Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 10 Girls

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And we are live, ladies and gentlemen! Yes – we are finally getting to the most exciting part of American Idol – the live shows.

After a couple of weeks of live pre-recorded performances, we are down to 10 ladies and 10 gents based solely on the judges’ decision.

However, this week, is different – your votes count, as the performances are live with the results being revealed on Thursday, March 7th.

And, apparently the producers have added even more chaos to the voting tally by introducing a SuperVote option where one can cast 50 votes at one time. And divvy them up among contestants. Oh boy! I hope everyone has their calculators ready. If you think the voting was skewed before, you ain’t seen nothing yet!

Tuesday night’s show will feature the Top 10 gals and Wednesday’s show will feature the Top 10 guys.

Which makes me wonder what Zoanette has up her sleeve for Tuesday’s show. Is she just going to sing another song from “The Lion King” songbook or are we going to see a more nuanced performing style?

Whatever she does, I hope she can keep that vocal warble under control. During The Circle Of Life her pitch was so far removed from the bull’s-eye that it required a team of experts to help find/guide its way back to the center again.

And then there is Kree Harrison. I know she has a ton of fans out there so I have to be careful what I say but I think that her dress down look is attracting people for the wrong reason. She has a wonderful backstory and a fairly decent voice but I just don’t see anything special about her – not quite yet. But she is a front runner and is in for the long haul.

Presently, I absolutely love Angela Miller, Aubrey Cleland, Breanna Steer and Janelle Arthur. A lot! Their vocals are spot on and they exude a star quality when they perform. Any of these ladies could and should win but the votes have the final say so we shall see what happens.

Looking forward to your comments as always everyone! And, as always, I will be live blogging the show, so check back often!

