Adam Lambert Returns To American Idol To Mentor The Season 9 Top 9 Singers

Thanks to Sony BMG for sending this newsletter. Lots of great Adam news for the MCL readers.

Still no word on a theme but rumor has it that it will be Elvis with a dose of Cirque de Soleil thrown in! (shrugs) I know – confusing – but then this whole season has been confusing. Enjoy!

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Adam Returns To American Idol Adam Returns To American Idol Tuesday and Wednesday!Make sure to tune in to American Idol next Tuesday and Wednesday to see Adam mentor this year’s contestant and return to the Idol Stage!American Idol airs Tuesday at 8pm and Wednesday at 9pm on Fox.
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23 Responses to “Adam Lambert Returns To American Idol To Mentor The Season 9 Top 9 Singers”

  1. Oh, this sounds like fun! I have heard so much about this show, it makes me want to runaway to Las Vegas! You know, I was really involved with an Elvis Fan Club in my younger days. ;o)

    I have seen ELVIS: THE CONCERT on a 96 foot screen; been to Graceland twice; saw Elvis exhibits in Hawaii; twice in Las Vegas; the Country Music Hall of Fame exhibit in Nashville; and several exhibits and films at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and visited his home in Tupelo, Mississippi; and have the various tapes, CDs, and DVDs on his life.

    My favorite Gospel albums are the Grammy winning ones that Elvis recorded. I wish I could have seen him perform live!

    Cirque de Soleil brings Elvis up-to-date and Adam should have a GOOD time with this theme! I thinking I am really liking the idea of Adam mentoring. We need some fun on this show!

  2. I cannot wait!!! I am as giddy as a toddler on Christmas morning!

    I am so excited to hear the advice that he gives the contestants! ALSO, we then get to hear him sing!!! It just doesn’t get any better than this!

    I hope Adam makes such an impression that they bring back more idols to mentor…Taylor Hicks, Jennifer Hudson, Carrie, Oh gosh the list goes on!

  3. I almost came on here yesterday when I heard the rumor about it being an Elvis theme on mjs blog. But I didn’t want to say anything before it was confirmed. I have been hoping that it was true! What a wonderful way to celebrate Elvis! I was listening to some of his songs on youtube last night! The one and only King!

    I am really excited to see Adam as a mentor on this show. In an interview with a redio station in Vancouver, where he had a concert, he said that he is sometimes too honest, but will temper it with constructive criticism for the Idol hopefuls. I think this is going to be a good thing!

  4. I am compiling a list of past Idols who sang ELVIS. Am I missing someone?

    Taylor Hicks – Jailhouse Rock & In the Ghetto

    Katherine McPhee – Hound Dog/All Shook Up & Can’t Falling In Love With You

    Elliott Yamin – If I Can Dream & Trouble

    Chris Daughtry – Suspicious Minds & A Little Less Conversation

    Carrie Underwood – Trouble

    Anoop Desai – Always on My Mind

    Jon Peter Lewis – A Little Less Conversation

    Syesha – Fever

    Colton Berry also sang A Little Less Conversation. Is there anyone I left out?

    Vonnie and Mindy, I think you can tell how excited i am! Woo Hoo! Since David Bowie and Elton John aren’t available – I think Adam Lambert will do just fine!! LOL!

    Can you see me doing a Happy Dance? ;o)

  5. Kariann 1,

    Obviously I am not doing enough Sudoku puzzles, my brain is old and rusty…how in the world can you remember all of that??? :-)

    I am not one who likes the weekends to be rushed, but, OMGosh is it Tuesday yet?

    I’m Happy Dancin’ too! :-)

  6. In all honestly, I’m not really a fan of Adam. I don’t know what it is, but for me, he’s just “meh”.
    Of course he is a great singer, but he’s just not my type.

    This show should be very interesting though – looking forward to it.

  7. Taylor Hicks did a terrific version of In the Ghetto. I never liked that song when Elvis sang it, but I loved Taylor’s version. That year they took the Idols to Graceland and Tommy Matola and LisaMarie Presley were there.

