthong heavy. He is also very stiff – almost nervous and out of sorts. But, his voice is so distinctive. And I admire his work with special needs children so much.
  • Janelle is scrutinized next. Jimmy said that she struck out with the first song. Really? I don’t think so. He loved the Dolly Parton song but not enough meat on the bone. Dolly sent her a note which Ryan read and she said Janelle is very talented and very special.
  • Amber up next. Jimmy says she sings brilliant every week and ends up in the Bottom 2. He said, this week, she sang both songs magnificently and she will be rewarded.
  • Kree is last. Jimmy says Kree made the wrong song choices this week and it may hurt her.
  • Fantasia is up after the break.
  • Idol plays the episode when Fantasia, Latoya London and Jennifer Hudson were the Bottom 3. They have an interview with Latoya who is going on tour. All three have kept in touch with each other. And there she is in audience hanging with Ryan.
  • Fantasia looks lovely and so far she is not screaming. Wow, her voice is actually clear, although she adds the occasional rasp. She has obviously worked on her voice. And, just as I typed this, the screaming begins. But she is so committed to the lyrics and the emotion. You have to give her that!! Great performance.
  • Results. Candice is safe. Angie is safe. Amber is SAFE!! Woooo! Kree and Janelle are the Bottom 2.
  • The Save will be used. We will find out after the break who will be singing for The Save.
  • Kree is safe. Janelle sings for The Save.
  • Janelle reprises her wonderful arrangement of “You Just Keep Me Hanging On” and it is an excellent performance. The judges are deliberating and the other 4 girls cheer her on.
  • Randy says they will not use The Save. Two judges were for her and two were not. Well, we know that Keith was against saving her. He likes Kree.
  • Lordie this show is ridiculous this year. She deserved this save. Ugh. See you next week everyone.
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    63 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 5 Results Show Featuring Clay Aiken And Fantasia”

    1. testosterone??? :) :) okay, you said ‘a bit’. sorry, i’m playing………. :)

    2. Should be interesting. Clay has been so Anti Idol after leaving Idol. I see this as a good sign for him.
      Glad Idol is using their Former Idol contestants on the show. They have almost entirely avoided it until this year.

      I’m rooting for Janelle, because of all the pimping of other contestants. Granted she didn’t pick the best song last eve but I wonder if her Dumb Blond choice has a message to the Judges. Hope not as it would be self defeating but I really like her personality and Genuiness. Hope she makes it to Top 3 but have my doubts.

      Hoping David Archuleta will be invited back next year!!

    3. Clay Aiken is gay which means he is a man attracted to men. It does not mean he is a woman. Got it?!

    4. Oh No! Will tonight be the two pairs and one unlucky girl gets to pick the top three or the bottom three….

    5. I was very sorry to see Janelle go. She’s so sweet and talented and gracious. But I was also very surprised to see Kree in the bottom two. That was quite a shock.

    6. I predicted in an earlier post on another topic thread that they wouldn’t use the save for Janelle. It was so obvious that they wanted her gone last night. They weren’t honest in their critiques of her performances, especially the first one. Also, Kree and Janelle in the bottom two is further proof that they are splitting votes. So far Kree has been winning the battle with Janelle winding up in the bottom. But tonight they both were there. No way were the judges going to save Janelle.

      It’s a shame, but that’s Idol.

    7. So sad to see Janelle leave…

    8. What the heck?! This was the last week they could use the Save, and they just couldn’t use it on Janelle? I think she deserved it. I didn’t agree with Keith about her not connecting with the emotion of that Vince Gill song. Yes, I do believe that Vince is the finest male singer in all of Country Music, but come on…Janelle did a better job than she was given credit for!

    9. Yes, something really stinks with this Janelle – Kree – Keith ménage. Keith really favors Kree to the point where it makes me think that he has money already invested in her career. Why? I don’t know. She is so generic and one-dimensional.

      But, she does have ties to the country industry and it makes me wonder if she is somehow professionally connected to Keith Urban. Maybe she’s a Keith plant! He discovered her for the show.