  • Live Update. Thanks to my niece, Juliana and daughter, Maria, for texting me the song choices. She is my life saver here!
  • Ryan introduces the show as only he can. “You vote! You decide!” he says with dramatic nuance and passion.
  • Ryan is doing “blah, blah” with the judges. The judges seem very relaxed and in their element.
  • Zoanette is up first. First out of the gate is not necessarily a good thing at this stage of the game. Her song choice is What’s Love Got To Do with It . Her beginning is rough and stilted and that warble is just so uncontrolled. And when she isn’t warbling, then she is screaming. She tries to connect but the whole performance seems so over the top.
  • Zoanette is so tall. Ryan is craning his neck looking up at her. So weird to see. Ha! Judges were not impressed but Mariah, I feel, gave the most constructive comments.
  • MCL Pet Peeve – why doesn’t American Idol add the singer’s name and song choice to the bottom of the TV screen? It would make my life a lot easier here. Ha!
  • Breanna Steer is on after the break.
  • Breanna Steer represents the state of Louisiana and she is one of my favorites in this competition. She just glows during this mystical number. I love this performance – she is singing Beyonce’s Flaws And All. Nikki didn’t like the song choice? Whatever! It was so gorgeous! Her voice embraced the melodic line and the song captured her unique style. And, once again, Mariah, is guiding her in a very positive, very intelligent manner.
  • Another favorite of mine, 19-year-old Aubrey Cleland, is on after the commercial break.
  • Aubrey Cleland has a genuine star quality as she performs Fergie’s Big Girls Don’t Cry. She has a refined quality to her voice which I so appreciate. Good solid technical skills. Gorgeous head tone throughout her range. Loved this performance although the song seemed to limit what she is duly capable of achieving. Keith and Nikki loved her vibrato and her genuine persona. Ditto for Randy who also says she is very current. Mariah said that she has multi-platinum potential and she could be someone very big in the industry. Wow! Fully agree!
  • Janelle Arthur is on after the break. I find it more than comical that all my favorites are on in the first half of this show.
  • Janelle Arthur is determined to “bring it” this week. She sings Elvis’ If I Can Dream with heart and soul and stellar technical skills. I love her voice – she is one of the finest country artists they have ever had on this show. This was a great song choice. Almost inspired. And it was delivered with class and quality. All four judges love this girl like cotton candy. And she is the first country artist that I have absolutely fallen in love with from the outset of an American Idol season.
  • Tina Torres is next to perform after the commercial break.
  • Tina Torres is a passionate singer but her voice is very constricted. It is made more noticeable since she just followed three stellar singers, all of whom sang with such control and ease. And this Faith Hill song, Lost seemed to end before it started. It was a bit one-dimensional for my liking. Judges overall gave her favourable comments, but, once again, Mariah is the most constructive. She keeps it real.
  • Another favorite of mine, Angie Miller, will tackle a Colton Dixon song after the commercial break. Interesting. I wonder if she will accompany herself on the piano? Stay tuned…so to speak.
  • Angie Miller says her goal is to top her Hollywood performance, which was simply amazing. And, yes, she is at the piano as predicted. What a smart song choice – she really blossoms when she hits the keys. She seems totally in her element. Once again, she renders a sensitive and nuanced performance. All the highs and lows, louds and softs are perfectly in place. And, the judges are clearly – CLEARLY – impressed. This young lady is in a class of her own. I smell a winner!
  • Amber Holcomb takes on Whitney after the commercial break.
  • Amber Holcomb and her Mom, Laura, are interviewed by Ryan and they reminisce about Amber’s initial audition. Cute! She knows she needs to work on her confidence so let’s see how she does here. She sings I Believe In You And Me with a clear and translucent voice. Her soulful style is effortless and her head voice beautifully placed throughout her range. And, lookee here, she gets a standing O from all four judges. Keith loved her tone and wished she had held longer notes but, for me, the runs were impeccable and effortless. They contrasted beautifully with the sustained moments. Nikki loved her and Randy pulled out his famous “in it to win it” when describing her. Mariah really loves her – one of her faves. One of mine now too! This is going to be a tough elimination on Thursday..
  • Kree Harrison is next to sing. Let’s see how she does. She walks with ease toward the front of the stage and starts to sing. Just like that. Like she does this all the time. She digs deep this girl and sings from the depths of her being. She has a strong, broad range and she controls it quite well – beautiful phrasing and very expressive delivery. Keith gives her a standing O – not sure if I would go that far – but all the judges, including Randy in it to win it Jackson, love her.
  • Adriana is up next after the commercial break.
  • Adriana Latonio is the youngest girl in the competition and hails from Alaska.. She is such a cutie. The song she selects is Stand Up For Love by Destiny’s Child. She performs with such sincerity and, yet, with poise and sophistication. Her voice needs some technical help – it is really closed. Very tight. She has quite a range, mind you, but she needs to know how to control and manage her vocal skills. The judges were not “wowed” and they felt that the song was too big for her. I agree.
  • Candace Glover is the last performer after the break.
  • Candace Glover hails for the State of South Carolina. Her song selection is Ordinary People by John Legend. There is a cool, jazzy feel to her singing style. A very relaxed singing style and, yet, when she busts loose, holy mamma, she is a vocal genius! Loved how she teased her lower range at the end. The judges just adored her and for good reason. She is a force! A vocal force!
  • This is definitely the strongest female lineup I have ever seen on this show. So eclectic. Many will be returning next year. Hard to know where to place your votes.
  • See you tomorrow when the guys take the stage. Hard to beat what I heard tonight from the gals.
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    23 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion For American Idol Season 12 Top 10 Girls”

    1. Sooooo Glad you posted this…I forgot that Idol came on tonight!!! :-)

    2. Yes, I figured that some may have missed the first night of the three night extravaganza this week.:). Happy to be of service!!

    3. I would add Adirana Latonio to your list and call it a day. I have serious doubts that it will turn out that way though.

    4. For me…Amber, Kree and Candice!!!

    5. There was a lot of talent on that show tonight and it’s going to be difficult losing some of them. My favorites of the night were Candice, Janell, Angie, Bree, and then Amber/Audrey. And although Kree has a strong voice, for me personally, it wasn’t pleasant to listen to.

    6. Louise – you and I are pretty much on the same page. Those are my Top 5 too.

    7. How in the world are they going to let 5 of those girls go tonight? I don’t really like how they’re doing this during this season.