  8. Soccer247, it’s so funny the way things turned out. In Season 7 I was a Dreadhead. Once Jason left, I just enjoyed the wonderful music of the final three contestants. I adore both David’s.

    Last year, I think I was the only Anoop fan here (maybe one other?), so I never got involved in all the fan wars. I was appalled by Adam’s behavior at the AMAs, but still recognize his talent. This theme could be so much fun, and I think Adam is one crazy and wild guy. He is working with several young contestants, and I believe his behavior will be “family friendly”!

    This is an opportunity for him to redeem himself, and provide advice that perhaps only Mr. Bowie and Mr. John would. I actually like the song he’ll be singing on Wednesday. And I can’t wait to see what Siobhan will be singing!

    Who knows, it may turn out to be a terrific night full of excitement. We certainly NEED that!

  9. kariann,

    You are amazing! To compile all those Elvis songs that have been sung by Idol contestants over the years. Believe me, I am jumping up and down right along with you! How appropriate in the year when Elvis would have been 75, this is just so perfect!

    Last night I was on youtube watching Elvis in all his glory. There was on old live clip of him singing “Love Me Tender” that brought me to tears. Watching him in his early days, the part of his career that I missed because I was too young, but later when back and discovered, was to see a one of a kind young man with charisma and sex appeal to spare, but that voice, oh my God, that voice! Genius, just genius! Back when there wasn’t any autotune or digitally enhanced recordings, this guy came along and helped to create a new kind of music. We all owe Elvis and all the early singers an enormous debt, for fighting to get this music heard amidst a lot of hate and fear and attempts to censor it. But in the end, the music triumphed. We would not have any of today’s music or any of the great music that came along after Elvis, Buddy Holly, Chuck Berry, Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, all the early greats. God bless them all for making the music and never quitting against all odds!

    Everyone here knows how I felt about Adam’s AMA performance. No need to go over it again. But I believe that he will be respectful of this opportunity to help these young people. I expect him to give a great vocal performance that is appropriate for this venue. Bring it on!

  10. Sorry, one typo above. I meant to say that I later WENT back and discovered early Elvis.

  11. Kariann1, Archie did “Love Me Tender” Hall of Fame week. Thought he had made a mistake with that choice ’til he started to sing. I was wrong.

    I am so surprised to find myself liking this idea. I thought some of the earlier “themes” this year were too wide-open and made song choice more difficult than usual. As huge as the Lennon/McCartney and Elvis songbooks are, I still think this narrows the choices down to the benefit of the contestant.

    I’m also surprised at liking Adam as a mentor for an Elvis theme. I agree that the David’s would be great mentors. I think the both struggled somewhat with pressures that comes with being on Idol. They were, each in their own way, able to find a way though behind the scenes craziness. The season 9 competitors would greatly benefit from the David’s advice. I think Adam will make it fun and that too seems to be much in need right now.

  12. Oh jayray, I just caught that mistake and I am truly sorry! Out of the 735 songs Elvis recorded, they will probably have less than 100 to choose from. I did find a few more Idols.

    I think Idol was looking for a theactrical, over-the-top mentor who resembled Elvis Presley! LOL!

    Taylor Hicks – Jailhouse Rock & In the Ghetto

    Katherine McPhee – Hound Dog/All Shook Up & Can’t Falling In Love With You

    Elliott Yamin – If I Can Dream & Trouble

    Chris Daughtry – Suspicious Minds & A Little Less Conversation

    Carrie Underwood – Trouble

    Vonzell Solomon – Treat Me Nice

    David Archuleta – Love Me Tender

    Anoop Desai – Always on My Mind

    Fantasia – Always On my Mind

    Jon Peter Lewis – A Little Less Conversation & Jailhouse Rock

    Syesha – Fever

    Top 24 contestant Colton Berry did A Little Less Conversation; Nick Pedro did Fever; and Danny Noriega sang Jailhouse Rock. Also, You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me has been sung a few times, but it is listed as a Dusty Springfield song.

