David Cook: Why Isn’t This Young Man A Superstar?


I have to admit – I just don’t get it! I truly don’t. The fact that David Cook has eluded superstardom leaves me completely and utterly baffled.

It leaves me to question the nature of the promotional process once American Idol completes a season.

All that hype, all the hoopla, all the exposure garnered from weekly appearances on American Idol should be an enormous platform for catapulting an artist’s career, especially one as talented as David Cook. You would think so, right?

But, no, it rarely happens and no one knows why.

Season Seven Of American Idol, where David Cook emerged as the winner, was arguably the most successful season ever.


Their summer tour sold out huge venues both in the United States and Canada. Many, many unique stars were born, including David Cook, David Archuleta, Jason Castro, Carly Smithson, Michael Johns, Brooke White.

Just reflecting on this wonderful group of singers brings a smile to my face. They are all phenomenally talented in their own special way.

While Simon Cowell wants us to believe that he and he alone has found artists with the X Factor, I beg to differ. All of the American Idol singers mentioned above possessed this integral factor in spades.

David Cook’s version of Michael Jackson’sBillie Jean“, which originated with artist Chris Cornell, was a show-stopping moment on the show, one that repeated itself many times throughout Season Seven.

Did record producers not realize the gem they had in David Cook? Could someone not have envisioned an album of classic rock songs featuring David’s signature style and sound?

We all know that Rod Stewart has made gazillions with his cover albums, launching another exciting phase in this singer’s career.

Listen to the video below. It screams superstar. Please, record producers, stop with the cookie-cutter, mind-numbing approach to musical success and stardom and start producing stars of quality, intelligence and charisma.

The world needs singers of passion, with a strong moral compass and multi-dimensional visionary approach to their artistry.


David Cook’s new CD, This Loud Morning, was impeccably conceived and produced. David threw his heart and soul into this CD and it deserves to be recognized at a higher level.

You can purchase “This Loud Morning” on Amazon.Com or download it via ITunes.

Where are the David Cook fans? Are you as frustrated as I from the lack of exposure David is receiving? Hit the comments below, while you listen to “Billie Jean”.

But, more important, tell your friends to download his album pronto. Please. We need more people like David in the music industry and we must ensure his longevity as an artist.

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69 Responses to “David Cook: Why Isn’t This Young Man A Superstar?”

  1. I totally agree with you MC. It is inconceivable that someone as talented as David Cook is struggling. It’s not for lack of talent that’s obvious. Today’s industry is in it for the quick buck, follow the leader type music and where does that leave true musicians? Struggling to make a living. I’m one that will be glad when the hands up in the air, autotuned, manufactured pop is a thing of the past and real musicians/singers/songwriters again can be heard.

  2. Beautifully written and on point. His voice is even stronger and more exquisite now than when he was on Idol. It is a crying shame that he is overlooked…

  3. Thank you for speaking the words that are said on an almost daily basis by David’s fans. We are extremely frustrated by, what seems to us, to be a lack of management as David’s music is. We know that given the chance, David is true to become the superstar that he should be. His talent is huge, as is his heart and his humility. David’s goal is to “put out great records and put on great shows.” All one needs to do is listen and go see him once, and you will see that he deserves all that you describe he should have!!

  4. Meant to say, “We are extremely frustrated by, what seems to us, to be a lack of management as passionate as David’s music is.”

  5. I agree, too, that David’s career should have had a bigger arc. I think he has an amazing voice, one of my favorites from American Idol (the other is Adam Lambert). One of my theories is that maybe his fans on the show were older (like me, I’m 54) and might not be as interested in the songs on his own albums.

    I loved his covers on AI, but (even though I still love his voice) I’m not as fond of his own music. There are some good songs, but they have a similarity to them; the style gets old, plus the guitar and drums (especially drums) are too repetitive. The songs start out kind of quietly/gently, then build into a big powerful sound. It’s not the type of music I like to listen to on a daily basis. It’s not bad music, at all. He’s a good songwriter. It’s just not my preference, and I’m wondering if maybe the majority of his fans are people like me.

    The people who listen to classic rock aren’t usually AI fans, so probably don’t know much about David. I’d like to see him try a different style of music and see how he does, something that would appeal to a broader range. I think his beautiful voice could be highlighted better with different songs.

  6. Thanks everyone. I hope and pray that the music industry will come to their senses and start giving David the credit he so deserves. As a musician, I find it frustrating and insulting that David’s superior talent is overlooked by both media and music industry people. Totally clueless!

  7. P.S. I’m listening to David’s music from AI (I bought all the songs and videos!) and he really is a brilliant stylist.

  8. Cook I think was and is extremely overrated. He is a vanilla, generic, basic rock covers bar band guy. He just never struck me as the type with that something extra needed to be a superstar. We all got caught up in the Idol hype, but I think David sadly is just not going to have the level of stardom the Idol hype and hoopla fooled people into believing. Not saying he isn’t a good singer, he is. Just not going to be a superstar singer.