      At any rate, his interest in her seems suspicious. But, I love to conspire lol

    10. Maybe they are going to use the save until the Top 2 and just continue until the chosen one wins. Lol

    11. I thought they had to use the Save before a certain time. Knew they wouldn’t use it on Janelle, even though her singing tonight was great.
      I’m wondering if the message I’m not just a Dumb Blond was to the judges and the song tonight “Why don’t you just let me go, you keep me hanging on etc etc.
      Janelle was the most genuine, positive friendly person of the bunch.
      Didn’t know Keith connection with Kree. hmmm!!
      Wondering why they can’t do more coaching before the performances re: song choice etc.
      Can’t wait to hear the interviews. Janelle will shine on her little exit circuit!! Can’t wait to see her in the Finale!!

      Had to get David Archuleta’s Bridge Over Troubled Water Out and play it.

      Clay and Fantasia did well. Loved hearing about Clay’s charities and Gratefulness to Idol.

    12. Heidijoy – I didn’t say that Keith was definitely connected to Kree. It was a theory. Haha

    13. i just saw a tweet from keith to janelle. he said he really fought for her.

    14. Really? Then who didn’t fight for her. I find that weird considering he did not like her.

    15. ” He has travelled with UNICEF all over the world to gain ideas to help children. ” What? He is the Unicef Ambassador of Education World Wide. He is sharing his knowledge and expertise, not the other way around.

    16. Oh sorry Masterclasslady!! Feeling paranoid, since Janelle was my favorite and thought she was treated poorly. Thanks Hunter ! Glad to hear that Keith fought for her. Know Nicki didn’t!!

    17. wondering masterclasslady, how you thought Clay did tonight. Had remembered him singing this song better in the past.
      Maybe I’m spoiled by David’s rendition which is a favorite.

    18. Shane – oops my bad. I was writing and distracted at the same time. Ryan probably said “share ideas” or something like that – not “gain ideas”. Will correct this now. Thanks for the heads up.

    19. So, Nikki and Randy voted against Janelle. Crazy. She is probably the best country artist they have ever had on Amerian Idol.

    20. Just watched it. Sorry, Rosanne, but she screamed. I guess she wasn’t paying attention to you at all.

      The 3 divas in the bottom 3 was probably the turning point to a few years later they came up with the ‘save’.

    21. Yes, Peggy, you are right. She is still scream city. OY vey!

    22. Heidijoy – I mentioned Clay’s performance in my live blog of the Results Show. I found his voice richer but less stable. He has lost the flexibility of youthful vocal cords. His “r” consonant is harsh as ever and his diphthongs really heavy – something I pointed out during my VM articles for Season 2. And he seems so stiff.

      Maybe performing is not his focus – he is doing exceptional work with special needs children.

    23. Thanks Masterclasslady! re: Clay. Yes I admire his work and was so pleased that he came back. In past interviews I got the impression that he wasn’t that supportive of Idol but it may have been related to former staff or something that happened. Just so pleased he is at peace with whatever it was and expressed his gratefulness to Idol for his start. I went back and read your review. He has done quite a variety of things including Broadway, Apprentice etc etc.

      Hope David keeps his beautiful Voice!! Miss him.

    24. Fantasia I thought was incredible. She had just learned that her good friends (part of her band her musical director and her drummer)father to whom Fantasia was close to also had suddenly died, She showed courage performing despite this bad news and she dedicated the song to that family.

    25. MCL,

      I just watched the results show out here on the west coast and was really surprised at how Clay sounded. His voice sounded about an octave lower and the quality of the vocals seems to have deteriorated. What’s with that vibrato? I thought he was really pushing the vocals throughout the performance. At 34, he’s not that old so that his voice should already be deteriorating. We have seen singers maintain their vocals well into middle and old age. I was honestly really shocked at the way he sounded. That’s not the Clay Aiken I remember! However, respect his work with special needs children. Maybe voice isn’t his primary interest anymore.

      I am pleased to know that Keith fought for Janelle. I saw Keith talking intently with Mariah throughout Janelle’s performance. Then Randy was chatting with Nikki, who didn’t seem very responsive. I am sure that Nikki didn’t want to save Janelle. Do we then assume that Randy was the other one? I just wondered if Keith and Mariah wanted to save Janelle then one of them should have been talking with Randy or Nikki to get them to go along with the save.

      Janelle has a lovely voice and great personality and stage presence. I think she should have been their chosen country singer. She handled being thrown under the bus with class and grace and never lost that smile.