    8. So we are going straight to a top ten…OR did Randy give it away last night about a possible wildcard?

      Still no favorite for me…My five from last night would be…Candice, Kree, Amber, Angie, and Janelle.

    9. Nikki was in rare form last night…sorry after post thought!!! :-/

    10. This might be the first time I disagree quite strongly with you, MCL. I think Mariah is nice but she goes on and on and on and ON before she says anything of importance, sometimes to the point that she loses all coherence.
      On Janelle, too, I thought the song choice was poor for this setting. Many awkward pauses and flat notes. Overall just bored by her.
      But for the rest I agree, my personal faves being Angie, Candice, Amber and Kree, though I thought Breanna did a wonderful job as well :).

    11. Malcolm…I like your picks!!!!! I liked Breanna too, she seemed a little full of herself, but I do think she has a good chance at being one of the five to go through!

    12. Oh well, Malcolm, we can’t agree on everything. Nicki irks me to no end. Very annoying and she is attention-seeking. I love Mariah – classy and genuine. I think she will become more succinct I. Her commentary as time moves on here. But, she is very knowledgeable. Love Keith as well and Randy sometimes.

    13. My two favorite girls are Angie and Amber. Their voices and styles are just exquisite! I also really love Kree’s voice! I liked Zonette’s performance last week alot, but this week’s sure was one hot mess, and don’t think she should go through. She sure seems like a sweetheart though. I think Broadway would be perfect for her.

      Rosanne-I can’t stand some of the inappropriate things Nikki says. I think one of the worst was when she told a contestant she wanted to have his babies. OMG!! UNBELIEVABLE!!

    14. nothingspecial March 6, 2013 at 5:42 pm

      how would broadway be perfect for zoanette? her diction is terrible, and no way does she have the technical security to sing well 8 times a week? she has barely sung well once. I like her though; I tend to like trainwrecks.

    15. Anita – I, as well, am getting fed up with Nikki’s inappropriate remarks. It may make for “entertaining” television for some, but I find it offensive. How come the two Howard’s on AGT can entertain us without derogatory remarks? With Nikki – it is attention seeking in the worst way. I wish she was off the show. Makes me miss Simon :)

    16. nothingspecial March 6, 2013 at 5:50 pm

      well, i guess elaine stritch did have a career, and she was/is a terrible vocal technician. still, i doubt someone with stritch’s vocal issues would be hired today except for very specific roles. so, yeah zoanette and broadway wouldn’t go well together.

    17. nothingspecial-You’re right! I shouldn’t have said she’s perfect for Broadway. She could really use serious vocal training. Zonette can sing, but she definately needs guidance. If she does that, she might really do well on Broadway if she so chooses. I really can’t see her as a recording artist. Actually, I was surprised that the judges sent her through after her inital audition of the Star Spangled Banner. I thought it was outrageously bad!

    18. Rosanne-I miss Simon too! There were a few times I would find Simon saying word for word what I was thinking about someone’s performance. My jaw would just drop when that would happen! He was so truthful and straightforward with each contestant. I appreciated that about him!

    19. Anita – at least Simon wasn’t obscene in his commentary. I was not a fan of his rudeness but he had a sharp wit when he used it correctly. Called a spade a spade.

    20. I didn’t mean to be offensive or anything, MCL, I know we can’t all agree :). I can agree that Nicki can come across as attention-seeking and inappropriate. And I also agree that Mariah has vast knowledge. The difference for me is that Nicki does sometimes have something helpful to say and brings this across whereas Mariah often rehashes what Randy said or just rambles without bringing her point clearly. She does function well as ‘the nice judge’ and I do hope she becomes more coherent as the season progresses.

    21. Yes, Malcolm, last night Mariah seemed a little lost in her commentary. For me, she was better for the Top 10 Girls. Nicki is over the top and she needs to add a filter to her comments. And yet, some of the things she said last night had moments of brilliance. I gained new insight into her. No offence taken. That’s what we are are here for – to agree to disagree at times. :)

    22. I think America did a good job in finding the TOP 5 girls. Only problem was 7 deserved to be in the TOP 10.

    23. KariAnn. – you hit the nail on the head. However, this would make for very boring television. Haha.


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