  9. Who is to judge what “superstar” level is? If he is happy and making a living then I think he is a “star”. The Idol hype and hoopla gives fans of the show unrealistic expectations when these artists are put into the real world. He is hardly a “vanilla, generic, basic rock covers bar band guy”. The guy can sing any type of music well and does. Case in point “Permanent”, Goodbye to the Girl” and “Barbasol” and his covers of “Rock and Roll” and “8 Days A Week”. Totally different types of music and each done extremely well. Cook is not the tabloid fodder that so many seek today and that in itself is part of the problem. He also doesn’t put on a circus act with his shows as it is all about the music. Sad that the industry goes for shock value instead of quality.

  10. this loud morning is a gorgeous piece of music. it is an album, in the old school sense. there may not be much like it out there at the moment, but that does not negate its value. it enhances it. thank you, mr. cook.

  11. If anyone has been to a Cook concert you would know that the demographics of his shows cover all ages. (Cook himself said that the label did demographic studies and the studies said his audience is all ages from 15 up). The cougar audience was a myth dreamed up by the media. Sad it stuck but his concerts are far from primarily older women. Plenty of younger people and plenty of men from what I’ve seen.

  12. I agree 100%. Having seen David live numerous times and played his pre and post Idol music until the CDs melt, I find myself supremely frustrated with his management team. During a nice chat last week with the program director of a local radio station, trying in vain to get his current single some airplay, I was not surprised to hear the same opinion expressed. As a loyal fan, I do my part: I’ve burned (because David said we could) and given away more copies of Analog Heart than I can count, and at last count I’ve bought and given away over a dozen copies of TLM (almost all of them to Cook “fans” who had no clue that he had released new music. Wonder who we could blame for that lack of knowledge?) As a side note, I am 60. Classic rock, though I’m quite fond of it, is a very small portion of the music I listen to, which at the moment leans heavily towards alternative. David is the BEST thing I’ve seen in the music world in years, and the only artist I’ve ever worked so hard for or spent so much money supporting. I truly believe that he is worth the effort.

  13. Boy, would I like to know the answer to this question too! I love David’s music. This Loud Morning is my favorite record of his. Although I also love Analog Heart and His first major label release David Cook. To me he is the best rocker I’ve seen in a long long time. His voice is amazing. And his musical abilities, whether it be writing, performing, arranging, anything he does to me is pure gold. I don’t get it. I just don’t get it. But be assured that David Cook fans are alive and well, and most of us are just as bewildered as you are.

    His latest video for his new single is absolutely fabulous. In one month it had over 1 million hits on youtube. But have we seen this video on VH1’s top 20? We can’t even vote on it yet. And while other artists who have new singles have been making the tv talk show rounds performing their new songs, David hasn’t been on one. Not one.

    I’m baffled but I also feel somewhat helpless.

  14. David Cook has an incredible voice. He is a talented song writer because his lyrics are different and intelligent, and on the shallow end he is young and very good looking. The music industry, however, is just somewhere between empty and ridiculous right now. Fortunately, there are those of us that appreciate a talent like David Cook. If the masses don’t follow, it is all right with me. Hopefully, he will continue to have the support of a major record label so that his fans can continue to enjoy his incredible talent.

  15. I agree with what you’re saying. I think that David Cook is amazing, and I love his albums. I think TLM shows what a great artist he is. I’m hoping to hear from him for many years to come.

  16. I have seen David Cook live dozens of times and his shows are always wonderful and always different. His voice is truly incredible – just beautiful and very powerful. As for the woman who said the older fans don’t care for his music – that may be true for her but it isn’t true for me at all. I am 66 and I love his music. I like classical, classic rock, and alternative the most, but David could sing anything and I would like it because his voice is just that compelling. Like MsElaineous, I have bought and given away many of his albums, both the first and 2nd ones, to friends, coworkers, and total strangers. He is worth the support and, like her, I thing he is the BEST thing that has happened to music in a long time. His management needs to step up and do right by him. I am angry that it seems they just don’t care.

  17. Harold Lefkowitz December 19, 2011 at 4:41 am

    You echo my feelings completely. The most exciting young singer songwriter ever discovered by Cowell. He is amazing. I listen to his record every day and never tire of it. Listening to the usual `pop driven`drivel by all the myriad of young girls, I cannot understand what is happening. Listen to this record, listen to the lyrics and take note of the who sequence of song, how they flow into each other. I think music lovers have gone to sleep.

  18. Sorry, never liked Cook’s voice, thought he was bland and generic. Nothing really special stands out about him. Maybe that is his problem now. He blends into the background in personality and music in a business where something about you needs to stand out. He is just your average plain old white boy with a guitar. He is a boring in concert performer, just standing in front of a mic strumming a guitar, not putting it down long enough to work the stage, or engage the audience makes for a boring concert experience. In a nutshell, he boring. Singing well isn’t enough anymore, and he really has nothing else he can do. His material is kinda dark, so that doesn’t make for a lively concert experience. I think he takes himself and his medicre lyrics way too seriously, when he should inject some more lightness and humor into his music, and his act. He has been eclipsed and overshadowed by alums McCreery and Adam Lambert in media attention, so short of a miracle, his music is passe, and his 15 mins. are up.

  19. I’m 75 years old, and think David Cook is hot! It’s a conspiracy to hold him down, he’s so hot. Been to 20 of his shows, and he is hot. Anyone who doesn’t think so is a poopy head!