    This gives us an idea what has been done, and maybe what the contestants should avoid.

    Note: I have heard there will be a former Idol from Season 1-7 that will return to sing an Elvis song! Who could it be?

  13. Mindy and Vonnie, I remembered quite a few, but did have to look some up. I do have a VHS tape of Season 5 when they did ELVIS WEEK. I think I’ll watch that this weekend, again!

    Mindy, I feel as you do about Elvis! I love what you have written. I feel fortunate to catch Elvis and the Beatles as part of my youth. Had my first ‘passionate’ kiss to a Beatle song and danced to an Elvis song at my wedding.

    A lot of the younger people are complaining about this Elvis theme, but we had three weeks of current popular music Guest Artists. Whew! It will be good to have some melodic music (as the Beatles were) to enjoy. One of my favorite Group Performances of all-time was the Beatles tribute on Wednesday. I just wish they did it live.

    MCL, are you excited about this theme?

  14. I think that I have shared this story before, but, my early memories of Elvis, was my mom dressing my sister and me in our pajamas and taking us to a Drive-In theatre for all night Elvis movies! I never made it passed the first movie!

    My sister and I could sing the lyrics of all the songs on my moms prized Elvis Albums.

    I was born in 1962, so I didn’t get in on the early Elvis or Beetles…but Elvis was a huge part of our household!!!

  15. Kariann1, Nothing to be sorry for. I probably would have stayed in lurker mode but…you did ask if you missed anyone. Like I said that performance stands out for me because Archie taught me a lesson. Talent trumps age.

    The complaints about older themes have been with Idol for some time. I believe that had this season’s Idol contestents been able to get their feet wet on the Idol stage with themes centered around more aged, time tested music,songs with strong lryic and melodies; then maybe the season would have not taken such a hit around the net and in the press.

  16. Well, Katie and Aaron were 9 when ‘Lilo & Stitch’ came out, while Siobhan was 10 years old. Elvis’ songs were probably heard in their households! LOL.

    Vonnie, we are always getting new people reading this blog; nothing wrong with a repeat story. :wink: I believe I may have mentioned my Grandchildren recognized Elvis as the first celebrity they knew who wasn’t a cartoon character!

    jayray, glad you came out of lurker mode!

  17. So excited to learn Adam will return to Idol as a mentor. There’s much he can impart to this year’s contestants and I look forward to watching him “bring out the Elvis” in our finalists. It’s certain to be an exciting night.

  18. Good day everyone and a special welcome to the new MCL readers. I will be travelling Monday and Tuesday, so may not have my article online until the end of the week. Will have to DVR the program!

    I will have another blog topic for the Performance Show, so you can fill in all the details.

    Thank you – all – for your wonderfl commentary. I cannot wait to see Adam. I think he will do a remarkable job mentoring the singers

  19. MCL,

    May I just say; I love what you have done with the place!!! The new large print, Awesome! The new color coded boxes, Awsome! Love the picture of you for your “About Me”, Awesome!


  20. KariAnn – you do make a valid point. I never really got involved in the fan warfare either – too much for me! Like you, I do enjoy listening to talent and I definitely agree Adam has talent. I guess I should say I’m not really a fan of Adam’s genre of music, however I do like his voice and he can definitely sing. I am looking forward to this week, and like you said, hopefully he can redeem himself! :-)

  21. Vonnie – thank you so much but the credit goes to WordPress. Com’s wonderful format. I just discovered this fairly new WP Theme and Voila! Presto! It’s mine now. :)

  22. MCL, I cannot believe how much easier this is to read! It was difficult when our wonderful participants wrote lengthy posts but didn’t provide paragraphs. Thank you to WordPress.Com.

    Oh, I sent you an email to your Hotmail account, MCL!

    I am concerned that Elvis may not be the theme for Tuesday. I would be majorly disappointed if this is the case. There has been much mystery to this season. Not many leaks getting out. We’ll know soon.

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