Taylor Hicks Takes Las Vegas By Storm.

First things first! Look at Taylor’s relaxed jaw and circular mouth in the above picture. Ah – a vocal teacher’s dream.

But I digress.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Taylor Hicks has been an exceptionally strong draw during his tenure in Las Vegas.

In fact, his contract with Ballys Las Vegas has been extended through 2013. This is what David Hoenemeyer, president of Bally’s Las Vegas had to say:

“Taylor was enormously successful in his first headlining engagement here at Bally’s this summer,” said Hoenemeyer. “Locals as well as tourists from around the nation flock to see him perform on the Vegas Strip, and we look forward to continued success both here in Las Vegas and at some of our other properties.”

As many of you know, Taylor was the winner of Season 5 of American Idol. It has been a bit of a topsy-turvy ride for Taylor since the show ended, but his personality, resilience, talent and determination have led him to this extraordinary moment in his career.

These were the very attributes that Taylor exhibited during his American Idol journey and were, ultimately, responsible for his achievement of the winning title.

And now Taylor is the first Idol alumnus to secure a long-term association with Las Vegas and I am sure that this will open up many enormous performing opportunities for him in the future.

Nice to see that good things happen to good people. He is a wonderful person, passionate about his music and respectful of the fans – The Soul Patrol – who have catapulted him to this level of success.

Congratulations Taylor! Let’s show some Taylor love in the comments section, y’all!

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29 Responses to “Taylor Hicks Takes Las Vegas By Storm.”

  1. Congrats to Taylor. He is a great musician and performer, a pure singer. He deserves his success.

  2. Already checking out plane tickets. We saw Taylor in July and can hardly wait to go back to Vegas. Taylor is a fantastic performer. You do not want his show to end. Planning on staying in Vegas for 3 shows.

  3. Taylor is such a talent…. he’s also a “mensch”, which in Jewish circles means just a good and giving person. He deserves everybit of success that comes his way because he’s earned it… in spades. He’s a self made man and I wish nothing but huge success with his association with Caesar’s Entertainment and I’ll be there every step of the way enjoying his gift of song.

  4. I will definitely be going back to Vegas to see him! I have been to a lot of concerts, but there’s not an entertainer out there that can out entertain Taylor. Not only that, but you’ll not meet a nicer guy. Nobody deserves this more than Taylor.

  5. His work ethic is amazing. His talent for live performing is the best I’ve seen in a long time. Just him, a great band, his voice and passion. He is so deserving of this!

  6. Nice to see all the Taylor love here. I am so happy for him. He absolutely deserves this level of success. Kudos Taylor! And thanks Soul Patrol for dropping by!! :)

  7. Can’t wait to have him come to a casino near me! I have seen him several times and each time is better than the last. There is no word to describe him. He has a voice like no other powerful, yet tender and expressive. His stage presence blows the roof off wherever he is at. I predict he will make Vegas cool again. He has already been embraced by the local artists and has done late night after show jam sessions with them. Not for pay just for shear fun! Word is the artists are excited, the surprised audience is over the top excited and the owners have to be patting themselves on the back for finding this rare talent!

  8. Voted for him and following him to this day…Can’t wait to see him again SOON!!

  9. I have seen many live shows..from current “pop stars” to the legends. Taylor’s show ranks up there with the best of the best.

  10. I remember during Season 5 you were one of the earliest bloggers who said Taylor Hicks would take home the whole enchilada! He’s still the best to this day. Thanks for your blog on his successes.

  11. Julie – thanks for the trip down memory lane. Yes, I was in Taylor’s camp from the moment – even before – he auditioned. Still am to this day! He is such a find – an absolute musical treasure.

  12. If you haven’t taken in The Taylor Hicks Experience in Vegas you are missing an opportunity of your lifetime. Taylor is an outstanding entertainer and always has the BEST musicians backing him. The result is a fresh, exciting, high energy show with a few surprises each time you attend. His years of experience are apparent as Taylor totally commands the stage. Don’t miss Taylor Hicks during his run with Ceasar’s Entertainment.

  13. Hi again all you Taylor fans – count me in!!

    I hope to get to Vegas soon to see Taylor but right now I am having trouble getting out of my house. Haha. So, there you have it!

    Sounds like Taylor is accumulating the love and respect of more and more fans with each passing day. What a story! This guy is a gem!

    Thanks again everyone for dropping by. :)

  14. Wonderful news!!! I’ve been a huge Taylor fan ever since I heard his audition on American Idol. So glad to hear that he is having such a huge success in Vegas. YEAH, TAYLOR!!!!!! Can’t wait to hear more great comments about him.