  20. I love David Cook’s music, and I certainly think he is talented enough to deserve super-stardom. However I have also learned to accept long ago that talent does not necessarily equate to sales. Heck, if there was such a correlation, Bieber must be regarded as the most talented musician out there.

    Once you accept that talent ≠ sales, a whole lot of other things become apparent.

    1) The fact that others outsold him, does not mean that they are necessarily more talented than him. It simply means that they have tapped into mass appeal more than he has. The house of music has many rooms – not all rooms are going to get equally volumes of traffic.

    2) The fact that he has not sold as much as you think he deserves, does not mean that somebody has failed at their job. FTR, I think his label/management has done pretty well by him. If you want to assign blame, you can just as easily blame HAC for becoming more unfriendly to rock. Or rock/indie stations for refusing to play him because of the AI stigma. Or the music-buying public for (by and large) not liking rock any more. Heck, you can even blame him for not putting out a different kind of music. All of that is really moot. I am just happy that he got to put out a work of art like This Loud Morning, and that I was able to buy it and enjoy it.

  21. I would love to see David Cook become a Superstar. He already is in the hearts and minds of his army of fans. That may well be enough for David. He loves to write music and perform in front of a live audience. I challenge anyone to attend a live David Cook show and walk away unconvinced that he is an EXTREMELY talented singer, songwriter, performer. And as for the person that said he “blends into the backround in personality”? Wow, have you listened to any interviews? He is articulate, charming and funny. No, not flashy, he is not Lady GaGa, he’s David Cook. His voice has matured since Idol, he is comfortable in front of a crowd, and in one on one interviews. He may or may not become a “superstar”, but his loyal fans will be there for him always. He knows that and that’s enough for me right now. David Cook brought music back into my life. I knew he would win Idol as soon as he opened his mouth and sang, “Tommy used to work on the docks.”

  22. “Where are the David Cook fans?” I am right here! WE are right here, sharing the same frustrations you have. And we’re not even in America, which yielded more frustrations than it could possibly be, because the promotional stuff (or lack thereof) didn’t reach us here.

    His live shows, even though we only get to see via videos (we would have been there in a heartbeat if we could), are amazing. His voice soars through the roof, his energy is great, his banters are funny, and he certainly engages with the audiences. Veritas up there probably watched someone else with a guitar, cause he didn’t describe David Cook at all. Has he seen the video of David Cook singing his latest single Fade Into Me completely acoustic, WITHOUT microphone? (I don’t think so). Not a lot of artists can pull that off in a live setting. Has he also seen other videos where David jammed with Steve Van Zandt or sang a cover of King’s X’s song Dogman with Jerry from King’s X himself on the drums? (I don’t think so). And I could go on and on but I digress.

    David Cook is so much better than half of musicians in the industry right now. And This Loud Morning is so breathtakingly amazing, it deserves so much more, if not a Grammy nod.

  23. Danny (BamadansPad) December 19, 2011 at 8:32 am

    This dude should be headlining arenas right now instead of small theaters, and it’s all because of the industry who thrives on copycats and radio who would rather play autotuned garbage than pure artists. David Cook proves that artistry is not dead, and he’ll be around for a long time long after the cookie cutters are thrown away like yesterday’s trash.

  24. I agree with your sentiment. David’s latest album has nOT received its due attention. Part of that is the length of time he was “away” from the spotlight. However, it it way too early in his career to suggest cover albums. He is a gifted musician & songwriter. Another hindrance is today’s radio. They only play whats popular so it makes it hard for certain artists to get played. I personally would like to hear edgier rock from David. But I know with the Idol stigma he kinda has to stick w/ HAC

  25. I partly agree, but not completely. He should be a superstar based on voice, songwriting, and overall musical talent. I suspect David himself might be one to resist an album of rock classics, and I don’t blame him. He has a head full of great riffs, lyrics, and interesting instrumental choices that he wants to put out there. As you say, he is a great songwriter, and I think he deserves a shot at getting those songs out there. He probably could kill with a cover album, true, but he has chosen a tougher path and his label has supported it. He has resisted the type of vocal affectations that seem to be required for radio play, though I am sure he’s capable of producing them, and I respect that. He also has shown he is more than capable of working the stage. If you’ve only seen him on TV appearances, but not tour concert footage, this might be less apparent. Look up Irving Plaza if you think he is boring and doesn’t work the stage. He has resisted making himself a circus act in order to display ‘personality’, but he is funny and engaging. His fans realize they get a two-fer with him – rock with a side of comedy show.

    I do think that radio’s increasing rejection of rock has a lot to do with this. Kudos to him for not taking the easy road to popularity. He is earning increasing credibility with artists that count, however, and I think his time will come.

  26. HI!!!

    WOW what a great article you just made about this amazing and to me underrated singer!
    He is like some mentioned making a living out of this and it is so weldeserved. Not only is his albums, “David Cook and This Loud Morning” fantasstic. He is so great live too. This VOICE deserves so much more attention, I agree. But he just did a 40 + dates tour and he seemed very happy. His VOICE is still stellar and I hope he makes it out of USA and to Europe, so I could go seen him live. Thank you for this complimentary article and thank you David Cook……for the music and all that you are!