    26. Shirley – yes, I actually enjoyed Fantasia’s performance tonight. She really wears her heart on her sleeve. Totally engrossed in the music and the emotion.

    27. I’m guessing that the two judges who didn’t want to use the save for Janelle are saving it in case their favorite(s) gets voted off next week–probably Kree or Angie. I hope they will use the save on either Amber or Candice if it comes to that.

    28. Fantasia was, once again, the bomb. That girl can convey emotion in a song like nobody else.

    29. Hey Everybody

      I don’t think I’ve been here since last week sooooo … I’ll start there. Hallelu !! Lazaro finally was sent home !!!

      Okay I just had to get that out !!

      Clay is one of my favorites Idol singers. I don’t buy very many cd’s , but I have purchased a couple of his. I couldn’t put my finger on what was going on with him the other night. He wasn’t doing very well in his lower registers. He didn’t even seem as happy as he normally is. I’ve heard him sing that before. Last time it was great as normal. This time to me, it was a snoozer. Maybe he’s gotten too comfortable.

      Fantasia ….. Its been pretty clear for while now that a lot of folks around here are not big”Fantasia lovers”, but I am. I thought she looked gorgeous, especially after what she had on last season when she sang with Jousua . And I thought she sang wonderfully !! Every time I see her though I laugh because I don’t care what she sings, she sings it like she’s at some pentecostal church. All the judges gave her a standing O and Nikki was getting the shaking spirit.

      Jannelle … well … all I can say is, its was just a matter of time. I said last week here that her competition was Kree and Kree was in the bottom with her. Amber’s competition is Angie and at the end of the season we’ll be looking at , not who the best singer is, what style of music has the best fanbase. Jannelle is a good. Unfortunately the “we love Jannelle” fanbase was off last night, and threw her under the bus.

      Next week is not going to be a good night because once again somebody who is greatly loved, will be sent home and if they can’t woo their fanbase to do that extra work …then they’ll go home, rightfully so. I think Kree was in the bottom because her fanbase thought she was safe (since she’s always been) and they gave their votes to Amber and Candice instead to get them out of the bottom. They needed it.. Kree really didn’t need the votes. Next week her fans will come back after seeing what happened this week, plus she’ll get all the Jannelle votes and she’ll be back up there. Then its going to get very interesting.

      It’d be great if Candice won. Thats who I’m voting for …. but I’d be shocked if she did.

      Blah Blah Blah Blah … Blah, Blah blah blah blah ….Blah Blah.

    30. I think next week will be fine, truly outstanding if i had to guess. I don’t think anyone is going home and it builds suspense for the next week’s pre-final departure. The themes are one hit wonders and songs the contestants choose. There should be some terrific selections and performances, even something post 2005.

    31. Don

      I’m not sure who it was , but I think it was you that talked about having them all stay until the end. I thought that was a great idea ! I’d like that show. They’re all good. And I’d watch (especially since this is my last season.) The thing is, however they do it, at the end, 4 more are going to ultimately go home, as there can only be ……one ….American Idol. !!! (I just had to end it that way)

    32. Janelle is a real sweetheart and I wish her much success in her career! Does Keith know Kellie Pickler? Kellie is good buddies with Kree, so maybe there’s something there. Kree doesn’t have to win to have success. I have been voting fo Janelle and Candice (more to Candice). I couldn’t vote this week because I was in the hospital. But I am back to do my thing.

      The Themes are “One Hit Wonders” and “Contestants Choice”, right? Candice says she has something special for us! Looking forward to that.

    33. I hope your hospital stay was nothing serious, Kariann. Glad to hear you’re voting for Candice!!!

    34. brotherkarl,

      You should watch the move/old television show Highlander. There can be only one! I would declare them all winners and watch positive comments/PR go through the roof. But they won’t because they are prisoners of the same mentality that got them to this point.

    35. When they were doing a look back on Clay they showed a scene which was one of the nicest things that Idol has done in the past: The year they had the Idol ‘awards’ and they gave one to this lad who looked a bit like Clay and who aspired to be him. He won an award and as he was singing his favourite Clay song Clay was brought out from behind the curtain. I recall when I watched that originally I had tears in my eyes. I put myself into that lad’s place and thought how I would feel if my own idol came out to sing a duet with me. That, to me, was one of the few very touching scenes and glad they (briefly) showed it again.