  15. Love, love, love Taylor! He works so hard and it makes me happy to see him do well. Thx so much for sharing this!

  16. Taylor is an amazing talent. He is also very humble, and great to his fans. He puts on a full show that never stops with excitement. He will also sign each & every item bought & pose for pictures. This is why I am a forever fan. Thanks for acknowledging him. Congratulations, Taylor!

  17. Taylor is a very talented performer I was lucky to see him perform 13 times and would see him live as many times as possible. He puts on a great show! If you get a chance to see him live, don’t blow it, go see him asap, you will not regret it.

  18. I’m so thrilled for Taylor. This great success couldn’t happen to a nicer guy. His live performances are beyond belief – - and the Vegas shows are the best ever. I went to 6 shows over the summer and look forward to as many more as I can squeeze out of the budget over the next year! Taylor’s music just makes me HAPPY!!

    BTW Masterclass Lady – I remember well waiting breathlessly to read your review after every Idol performance. I loved that you saw the rare talent Taylor had then and that has only grown over the past 6 years.

  19. I was lucky enough to make 2 of Taylor’s shows in Vegas, front row!! We had a blast! I’ve been following his career and been to more than a few of his concerts since he won American Idol and he just keeps getting better and better. Plus, Taylor always puts together an amazing band. His keyboard player/music director, Brian Less is a treasure. He can play any style of music. I don’t know if we will make it back to Vegas this year, but I will certainly be watching the other Caesars Entertainment properties to see if Taylor brings his high-energy blues/soul and southern rock closer to me. Thanks for continuing to support Taylor Hicks and his music. :)

  20. I must agree with all the comments shared. Taylor is full of surprises at every show. Wherever Taylor is; there will be an over abundance of excitement. Love the way he includes his faithful fans; as well as new fans during each show. He possesses a magnetic ability to draw crowds & the appreciation is evident. Go~Go~Go, & experience Taylor Hicks for yourself. You will not be disappointed!♥

  21. Couldn’t agree more, nice to see this great success for a wonderfully talented and gracious entertainer. Hope to get to Vegas in the future to see Taylor because the reviews have been so good. My hubby and I just saw him in CT and what a fabulous show he put on…he just keeps getting better!!

  22. Wow!!! All of this Taylor love fills my heart with joy! I got to see Taylor a while back and he is amazing…loved him on idol stayed up late voting my fingers numb, I even had a finale party to celebrate his win, cause I had no doubts about this beautiful man!!! Thank you MCL for bringing us this awesome news!

  23. I am so happy for Taylor; he certainly earned it. I follow him on Twitter, so I knew about the contract almost immediately. When asked what Idol needs, I say, “An entertainer, like Taylor Hicks.” I also voted for him like crazy! I love his involvement with charities and those in need.

    Every once in awhile, I’ll play the YouTube “Jimmy Fallon Show” with Taylor Hicks. I was totally surprised when I saw the performance on the show. Taylor is well-respected by other musicians. I can’t tell you the number of times I have gave him props because someone says he was a failure. He is an Idol success story!

    I’ve checked and found that he received the RIAA certified Platium ranking. Just today, someone said Taylor and Lee are the only Idol winners not to sell a million albums. But he has, right?

    Keep on rockin’, Taylor!

  24. I traveled to Vegas to see Taylor perform in August and I am already checking for flights to see him again! Agree with Allison (above) – no one can ‘out-entertain’ Taylor, and there isn’t a nicer guy anywhere. I will try to catch his shows at as many Harrah’s properties as possible. Nothing compares to seeing Taylor perform LIVE!!!

    Thank you Caesar’s Entertainment for recognizing true talent when you see it!!!

  25. Wow !! This is truly an American Idol site. You mention “Idol” here and folks come out of the wood works !! Its probably because of me that every body ran away. This post will be the test.

    Taylor Hicks …..I pegged him a winner the first time I heard him open his mouth !!! If anybody deserves Vegas he does. Its been a while now since since I’ve been there. Its really good to know when I do go, there is something there that I can really look forward to. Congrats Taylor !!

  26. BrotherKarl ~ It looks as if you also have the ‘vision’. Many nay-sayers have come around to ‘see’ what we’ve know from the very beginning. Sometimes it takes a while for people to recognize genuiness in an artist; different from others who settle for ‘assembly-line’ music. ~ sometimes never; especially for those who won’t swallow their pride. I mean ~ who really wants to be found wrong? Nice to see you join in &
    offer your support & respect for an artist who stands for integrity & delivers real music.♥

  27. I must say that Taylor Hicks has an extremely devoted and passionate fan base. Isn’t this terrific? How well his career has evolved and to such heights? I knew there was a market for him somewhere. He is unique, a consummate artist and deserves the accolades.

    Thanks to all the Taylor Hicks fans for your excellent comments. ❤

  28. Anyone can give excellant comments; but, for us Taylor Hicks fans; ‘We State The Facts’♥


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