  27. wow, well that post certainly generated a lot of responses…a lot more than x-factor. i’d say THAT’S telling. :)

    one day as i was i was walking into my gym, the ‘outdoor music’ by the pool was playing one of his songs. i did a giant double take and felt so happy (it was the song he wrote about his brother).

    i also one time heard daughtrey when i was in the grocery store.

    little moments like that are so exciting.

  28. I totally agree with you MASTERCLASS LADY. We, as fans are wondering too. His album This Loud Morning is a gem-still undiscovered gem. We really appreciate your kind and nice words for David Cook. More power

  29. I agree. David Cook is the genuine article: talented, creative, devoted to his craft, “grounded” and mature, industrious, intelligent, knowledgeable, humble, funny, discerning, articulate, perceptive, insightful, sensitive, generous, versatile, diplomatic and discreet, compassionate, charming, amiable, and engaging. I admire him and his music to pieces. But one thing he may NOT be? In the midst of the particular dynamics of this generation? a round peg in a round hole.

  30. I, of course, completely agree with you that this guy is something extraordinarily special. As far as Rod Stewart having much success with his cover albums, Cook just isn’t at a point in his career where that’s what he wants to do and I totally get that. I do believe it’s one of his biggest talents … to take a song we all know and make it his own and, at times, make it even better than the original. That’s quite a feat. It’s like taking a classic novel and making it into a movie that’s better than the novel itself … rarely happens. That’s what Cook does to a cover. In time, I hope he does do cover material, but I understand why now is not the time. As far as why he’s not a superstar … so hard to determine who gets that status and who doesn’t. Many, many extraordinarily talented folks never get that. Some don’t get any kind of nationwide recognition at all, so when you think of it that way, I’m very grateful that so many of know him and can enjoy his music. The musical climate is what it is so that’s a huge factor, of course. I do believe this guy has an extraordinarily logay and passionate fanbase and I really feel that, in time, it will grow and grow. Selfishly, as long as he makes his music, I don’t bother too much with what his status is and, remember, everything comes with a price, so maybe superstardom isn’t something that’s all that wonderful … all that glitters is not gold, afterall.

  31. David Cook is an amazing talent, one who should be on everyone’s radar. He’s the only musician I listen to anymore. I grew up surrounded by rock music and he is by far the most talented singer/songwriter I’ve ever heard. He is fantastic in concert too, so giving of himself and never boring (oh please, he could NEVER be boring). I hope he has the career that he sees for himself, whatever he wants.

  32. I acknowledge the fact the David Cook is a singer with great skills, that’s why I’ve purchased all his CDs and continue to support him as a vocalist. But on the other hand, i really do think he has a fairly generic voice, not unique enough to really leave a strong impression (every person I know who’s impressed by David all focus on his singing skills, rather than his voice, and general public don’t really care about skills). Also I think TLM, while a solid effort, is too repetitive and bland musically and vocally to really grab attention. Lastly, David while a great live vocalist, is kinda bad when it comes to presence/charisma/personality. You can tell he’s really really nice guy, unfortunately to be a super star one’s characters need to be magnified 10 times to attract attention. Nice guy usually don’t make it.

  33. Good blog, it is frustrating that David Cook is not recognized more as a superstar, but a star he is….I love his music/voice/stage presence! One thing that I disagree with, is the cover album. If he wants to lose the idol stigma,, he must continue to produce solid original music to get the respect he deserves. Covers are intertwined with his music at live shows, and that is where they belong.
    I look forward to a long career for this multi-talented artist:)

  34. Thank you to everyone who supports this article and, more important, the great David Cook. I understand that David has taken his chosen path, similar to the one taken by David Archuleta.

    What I don’t understand is why it is just not marketable? He is an extraordinary singer-songwriter who should be recognized at a superstar level.

    The managers, agents and PR people have to redefine what is “good” and stop producing artists merely for the sake of grabbing the quick cash. You know, similar to what Steve Jobs did when he built Apple into the illustrious company it is today.

  35. David Cook is a superstar in the hearts of all his fans. However most of his fans are the ones that stuck with him from AI. He needs new fans and with the stigma most rock radio assigns to anything AI he will never get them. Most people who call themselves fans of rock music will not even give anyone associated with AI a listen. They all believe anyone from AI is a kid plucked from a high school glee club and suddenly force fed stardom.
    When AI does the back stories on these people they choose to focus on the cutesy or sad stories because that is sensationalism. When David was on AI you hear very little of his 10 years of playing bars and coffee shops or his 5-6 previous albums he produced himself. All you ever hear about him was he auditioned on a whim when he went in support of his brother and he was a bartender.
    He recently did a cover of “Dogman” by KingsX ( a known rock group with rock cred) at one of his concerts. the next day a Youtube vid was posted on their facebook page and the majority of his fans were really impressed and shocked he was from AI. They never realized real seasoned rock talent could come from a cheezy show like AI.
    This is a stigma David will have to overcome if he is ever to make it big in todays music industry.
    Another problem is rock and roll in today’s climate is non-existent to a large extent. Sure you have Foo Fighters that get world wide acceptance but they are the exception to the rule. Right now pop music rules the airwaves. David is not (thank God) a pop idol. He has too much self respect to even try to do what is required to be one. Until pop has played itself out anything rock will have to just hang tough and wait for the wave to come back around, and it will. Lets just hope David has what it takes to maintain his tenuous hold on stardom.

