Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 10 Show: Past Idols

Well another season of Vocal Masterclass articles are here. The Top 10 singers for American Idol Season 12 are set to take the stage on Wednesday evening – but with a twist.

An extra singer, chosen from a sing-off between the 6th place semifinalist from the male and female Top 20 group, will be added to the mix.

Therefore, I have decided to start the Vocal Masterclass articles next week, when I would expect that we will have our confirmed lineup of finalists. Right now, I am a tad confused.

Also, since I am a Roman Catholic and a new Pope, Pope Francis, has been elected today, I will be following the media coverage this evening. However, I will PVR the American Idol Top 10 show and add my comments later.

Any guesses as to which two singers made the wildcard sing-off? I am hoping that, on the female side, it is Bree or Aubrey and on the male side it is Nick or Charlie.

See you back here soon everyone!

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46 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 10 Show: Past Idols”

  1. I will wait until you have a chance to watch the show to coment, but I think you will enjoy the performances from tonights show. The singoff for the extra spot will be tommorow night.

  2. Well, I quickly switched channels twice and heard Lazaro and Burnell and was not impressed at all. The key selection for both songs was totally wrong and, in Lazaro’s case, the song was just not suited to his voice. Burnell was straining for the upper notes and Lazaro had no support whatsoever for his lower range. And his upper range, in fact.

  3. My favorite tonight was Candice. But she has a lot of competition. Amber, Kree, and Angela were terrific too! I was not impressed with the guys!

  4. Candace & Kree Final 2!

  5. In most cases I prefered the original artist or the original Idol’s performances of these songs and I suspect the song choices were very limited, but, given that, I agree with Jessica, Candice and Kree were the story tonight. Kree’s song choices have suited her as well as my taste the last two weeks. I would like to hear Candice sing some old school blues. Janelle needs to learn how to choose a song that suites her voice or she will be gone soon. Lazaro may go home tomorrow.

  6. PS,
    I wouldn’t be surprised to see Curtis go home either. He under-whelmed tonight.

  7. nothingspecial March 14, 2013 at 3:17 am

    This theme was a bad idea; we’re alread accustomed to hearing the same songs sung year after year for example “I Have Nothing” and for whatever reason “I Believe.” So, to have a theme night that is largely a night of retreads just enhances the perception that idol is rather stale.

    I thought Candice did a good job of making “I Who Have Nothing” sound current.

    And I’m pretty sure Burnell doesn’t have a clue as to how to navigate the passaggio. This I think is the first time I have ever heard him sing above the F# above middle C. And he always seems to sound very tight around the F and F#. I know that it is a common problem, but I get the feeling that were going to get a whole season of this problem.

  8. nothingspecial March 14, 2013 at 3:17 am

    *already and we’re, I can’t type.

  9. I did watch last night and so glad that I did…Candace my gracious, I love her voice, Gosh! I have loved her since hearing her on the vegas stage!

    Yes! Gene, I would love to hear some old jazz songs from her, Etta James, Billie Holiday…some old R&B, Big Maybelle!

    Kree last night just made my prediction sound even more possible…she is quickly becoming a favorite…

    I was not impressed with any of the guys last night other than Paul…that song suited him perfectly and I think he would have a nice career in the country industry!

    Janelle is trying to hard to be the next Kelli Pickler…ain’t gonna happen, her dumb blond thing is going to get old in a hurry!!! Just my opinion!!!

    Nikki…what in the world?????????

    Here ya go Gene!!!

  10. Question…why would idol eliminate tonight one of the original top 10 and then turn around and add a wild card??? Shouldn’t the wildcard been added to the mix already?

  11. Vonnie – my question exactly. The WC should have been added last week. Judges’ Choice. This is very confusing. So, a singer will be eliminated tonight and a WC will take his or her place? Sounds a bit bizarre!

  12. My favorites last night were Candace, Amber and Devin. Kree is just too one dimensional. Her song choice was totally wrong for her.

  13. Isn’t the wild card singer only being added to the tour and not the competition? I thought that was what Ryan said in a rush last week.

  14. Really? That is so weird. Like really weird.

  15. That’s what I thought he said but I wouldn’t swear to it. Yeah, it’s pretty strange either way. Eliminate one and then turn around and replace them with someone else or eliminate one from the competition and then add a relative stranger to the tour. I think they are making it up as they go along this year.

  16. I found this on Rolling Stone’s site from a March 11th article by Lyndsey Parker tittled
    “Wild Card-less Season 12 ‘American Idol’ Top Ten Revealed”
    “…Ryan Seacrest announced that next week there will be a sing off between the male contestant and female contestant who narrowly missed making the top 10, and the winner of that sing off will get to go as a bonus 11th contestant on this summer’s Idols Live concert tour…”

  17. So they won’t be singingon the show??? What will they sing on the tour and who will know who they are if they didn’t watch the vegas rounds?