    36. Peggy

      I remember that when it happened…and I too remember thinking .. if I was on stage and my favorite Idol came out while I was singing …I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to even handle it as well as he did. That was a pretty good set up.

    37. Hey everyone. Sick as all get out here. That’s why I haven’t been commenting.

      Thank you – all – for keeping this site alive and healthy, even when I am not!

      Will get back to normal soon I hope – whenever I can keep something other than water down.

    38. I’m praying you be better soon Rosanne. Looking forwards.

    39. Thanks BrotherKarl. Nasty virus. But feeling better tonight.

    40. Being sick is a pain. Hope you are better by Wednesday in order to enjoy another round of AI!

    41. Very sorry to hear that you caught that bug, MCL. Hope you feel better soon.

    42. MCL,

      So sorry to hear that you are battling a nasty flu bug. It can be very debilitating. I hope that you get better soon! Meanwhile, we will keep the conversation going in your absence. I sincerely hope you are well enough to do your masterclass critiques this week. You’ve got a few more days, so get plenty of rest!

    43. MCL…Sorry to hear that you are not feeling well…drink plenty of fluids, rest, and don’t for one minute worry about Master Class…you know that we will all be good while the teacher is out of the room…plus, I’m like the class tattle tale, so I will let you know if anyone gets out of line!!! ;-)

      Kariann…sorry to hear of your hospital stay…hope you are feeling better!!! :-)

    44. Thanks everyone. Still nursing water and Gatorade but slowly feeling better. Will try my best for VM article on the Top 4. Have to try and add topics for The Voice and Dancing With The Stars tonight.

      Keep chatting away. It puts a smile on my face.:)

    45. A bit of off topic news…Khloe Kardashian will not be Factor; Mario Lopez will return as the host of X

    46. Grrrr….she will not be returning to X-Factor!!! I can’t say that I am gonna cry about that!

    47. Hey Vonnie,

      Thats interesting news. So Khloe isn’t going to be there this year. I’d say she probably would have done better had she taken some lessons from Ryan., who to me is awesome. I’m pretty sure it was their decision and not hers . I think the consistent changing of these host like this, is going to be the death of these shows. Its says …it doesn’t take any body special to do it … and anybody can do it and soon anybody will.
      Joe Smoo from some reality show that lasted 3 weeks over 10 years ago will be doing it.
      When they started changing like that …trust me… its on its way out. The day Ryan and Randy are no longer on Idol will its second to the last season. This will be X Factors 3rd host since its started. Its just a revolving door. May be next year Omorosa will do it or somebody like Ne Ne Leeks or somebody. I’m sure they would love it.

      I don;t know if you’ve ever looked at “Showtime at the Apollo” but in the past, the audience they’ performed for were the actual judges. Its what made the show so good. If you weren’t good, they;d just scream and booo you off before you even finished ….(LOL) …and if you didn’t walk off they’d send this clown out with a hook and dance you right off the stage …OMG …it was just funny but sometimes they really deserved it .They still did it last season but added judges to critique the performance. One last season was Gladys Knight. When you start making a lot of changes from the things that made it famous. though I think its pretty much over

      And a blah blah blah (LOL).

    48. brotherkarl,

      I went to school in NYC. I spent many, many Wednedays and Fridays at the Apollo Theater and got to see all that stuff up close and personal. You have no idea what you missed.

    49. OMG !! (LOL) … If it was wilder then what was shown on TV …then you are right ….I can’t imagine !! OMG !!

    50. Brotherkarl…I had never heard of that show…it sounds like the Gong Show, did you ever watch that? Was it similar to that?

      Mario Lopez will be the host of X-Factor for this year, I liked him as host pretty well; Khloe not so much so!!! You are right, Ryan is a great host, as is Nick Cannon and Tom Bergeron… :-)

    51. Hey Vonnie -

      Nick is incredible. I hope he never leaves that show. and Yes …. I do remember the Gong Show. It would have me in stitches . “Showtime at the Apollo” was sort of like that except for it s been on for years. When I first saw it had to be like 35 years ago or so (before cable) and its been off and on since on different stations. When I last saw it was probably about 4 months ago. If I remember correctly it was a show that continued on even when it wasn’t on the air.