  36. I just don’t get it either!!!!! We have followed him from the beginning and both my daughter and I each have a CD from BOTH albums. He is a TERRIFIC singer and performer. We see him whereever and whenever we can.
    To think Hot Chelle Rae went out on tour with him in 2009 and now they are becoming more famous than David. I just don’t get it. I say it all the time. I am so glad you are putting it out there. He truly deserves so much more recognition.
    When my daughter saw his audition for American Idol, she even said it then…”There is your winner”

  37. First of all I want to congratulate you for the blog post. :)
    The title expresses so precisely a question all the ones who know David’s talent have been making the past few years – why someone so talented like him hadn’t yet achieved the deserved stardom ?
    At second place – as one of his biggest fans – I want to sincerelly thank you for your
    words of praise about his talent as a musician and singer !
    We wish more people could recognize and write about this and spreed all over – so the musical media could see this too !

  38. Masterclass Lady. One of the biggest hurdles David has to overcome is the very negative Idol stigma. This is especially present in rock music. Country fans do not seem to have this problem. But fans of rock have a…. some people call it snobbery…. I call it prejudice. There are people out there who won’t even listen to him because he came off of Idol. Like someone mentioned above, Idol doesn’t show the struggling artist too much. They do a little bit, but mostly they want the sensationalism of the personal tragedies people have had to overcome. Idol plays on people’s sympathy and emotions. One of the things that blew my mind about David is that he had one of those tragedies going on in his life during Idol. And Idol tried to get him to talk about it. But he did not want people’s sympathy. He wanted to do the show and be judged on his own musical talent and merit. That, to me, is class.

    Also due to this ugly prejudice, Rock radio will not play him. It’s weird.

    If someone listens to David and just doesn’t like him, that is cool. Different strokes, and all that. But to judge someone without giving them a chance is ignorance personified, in my opinion.

    To those of you who say he has no personality. I had to laugh out loud at those comments. Have you ever been to one of his shows? Have you met and talked to him. The man oozes charm, charisma, intelligence, humor, humility and good Lord, I could go on and on. His shows are never the same and he is a natural comedian. He laughs at himself as well, which is an amazing quality in a human being.

    I grew up with the best rock music in History: Led Zepplin, Cream, The Doors, etc. David is right up there in my opinion with all of them. He’s that good. omo, of course.

  39. Rosanne,

    David worked on this album for a long time, and find it an excellent piece of art! The album’s addicting. He deserves so much better than he’s getting. Why people want to support those with mediocre talent in full force, is beyond me. David is one of the most talented in the music industry today, period!

  40. By that way, Rosanne, I love the second picture of David! He’s so handsome, and oh, that beautiful smile!!! Thanks for your post!

  41. I too am at a loss to explain the lack of recognition David Cook has received. The first inklings of this were his being ignored by the Grammys when he was up for nomination as a new artist. He’d had a platinum selling album, two platinum singles, one gold single and a 150 plus tour as a headliner that sold very well. But he was ignored.
    His rock single, Barbasol, albeit poorly edited for radio got no promo and went nowhere.
    Lie, another song from his first post Idol album, wasn’t released. A poor management decision from the perspective of many fans who felt that that should have been the second single. Lie might not have sold more albums at that point, but it might have kept David Cook on the radar screen during the extended dark period that was devoted to writing This Loud Morning.

    The first single off This Loud Morning was hardly representative of the album. A poor management choice perhaps based on the cowriter’s track record, perhaps an error of judgment about its being more radiomfriendly than some other tracks.

    Then, drop day came and went and no touring all summer 2011.. No big festivals, no smaller gigs.

    But for those of us who have followed David since Idol, this run 39 tour stops was incredibly rewarding. Anyone who may have doubts about his voice, his musicianship, his rocker core, or his talent or his fantastic band, only needs to search some of the fan recorded videos from his Santa Rosa, his Pomona show, his Chicago show, or his final show on Dec. 9, at Irving Plaza, NYC. David Cook live is something special.

    Just a warning. If you start watching those videos, you might not emerge for hours.

  42. Very well said. I’ve wondered that same thing about many of the AI Alum. Cook and Archie sold out and performed last year to a Manila, Phil. crowd and they loved them in that country. What I don’t understand is why the radio personalities refuse to play their records here. I was not a Cook fan during Season 7 until he sang “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”. That one won me over, even if it was nearly the end of the season. I will always be a David and David fan.

  43. I think you are living a bit in the past. No one should buy his album because he sang a great Billie Jean five years ago. His new album has been rejected by both the critics and the buying public. It was bland, generic, uninspiring with not a shred of creativity or originality. He has shown himself to be a mediocre talent. You can’t coast on what you did half a decade ago forever.