  18. Candace was very good last night. I would like to hear her sing “Candy” in the Big Mayebelle style as you suggested. Very well done on the link, BTW! That was some good stuff. Thanks for thinking of me! I found the little juke joint that was pictured where she was performing very interesting as well. I recall “Manhattan Transfer” doing a great job with that song in the seventies. I read up on Maybelle a little bit and found that she had recorded “Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On’” with none other than Quincy Jones producing two years before Jerry Lee Lewis did it. That reminds me of Big Momma Thornton doing Hound Dog a few years before Elvis. If she wanted to do something current she might try something from the “Alabama Shakes.”

    I didn’t enjoy anything about Janelle last night. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not her fan, it just looked like she was in that spot that has been occupied by a few past winners. She has an uphill climb from where she is and may find herself in the bottom three tonight. Kellie Pickler is one of a kind and during her time on Idol I would call her an “ignorant” blond rather than a dumb blond. Word is that she has been in touch with Kree to offer support since she is doing DWTS across the hall from the Idol studio and that they have plans for dinner. I thought it was odd that the first time I saw Kree as a country singer (last night) she was singing a classic early rock song. I enjoyed her take on it although she couldn’t match Roy or KD Lang on the highest notes of the song.

    The Wild Card thing is crazy. I would have liked for them to let us bring back our choice of two, boys or girls, and add them back to the competition.

  19. So far this show is losing me. I don’t mean I won’t watch it but there seems to be a bit of a disconnect between the producers’ intentions and what the viewers are seeing. It is really a confusing mess right now.

    How is it fair that tonight’s wild card will be on tour but will not have a chance to compete in the Top 10 or 11? Is it because whomever is in this WC sing-off was standing in the way of the designated winner this season? It stinks to high heaven.

    OMG American Idol. You had it right in Season 7 and earlier with the Top 24 format and finding amazing singers regardless of their backstory. Enough with the back stories. Life is tough. We get that. But we want to be entertained by solid singing artists. This is where the excitement lies.

  20. Gene…I really liked Kelli when she was on idol, and she truly is, I think, that ditsy, loveable person…Janelle’s seems really fake!

    Big Mayebelle…I heard her on the Cosby shows years ago and went in search of her music right away…she is one you can throw the vinyl on the turn table sit back and just take it all in…

    If they were bringing anyone back I would like to see Bryant come back…but I’m thinking it is going to be Charlie and Adrianna or Breanna! Still confused as to how this is going to work…

  21. Sorry, Gene, but I’m not seeing the comparison between Kelli Pickler and Janelle. I always felt a little sorry for Kelli because her mother had deserted her, but I had a really hard time dealing with her “stupidity.” But I’m not seeing that in Janelle at all. Janelle is coming across to me as a sweetheart. Perhaps I haven’t seen enough of her yet and I’ll change my mind.

    I’m also trying to figure out the other girls. Kree has a good voice, but there is something off-putting about her so far. And Angela is obviously very talented, but I get the sense that she is very full of herself. And that viewpoint was reinforced last night when she said she could do the song as well as Kelli Clarkson. Even if she could, she should NEVER have made that comment.

  22. My favorites are Kree, Candice, and Angie. Kree’s voice is SO smooth, I just can’t get enough of it. Devin is good too, but he needs to choose something that doesn’t make him sound so old.

  23. Louise,
    I was only responding to Vonnie’s post. She made the dumb blond comparison. My contention is that Kellie isn’t dumb, but at the time she was on Idol, she was ignorant. It sounds harsh but I’m only suggesting she lacked knowledge not that she was stupid. I don’t know enough about Janelle to say that I like her or not. Last night I found her disingenuous and I thought she made a very poor song choice that was directly contrary to the type of music she had just said she wanted to do. I was kind of enthusiastic when she said she wanted to do traditional country music and then she does a Montgomery Gentry red neck rock song.

    Now if dumb is what you seek, I have to agree with you, Angie’s remark that you mentioned regarding singing as well as Kelly Clarkson. That was dumb, even if she could actually do so.

  24. Vonnie,
    I like Kellie too. She is on my short list of favorite Idol contestants and has done well with her post Idol life as well. I’m looking forward to seeing her on DWTS this season.

    I missed Big Maybelle on Vinyl but maybe I can run her down on zeros and ones.

    Bryant was the cat in the hat? I liked him pretty well also. I would have kept him over Lazaro for sure and probably Paul who is way too poppy for me. A few chord changes and he could be singing a Journey song. That’s fine but he describes himself as country. I like both of the girls.

  25. Sorry Louise…that was my dumb blonde comment…now I am blushing a little!!! I’m not to crazy about Janelle, she just comes across to me as trying to be like Kelli…I like her signing, just not the ditsy part!!!

  26. Hi, Vonnie,

    You may be totally right about Janelle, but so far I’m not at all seeing that she is trying to be like Kelli. I see her as very genuine and sweet, and that’s appealing to me. As a matter of fact, I really like her, and I’m not a country fan. But two weeks ago when she sang, I mentioned to my husband that I thought she sounded a little like Patsy Cline, who was one country singer I did like. Then when the judges spoke, Randy made a comment about her style being “throwback” like Patsy Cline.

