Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Performance Show: Music From The Rat Pack Era

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Performers

American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Performers

Tonight’s Top 5 show is a dream come true for yours truly and, I expect, for many of the listeners. The refined, stylish sound that defines both the music and the performers from the Rat Pack Era has proven to be timeless and memorable.

I cannot even fathom that the singers will have difficulty finding a song that will add dimension and scope to their musical skills and performing talent. The words and the music from this catalogue of music are truly classic, both elements creating a cohesive union.

So, let the tribute to the Rat Pack Era begin and, in the process, I hope that we hear some really creative and inspired performances tonight!

Best of luck to all the singers and to my readers, enjoy the show! And, if you haven’t yet done so, visit and follow my Twitter page for further updates!

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69 Responses to “Vocal Masterclass Discussion Thread For American Idol Season 8 Top 5 Performance Show: Music From The Rat Pack Era”

  1. Only one song tonight and Jamie Foxx is the surprise mentor. I don’t know what makes him a valid mentor for Rat Pack week, but okay.

  2. Wow. Only one song each, huh? They definitely have a lot of time to “play”. I bet Ryan loves shows like these! LOL

  3. Kworb – He recently released a new album and also a just released movie, ” The Soloist “, so that probably explains it. Besides, I think he’s a really cool guy and very talented, great piano player, sings and acts.

  4. I don’t care who the mentor is – I want two songs per contestant!!! *throws herself on the floor, beats fists, kicks feet*

  5. It’s a shame. The winner last year had 20 performances in total. The winner this year will only have 17. Or 16, if they only sing two songs for Top 3 week.

  6. Spoilers are in!

    Kris – “The Way You Look Tonight”
    Allison – “Someone To Watch Over Me”
    Matt – “My Funny Valentine”
    Danny – “Come Rain Or Come Shine”
    Adam – “Feeling Good”

  7. Kris is my number 2, but I did not like this performance. I found it pedantic and the vocals not his best. I agree with Simon on this one.

  8. Allison. Her best by a mile. I LOVED this.

  9. Matt was ok. Better than Kris, not as good as Allison.
    Sorry…giving the play-by-play here. LOL.

  10. My ranking so far:

    Kris (oh boy)

  11. My goodness. Adam is clearly competing against himself at this point. I loved this performance. I don’t have anything left to say about him. He is my fave Idol ever in the history of CI and AI.

    My ranking:

    Kris (ut oh)

  12. I’m sad that there weren’t two songs apiece for this top 5–this is the one theme that I would have LOVED to hear more songs from!

    I agree that Adam is in a class by himself at this point–and Simon is right that to complain about Adam’s theatricality is completely pointless, it is what he is, and there is nothing wrong with that, not when he knows so well what he is doing.

    Actually, I think Kris’s worst problem this week was not his performance, which I liked VERY much, but his singing first–and that “understated” is too easily seen as boring instead of subtle.

    The weakest for me this week was Danny–Jamie Foxx’s suggestions helped, and kudos to Danny for taking and using them, but it felt a little too studied to me. He hasn’t really LET GO yet.

  13. Vocally & Performance wise the other Idols just can not touch Adam. That forever note was pitch perfect.

    The entrance to the close Adam in a league of his own.

    I like Kris but didn’t like that. No range and off pitch to my ears. Hoping voters save him.

    My rank


  14. Adam is indeed in a league of his own. It was almost perfect, my only nitpick is I didn’t like the few seconds leading up to the glory note, which itself was splendid.

    Kris disappointed me, I’ve heard him sing much better, and it was probably the least creative he’s been all season.

    I love when Allison sings ballads, and this was no exception. She did great.

    Matt wasn’t that bad, but while he was singing it I could hear Melinda Doolittle’s flawless rendition echo in my head. And compared to that, it was quite poor and uninspired.

    Danny was actually trying to not be so middling this week, and he did a good job. Nothing that justifies his position as co-frontrunner with Adam, but his best performance since Top 13 week.

  15. Danny and Adam knocked the socks off everyone else tonight! If it is not those two in the Finale, America will definitely have made a mistake! I love what Danny did with that song, and Adam’s end note was awesome! Sorry, Kworb, but Danny more than justified his position as co-frontrunner with Adam 100% tonight! These two MUST make it to the finale! Period.

  16. Oh, I forgot to mention something that may interest some people. Simon said in an interview this week that his picks for the finale were Danny and Adam. I have to say I fully agree!

  17. For me this was the most enjoyable show so far this season. I think they chose songs well and all of them sounded good tonight. I’m sure I’m in the minority here, but my rankings of who I enjoyed the most are:


    I know that Adam has talent oozing out of every pore of his body, but his performance tonight was one of my least favorites of his from the entire season.

  18. First time posting, I really love to read the comments here. I thought Adam was great tonight. I think that Adam is by far the most talented person to be on this show.