  44. synchronicity-my dvr went out yesterday afternoon. today i called in to get it ‘looked at’. they needed my password which i couldn’t remember so they asked who is your favorite singer. i remember that when i first got this cable service they asked this question and i thought, ‘duhhhh, what do i say’. idol had just been on so i said ‘david cook’…so today, when they asked who my favorite singer was i remembered what i had said then: ‘david cook’. i don’t know if i would have said david cook had i had time to ponder, but i did say it.

  45. Uh, it’s a long story. There are many different reasons why Cook’s career went downhill.

    After he won season 7 of AI, he released his debut album of post-grunge type of pop/rock and rock. At that time, the popularity of this genre of music in the mainstream started significantly decreasing. His album still sold well, mostly to Idol fans. But his singles were mostly relegated to HAC (hot adult contemporary) radio format. “Light On” went TOP 20 on CHR radio and rock radio did not touch his music. You need credibility to be taken seriously as a real rocker and artists from American Idol will never be good enough for rock radio. Even Daughtry didn’t have a lot of success with rock radio.
    Because his singles got only limited exposure, they didn’t sell that much. Light On sold over a million and CBTM half a million, but that’s not a lot compared to what big hits sold then and now.
    After CBTM only did well on HAC radio and struggled to go gold, RCA just didn’t bother releasing another single. The cost of pushing another single would be bigger than expected profit, so they simply ended his first era. At that time, David Cook was still touring across America. He toured until the end of 2009 and I think CBTM peaked in summer of 2009. His tour was long and grueling and he obviously needed some time off after that. Then he started working on his sophomore album. He co-wrote 80 or so new songs for the new album. That obviously took time. Then he and his band recorded for a while. The result of all that? Release date of June 28th, 2011. He had no new singles on the radio for more than a year and a half. He also fell off the radar of pop culture. When he came back, he was three seasons removed from Idol. All his post show momentum was gone and he never established himself as an artist.

    RCA released his most radio-friendly song from the album as first single (The Last Goodbye). It didn’t do anything, even on HAC radio. HAC radio now looks a lot like CHR, so it’s hard for artists like Cook to get radio play. His management got him good promo, but it didn’t help.

    So, this is how his album tanked. I will be honest, I’m not a big fan of Cook. His music gives me a headache. It starts slowly and mellow and then it becomes this big wall of sound and screaming on top of his lungs. That’s just not what is popular now.
    Also, I have to wonder if he had no idea of what the new state of mainstream music is and why his A&R at RCA didn’t say anything to him.

    I’m not a big fan of his songwriting abilities. Sure he can write a decent song, but you need to be able to write a hit song to get anywhere. His second album just didn’t have any potential hits. Once “The Last Goodbye” tanked, I knew it was over.

    So, what went wrong: He toured way too long. His label didn’t get him back into the studio as soon as it became clear it was time to move on to album #2 (summer 2009). And they let him release material with little potential for commercial success. Too much time passed.

  46. David Cook has more talent and stage presence than any singer I can think of! His voice is incomparable…IMO….I do not understand why he is not a superstar yet, but for me, he already IS a superstar, and seeing him LIVE in concert is absolutely priceless. It is about exposure in this day and age of other kinds of music….all I know is that he is HOT and I am 66! He is a superstar in my book…too bad his management cannot see that and do something about it! I am praying!

  47. David has great vocal talent, but his music isn’t what’s popular now. Rock is essentially dead for now… sucks but true. Pop rock isn’t even as popular as it used to be; pretty much most of the radio is fulled with dance music, rap, hip hop, r and b, etc. So yeah, I’m not surprised that he’s not a superstar so far.

    Also, it would help him if he had better songs on his CD. Some are stand outs, but I feel that too many of his songs are a bit repetitive with the same theme (“Woe is me, my relationships suck, boo hoo.”). I don’t know if that’s his fault or the song writers he gets stuck with, or both.

  48. Manfreya…
    Sadly, I agree with a lot of what you are saying and I consider myself to be a huge fan of David Cook. The thing is, a LOT of folks, (not all obviously) but many people who adored him coming off Idol, in fact l believe just loved HIM and knew nothing of who he was as an artist. I mean he spent 4-5 months singing covers – other peoples’ songs – yeah he was great at that, but it didn’t tell US who he really was musically. And most people (excluding the uber-invested ones) were not really aware of his solo effort Analog Heart since it got pulled out of circulation early on. Maybe his management/ TPTB didn’t want the general public to know what his real sound was when he was left to his own devices, I do not know. I do know that AH has a couple of good songs on it that are quite different than what we got on his first post Idol record and now TLM. I was pleasantly surprised by DCTR – I wasn’t sure what it was going to be like, but I thought for a quickly produced record, it was okay. TLM for the most part was a big disappointment – so many songs ruined by the SAME chorus kicking in and killing the verses, choruses should complement the verse – not beat them to death! Well, as a fan, I am not going anywhere just yet, hopefully he will see where he went wrong and get himself back on track with the next reacord. I do believe he is a major talent.

  49. I think he’s done better than some past Idol winners but record sales are pretty dismal these days. Also, being the most marketable doesn’t necessarily equal a great artist. For example, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are two very popular artists, yet have little singing ability and are only popular because of crazy teenage fans.