  27. Louise,

    I’m a southern gal, and just get a little put off when I see someone kindof over acting the southern charm too much!!! She may very well be genuine and that may be her personality, we will just have to wait and see…because I do know with Kelli that ditsy thing she had going has left the building!!!

    Janelle is going to be around for a long while I think, I would love to hear her do some Pasty Cline, she is one of my favorites too!

  28. The reason I haven’t become a fan of Janelle, even though I predicted that she would be the winner, is that, in spite of the advice to do so, she hasn’t done a decent traditional country song yet. She also said this week before her performance that traditional country was her lane. She did Hank Williams’ “I’m so Lonesome I Could Cry” in an early round and that worked well for her. It doesn’t have to be an old song. There are newer artist that do classic country that she could cover. I also haven’t heard her sing a song all the way through that didn’t come up short somewhere. She usually is as cute and likable as a puppy but, while Kellie didn’t come to mind, she grated on me this week too. Likeability was one of the attributes that she has that suggested she would wear the confetti. For me anyway, she needs to do some solid work with quality songs to make her mark. At this point she seems to be charming her way from week to week. She did make me laugh when Ryan ask her when something happened for her during the song (I don’t recall what he ask) and she answered quickly and with a straight face “when I said gone.” Of course that word appears about 50 times in the song.

  29. I think this year there are going to be several of these kids with that likability factor and some with the full of their self factor, so it should be interesting to watch this play out…because each year the winner has been someone with that likeability thing going on!!!

    I think we are seeing early on the favorites with the sit downs, the special appearances with gifts, and the keys already being handed over!!!

    Which is really entertaining for me this year with no real pony in the race, I am watching and taking it all in and am for the first time able to call it like I see it with no bias…it may sound like I am bias, but really I am enjoying not having a favorite, but liking the whole group!

    There is no one that I would at this point want to go home, I do like all of them, and think that they belong there…now! I do wish that they would have done a top 12 what is one more on the tour if we have 11 going now…Bryant should have been one of those top 11 or 12…

  30. Hi, Vonnie and Gene,

    Even though I think Janelle is likeable and talented, I honestly don’t think her talent compares to the other girls and I doubt that she will win. But so much happens from week to week as far as bad song choices, good song choices, saying something off-putting, etc., that it’s impossible to say at this point in the competition who will win or not win.

    Kree didn’t appeal to me at all the first time I heard her, but I’ve heard her a few more times and think that she has a really good voice.

    At this point in the competition, Candace is the only one who has blown me away. But whether she will win or not is not something I’d dare to predict because too many factors enter into picking a winner besides a ggreat voice.

  31. Hi Louise,

    I really like Candice too…she is a powerhouse! She reminds me of Lakisha Jones!

  32. This is what I’m talking about!!! :-)

  33. I agree completely, Vonnie. When Candice sang “I Surrender,” I was reminded of Lakisha’s performance of “And I A Telling You.” Thanks a lot for providing that link! It was great seeing Lakisha’s performance again! Have any of you kept up with her career?

  34. I have kept up a little off and on…When I listened to this video it gave me goose bumps all over again…Oh My I loved this girl…I was not on the Melinda train I was 100% on the Lakisha train!!!

    I was so mad when Lakisha went home before Melinda! LOL But when I heard Candice this week I was like Oh Wow! I had goose bumps and thought of Lakisha and how the two reminded me so much of each other…

    Lakisha made it to the top four, so I am hoping Candice makes it further!!! :-)

  35. OK, I just found out today that one of the finalists is a local girl, Yes, Candice. St. Helena Island is about an hour from where I live. And I love her!! It’s time for a non-WGWG to win. And I had never heard Lakisha before – what a phenomenal performance!! Thanks for the share.

  36. And it brought me up as JRZGRL1 again – but I’m Darlene :)!.

  37. Darlene,

    That is so cool that Candice is a local girl, I hope she stays in the top three..Lakisha is amazing!!! I will try and post more of her idol performances!!!

  38. Lakisha has one album “So Glad I’m Me” from 2009. They have it at iTunes and the physical CD is available at Amazon. I liked the track “You Give Good Love.”

  39. Thanks for the info, Gene.

  40. Darlene…here are two more of Lakisha’s that I really liked!

  41. Kelli was great on DWTS tonight…Ingo was great too! ;-)

  42. Vonnie. -I never watch the show but I will have to add a blog topic about it because so many MCL readers do watch it. Like you. I am glad Kelli did well. I just may tune in this year. Is it Mondays – Tuesdays?

  43. Yes! MCL…Monday and Tuesday…next week they will start eliminations, so I don’t think it comes on tonight!!!

  44. DWTS will be on tonight…no eliminations this wekk though!!!

  45. Vonnie. Thanks so much. Will add a blog topic later on today. :). Plus, nothing too much on TV tonight except for Smash, so I may tune in and see what’s happening. Haha


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