  19. Adam is just awesome!

  20. Welcome, Vonnie!

    It seems Simon wants four white guys in the TOP 4? I don’t get it. Matt was voted off 2 weeks ago – time to go home. Constantine and Melinda were so wonderful in comparisons.

    I loved Kris’ song, but there have been so many better versions. I hope he can get through along with Allison. This was one of Allison’s better performances! I hope her voice can hold out.

    Adam did a nice job – great enterance.

    Danny’s performance was pretty good.

    Jaime did a good job mentoring. Maybe Miley Cytus can forgive him?

    Really wonderful theme this week!

  21. Overall, I think it was one of the best episodes of the season.

    Adam…standing ovation from hubby and I. I can no longer find the words to describe your performances and vocal gift.

    Allison and Danny… Both had their best performances this season by a country mile. Great job!

    Kris…I was a bit disappointed in you tonight. You did so well last week. You need to learn how to keep the momentum going.

    Matt…meh, good performance, but your vocals are certainly outclassed by the rest of the gang.

  22. You know – I am really puzzled by using the term ‘theatrical’ in a pejorative sense. Just when exactly did ‘theatre’ come to have negative associations? This isn’t the nineteenth century when anyone associated with the stage was assumed to have nefarious leanings. Performances are, by their very nature, theatrical. Just go see Madonna or Bowie or even (god help us) Brittany Spears. ‘Theatrical’ doesn’t even begin to describe them. I for one love Adam’s ‘theatrical’ style. Perhaps it comes from years of being a performer myself…..but when he came down those stairs – he reminded me of Freddie Mercury back when Freddie used to wear that white satin tux. Adam’s final note was a bit hinky – but all in all one hell of a performance. I still say I want ‘Ring of Fire’ Adam back. He’s toned it down too much for my taste – though I understand why. He wants to win this thing. Oh – all of the other top ten will have their shot (and more power to them) – but they are contractually prevented from releasing a record until one year after the winner has released his/hers. The public can forget in all that time. It’s better to have the machine working for you right from the get go.

    I was also disappointed they only sang one song. I say less judges and more singing! Or expand the show – either way – 10 minutes of singing vs. 50 minutes of gab? Gah!!!

  23. I’m so sad that I missed it tonight – I’m sure it would have helped calm me down a bit! By the sounds of it, I missed an interesting show.

    I would love it someone could post links to the performances when they are up. Thanks!

  24. TFLS, just another mistake AI made this season. The TOP 5 always managed to sing two songs in previous seasons. Cut out some of the commercials and judges comments, and they could have done it.

    Soccer, look at MCL’s right side panel. MJsBigBlog has the performances linked. It was a GOOD show!

  25. Allison’s version of “Someone to Watch Over Me” left me longing for Katharine McPhee’s. Katharine’s rendition was absolutely flawless, one of her best.

    And did Randy really say that Allison has more octave range than Pink? The judges say the most ridiculous things some of the time. A quick YouTube search can show that Pink definitely has more range than Allison: http://youtube.com/watch?v=TTJLpLOcMXI (B2-B5). Allison has shown a range of F3-D5, which is not even close. Allison’s range so far has actually been quite limited.

  26. Overall, I think this was a really good night. I found myself smiling during Adam’s whole performance (which is pretty normal) He knocked my socks off. I like his theatricality, if that’s what some want to call it. He communicates with his voice, eyes, and facial expressions, and I love it.

    Allison did a great job tonight (imo). One thing, and I’m pretty sure this has been brought up on one of these threads, is that she was adding an “H” or maybe a “W” in front of some of her words. Is this a vocal technique? Someone over at MJ’s said that singing with your tongue out (a la Adam) is a vocal technique for falsetto. So, I thought that maybe it was like adding the letter s at the end of one word to the beginning of the next word like they teach you in elementary school. ???

    Danny, Matt and Kris all did well, too, but Adam and Allison were my favorites. Anyone else think that Simon was extra grouchy tonight? Who peed in his pudding?

  27. Kariann –

    You and I seem to feel the same way. I completely agree with you about Matt – past time for him to go! All the time he was singing My Funny Valentine, I kept thinking about Melinda Doolittle’s incredible version of this great standard pop classic. There is simply no comparison.

    I think I finally understand why I don’t usually like Matt’s performances. It’s really quite simple – I just don’t like the timbre and quality of his voice. He tends to slide off key way too often for my highly sensitive and finely tuned musical ear. I have no idea what Simon was talking about with his comments about Matt’s performance. We obviously did not hear the same one.

    TFLS –

    You are my hero! Thank you so much for giving such a heartfelt and passionate defense of “theatricality”. It’s about time! I also got that same Freddie Mercury feeling. It was brilliant and totally Adam! I say be who you are and let all that drama out! People really respond to it – let me see, I think it’s called performing. Yes, and I do think that is an essential quality needed to be a great singer.