  50. MCL,
    Thanks for the thought provoking article. I wish I had the answer to why Cook is not a superstar today. Even though I am an Archuleta fan forever, I have always liked Cook too.
    I had the honor to attend Cook’s concert here in Austin, Tx on Oct 30 when he was touring with Gavin Degraw. This was the first time for Cook to perform here. Although the performance was held in the hottest new venue, Austin City Limits Live, where the PBS show Austin City Limits is recorded, the turnout was disappointing. The venue holds around 2700, but when Cook took to the stage, I would estimate only around 1000 were there. After his performance, I would say about 500 people stuck around for DeGraw. This is not normal for Austin. Even the most obsure acts usually draw more people than this. There was almost zero publicity for this show. You had to be a diehard fan of one of the acts to know about it. So sad. I thought Cook sang rings around DeGraw and so did my husband who is a music photographer here. If you would like to read my review on my blog its here. http://cacophonyvsharmony.blogspot.com/2011/10/zombies-invade-austin.html

    You can read my review of the concert on my blog.

  51. It all really comes down to a matter of taste in music. I admire David for his vocal gift,and his songwriting talent. Many have commented how TLM is a downer,and sounds the same and the songs aren’t very original. What is forgotten,is how the label demands that he co-write with their stable of pre-selected songwriters. After 2 albums and 4 single releases, he only got sole writing credit on one song. As David said himself winning Idol is a double-edged sword. He got a juicy contract with a major label but in the end gave up creative control. Part of the long gap in the release of TLM involves,I think, what went on behind the scenes,where David and the label locked horns about creative control and the label won. If he had the ability to write songs on his own,I think people would be pleasantly surprised with what he can
    create. RCA is determined to market him to all the Idol fans as a pop singer,when
    that is not what he is. I challenge all those that claim David is vanilla,generic and boring to find a YouTube of the popular artists on the Billboard charts,step away from the mic and sing their hit song acapella. The only artist I know that could do that is Adele. In fact David did a cover of Rolling in the Deep that went viral. Thanks MCL for discussing David’s lack of stardom. To the person that said it’s been five years,that’s incorrect,it’s only 3 since he won. David may still toil in obscurity for some time yet,but I believe once day,his talent will be embraced,and he will achieve stardom.

    that is not what he is. As far as David being vanilla,generic and boring, I challenge all those that made those comments to find a You Tube of one of the popular artists on the Billboard charts,step away from the mic and sing their hit song acapella. The only current artist that I know could do thtat is Adele. As a matter of fact David did a cover of Rolling In The Deep in April and it went viral. Thank you MasterClass Lady for talking about David

  52. MCL, your comments are so right on! MJ’s Blog put a link to this column, although I did get an email. David is truly talented and maybe he just needs that one hit record to put him up there where he belongs!

    If Idol could have another season like Season 7, I would be delighted! It remains my favorite season (with Season 5 second). David and David were the best TOP 2 in Idol history! Of course, this is just my opinion. LOL!

    He has such a great voice, I hope his career finally explodes. There are so many so-called singers that really cannot sing without some assistance from a sound system gimmick. David is just so cool AND hot! :o)

  53. just saw this article:

    SALT LAKE CITY (AP) — American Idol David runner-up Archuleta says he will take a break from his singing career to serve a two-year mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    The contestant from the 2007 season made the announcement during a Christmas concert Monday in downtown Salt Lake City. The Deseret News reports (http://bit.ly/tpQhzU) that the 20-year-old Utah resident says he’s not quitting music, but feels a strong call to serve the church.

    A video of the concert on Archuleta’s website shows him crying as he tells the crowd about his plans.

    Church spokesman Eric Hawkins confirmed Archuleta’s announcement on Tuesday, but declined to say where the singer will serve.
    More than 52,000 church members currently are serving full-time missions worldwide. Most are men between the ages of 19 and 21.

  54. I have already posted once, but I feel the need to do it again. The music industry as a whole is in a sad state. We hear the same songs over and over on the radio. The record companies spend all their money promoting artists they know will be the best return for them. Unfortunately that leaves a LOT of GREAT music going unheard by the masses. They won’t bring it to you. You have to search it out. I was blindly unaware of this until, like I said in my other post, David Cook brought music back into my life. I have discovered some wonderful artists that opened for David on the Declaration Tour. And through them I have discovered more. Without the help of any record company. David almost always thanks his audience for coming out and supporting live music. I read an article lately that said in the year 2000 there were 63 albums that went platinum. In 2011 there were 7. SEVEN. I truly believe that it is not because this music is what everyone wants to hear, but what we are spoon fed. Over, and over, and over on the radio. I am amazed everytime someone talks about this or that person being such a good singer when in fact, it is mostly autotune. David Cook does not use autotune. I also don’t think he was forced to write with anyone he didn’t want to write with, OR, put out a record to suit the record company. He worked on this record for a long time, yes he did. He is very proud of it. He has said so, and I believe him. And I believe IN him. David has also said several times in interviews that he is not as concerned with sales as much as he is putting out a record he is proud of. He is proud of this record and so am I.