      Some of the biggest stars started out doing that show. The Jacksons, James Brown, Gladys said she started out there. Don says he actually was in the audience so he could probably tell you much more then I could. Its audience is probably one of the toughest crowds ever. On that show you better not start off on a bad note because if you do, the next note will be the boo’s in the audience. They changed the format a bit these days. It use to be they’d have about 6 or 7 singers , there was no prize and whoever the winner was that week, they;d comeback the next week and keep competing every week until somebody actually beat them out. Occasionally you’d get one of those really good singers and they could stay on for months. The exposure was great for someone trying to break into the business.

      May be Don will share some of his experiences there. I’d love to here about them.

    52. LOL…sounds like a fun show! Maybe I can go online and find some videos of it…I shall go look :-)

    53. IF you can upload torrents the go to http://torrentz.eu/ and search for it. Season 12 Episode 29

    54. Peggy,

      Is that the link for the show Brotherkarl is talking about? If so thank you!!! :-)

    55. it is a link where you can look for any program/movie to download. I was thinking you were looking for the recent episode of American Idol. It has The Gong Show – the movie which I would guess is a take off on the old tv show….

    56. Brotherkarl,

      I went to college a few blocks away from the Apollo theater (125th street) in the late sixties, one of the seminal times in American music, cultural, and political history. (The first day I visited the college was the day of Malcolm X’s funeral and I drove right through Harlem past the Apollo from LaGuardia) with crowds lining the street. I remember that like it was yesterday. Wednesdays, maybe Fridays, were typically talent show night. They had actual hooks, like vaudeville, and if the boos escalated, out came the hook from the side of the stage. Sometimes the audience would throw things. But if the act were good, lord almighty would that audience come alive, singing, on its feet, dancing at their seat and in the aisles. They had three balconies if I remember correctly, and on Saturday night for a buck and a quarter you could go to the third balcony, and see the featured act for the week. I stood at the back to get the full flavor. So – late 60s – I saw them all. The Tempts, Four Tops (Bernadette!), Miracles, Supremes, Martha and the Vs, James Brown, name them I saw them in all their glory. The greatest show I ever saw there – the audience went insane, was Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels.

      How does that fit into American Idol? I chuckle sometimes when the judges talk about a moment. They have no idea what a real honest to god lift you off your seat moment is. You know Candice’s Lovesong? On an Apollo scale of one to ten, that was about a five. The coolest thing of all? This was the late sixties, riots and tension everywhere. I am whiter than the driven snow and I can remember my self up in that balcony, sometimes alone, sometimes with classmates lost in the music and the act with everyone else. No one saw color. It was the power of music and performance. I wish I could transport you back in time with me just for one show.

    57. Rosanne-Take care of yourse, and get well soon! I wanted to let you know that Janelle was on the Today show this morning. I didn’t get to hear her sing, but she mentioned about her cover of Dolly’s song Dumb Blonde. Janelle said she worked hard at making it sound original and current. I loved her performance of that song! Boy, they sure seemed to bus that girl almost every week! How ridiculous! They talk about wanting true artists on this show, and they did everything possible to send one out the door. Also, she’s so very marketable in the Country Music arena, that it’s not even funny!!!

    58. Anita! Yes, I am resting here and still not sure if I will write the VM article for tomorrow’s show. I wilt pretty easily here and have just started eating some solids. What a nasty bug. But the worst is over I think.

      Yes, I was so disappointed that they bussed Janelle. It made absolutely no sense to me. She was a true artist, as you said, and so marketable.

      Crazy show every year. Makes mo sense.

      Thank you for your concern.

    59. Rosanne-You’re welcome! If you can’t write the article yet, we’ll all certainly understand. Rest up!

    60. Don

      That sounds like it was wild. I grew up in 60′s in Detroit and our school was a block away from Motown and quite a few of Motowns talents went there and would sing in our school shows. (I even went to audition myself when I was 14.I had a group like a lot of guys did back then ) I also went to all of the Motown revues here but they were only annual. I can’t imagine going to Apollo shows every week like you did. As much as I love to sing, I probably would have lost my mind and become a singer or something (LOL).

      Thank you so much for sharing that. I visualized myself being there when I was reading and it brought back a lot of old memories.


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