  55. Glena – thank you for your powerful comments.

    Thanks to everyone who had taken the time to address this blog topic. It feels very good to see and hear that I am not alone.

    To the naysayers, you are entitled, of course, to your opinion. I just happen to disagree is all.

    David Cook is an exceptional artist and, over time, his excellence will be celebrated worldwide. He understands and values the process of true growth as a musician and this will ensure his longevity.

  56. I may be joining the party too late, but here is my two cents’ worth… I have never been an admirer of any specific foreign artist (I am from Asia). But all that changed when I saw this contestant on American Idol Season 7. I never watched Idol before that season, and I have never watched Idol since then. I first saw David singing Eleanor Rigby on Top 12 week, and I knew I would be hooked for life. There was just something about the way he performed – I remember thinking, “Is this guy really a contestant? He performs like a pro.”
    I have all his songs from Analog Heart. I have the David Cook CD and This Loud Morning as well.
    In 2009, he went to the Philippines for a concert. I waited four hours to see him for five minutes, and paid a lot to watch him from the 13th row.
    Where am I going with this? If you really are a fan, and you want him to attain longevity in this business, then don’t stop supporting his music. The naysayers can say all they want and they are entitled to do so, but what’s important is for David’s fans to keep the faith. He is talented, there is no question about it. Are you willing and able to support him? That is the question.

  57. Thank you Masterclass Lady for your wonderful comments regarding David Cook. I totally agree with you that David Cook is an exceptional artist. I really do believe his stardom will come and will have a blast!

  58. thank you Lei for your wonderful comments. I am also from Manila. I am too never admired a foreign artist and never watched Idol before that season 7. I have watched also his concert here. Bought his two CD’s. [ DCTR AND THIS LOUD MORNING] which i really liked. I played his music almost everyday before bedtime. I will always support his music no matter what. THANK YOU DAVID ROLAND COOK FOR YOUR WONDERFUL TALENT AND YOUR MUSIC. KEEP IT UP!

  59. His own music is astonishing, complex and emotional. Much better than the current pop genre but unfortunately the radio plays “catchy” repetitive music. I often wonder how to help because the world needs to hear his talent.

  60. Thanks, zhen – I am so glad that I am not alone. If and when he returns to Manila for a concert, I’m sure you will be there also =)

    I like David, not only because of his talent, but because he is so eloquent, seems to be very grounded, and knows his priorities – family and friends are very important to him. He does not act like a celebrity, and this, to me, is very endearing. These qualities might not make him a “superstar” in terms of dollars, but, as someone previously mentioned, he is definitely a superstar among his followers.

  61. I must reply to the suggestion that David was forced to co-write. No,I’m sure he wasn’t. However, from my limited understanding of being signed by a label, is ,that in the end they make the final decisions. Many of the songs on TLM,do sound like something he would compose, such as Goodbye to the Girl,however, The Last Goodbye,has more Ryan Tedder in it,than David Cook.
    As to his pride in his efforts,of course he’s proud. It was a stellar record, a throwback to album music,when you listened to a record from start to finish, and followed the story arc within it. However,that being said,I don’t think it evolved exactly the way he wanted it to. David is far too diplomatic to say otherwise,and we’ll never know what he went through to get this record completed. I will be a fan through all the peaks and valleys of his career. David can count on me!!

  62. Season 7 certainly had some wonderful contestants who were not only immensely talented, but also so giving of themselves. It is a wonderful group of young folks! Thank you MCL for keeping us up-to-date on David, David A., Jason, Syesha, Brooke, etc.

    Lei, around here it is never too late to join the party!

    So, is everyone excited about the neginning of Season 11? I know, I am!

  63. That is the BEGINNING of AMERICAN IDOL on January18, 2012.

  64. I totally agree that David is extremely talented & should be a superstar! I love his music & character! Hopefully soon, Judy

  65. I absolutely agree. I am so frustrated with this issue. I am a huge fan of David’s. I think his music is amazing, original, innovative. His voice is exceptional. He is so creative. This Loud Morning is just beautiful. It is heartbreaking to me. The two singles off his new record, The Last Goodbye and Fade Into Me do not do all that well on the radio like his songs used to.

  66. The fans are still here, most of us. David has an extremely loyal fan base. I think there is a breakdown on RCA’s part, IMO. He should millions of new fans.

  67. David, make an album of all the songs you sang to win the Idol show. You’re the best ;person that ever sang on that stage. Such a doll with a voice like no other!!!

  68. I’m late to the game but the unvarnished truth is David doesn’t have the “it” factor. He simply doesn’t have it. You have to have that “it” factor to rocket to superstardom. There are thousands of singers out there with good voices but you also have to have stage presence, a certain look and a universal appeal and he lacks in these deparments. When he was on Idol they had to give him a makeover. According to the resident stylists recent interview David came off as “creepy” and stalker looking. Sorry those where her words.

  69. CJ – no star power? To me, he radiated star power. He is a reserved, shy sort of guy. How did these stylists get “creeper” out of this?

    David Archuleta and David Cook were like brothers. For that bond to happen, there must have been something pretty special about both Davids.

    Please, of you can, give me a link to this article. I would be curious to read it.


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