    J -

    I also agree with your comment about Allison’s take on Someone to Watch Over Me. Katherine was so great with that. But I still love the great Ella Fitzgerald’s interpretation. The lady just had no equal, ever. Thank you for not being the only one who was totally shocked when Randy had the nerve to say that Allison has more range than Pink. Really? Come on! I am not sure of this, but I thought I heard more than a little hoarseness in her voice. I have heard it before, maybe two weeks ago. But I am not sure if I am right here. Maybe it’s just the way she sings in her lower register.

    I hope to hear some comments from those of you who are more knowledgeable about vocal technique than myself. I always go back the next day and listen to the performances again. Thank goodness for my dvr! Then I will know for sure if my first impressions were right.

    I just have to say that I think Adam has set the bar way too high. I love his theatrics and that voice! How long did he hold that glory note? Also, I did hope to hear more of his lower register after MCL said he flirted with it last week. Well, I got my wish! But he can do so much with his voice. I just have to sit back and enjoy the wonderful ride.

    I actually think this was Danny’s best performance in the final 13. I finally felt him step it up, belt it out with some real feeling and give it his own personal interpretation. This guy can sing! I found myself thinking about what a brilliant final two he and Adam would make.

    As for Kris, well, he did give it his own unique feel, but for me his voice just doesn’t have the power, range and quality that I love. This song has been sung by some truly great singers, and if you are going to make it memorable, you have to really bring it. I don’t think he managed to do it.

  28. Mindy – You are right that Allison’s voice was very tense, tight, and constricted throughout the entire song. Her throat sounded so “closed.” She really needs to rely more on diaphragmatic support than just trying to push the sound out from her throat. These are my observations, but I actually used the same terminology that MCL has used in her past articles, and I wouldn’t be surprised if her masterclass article echoes the same sentiments.

    I LOVE Ella Fitzgerald. Thank you so much for mentioning her; she is one of my favorite singers of all time (and easily my favorite jazz singer). I had to find her version after you mentioned it, and indeed, her version is brilliant! Ella is truly in a class of her own; her phrasing is among the most inspired of all singers. Incredible. Here is a link for everyone else. Absolutely love her.

  29. Lots of interesting comments here. I’ve enjoyed reading them for sure. I’ve been thinking about who is going to leave tomorrow, and all I really feel positively is that Danny and Adam are definitely SAFE. The rest could be in trouble. I THINK that Kris’s big fanbase and dark horse status could pull him through this week though. So, between Allison and Matt, I am inclined to think that Matt will go home. Honestly, I hope I am wrong, because I prefer Matt more than Allison (though I do like her as well), and he did a really great job tonight. The reason why I think Allison will stay is because virtually anyone in the U.S. who wants a female Idol winner will vote for her. Being the lone female has its perks, though I don’t think it will be enough to keep her in that much longer. So, I guess that my pick for who goes home tomorrow will be Matt (though I hope I am mistaken). There haven’t really been any shockers this season, you know? I kind of hope there is one before the end (not Danny though). It just shakes things up a bit and makes things more unpredictable. It was a good night though, especially considering that I’m not a Rat Pack kind of guy.

  30. Hi. Just wanted to say how much I’m enjoying reading your wonderful blog! I’ve never watched AI before (except ~two shows last year with David Cook), but accidentally stumbled on part of a clip of Adam doing Mad World about a week ago and got sucked in by the sheer beauty of his performance, listened to all his back work on the net and caught up on his (and a few other) Idol performances from this season.

    Your explanations and comments are so elucidating, and I love the tone here.:)

    I have a question, and perhaps I should wait until your Rat Pack post, but I’m curious, can anyone tell me how many times Adam changed keys, and what the technical difficult or lack thereof was? This style is not my thing, but he was *amazing*, as he is in everything. And upon re-listening, it’s growing on me more and more: there always seem to be so many layers to his performances. And I think he changes keys… twice? More? (And it seemed like he did it in a difficult/unique way?) I love music, but any actual training I had is now ancient.:)

    Thanks for this awesome site! I’m making my way through all your past entries.

  31. This, from EW.com, before the show started last night:

    “‘American Idol’: iTunes points to a possible Adam-Kris finale…surprised?
    Apr 28, 2009, 07:08 PM | by Kate Ward

    A supposed glitch on iTunes last week revealed that Adam Lambert and Kris Allen are the most downloaded contestants of American Idol’s season 8. More specifically, six songs by Adam crack the top 10 of an Idol-themed chart on iTunes, while three Kris performances appear on the list. It’s a controversial revelation — considering how Idol’s producers try to keep sales numbers secret to avoid letting each contestant’s popularity be known — but more so because Idol’s producers fans were anticipating an Adam-Danny showdown in the finals. (Calls to iTunes have not yet been returned.)

    To be fair, Danny still made an appearance on the top 10 chart — his “Endless Love” nabbed the No. 9 slot — but is there any surprise that Kris’ performances are more popular among contemporary consumers? (Even I couldn’t resist downloading several of his tunes, like “To Make You Feel My Love” and “Ain’t No Sunshine.”) But more importantly, these iTunes stats make me wonder why the judges continue to push for an Adam-Danny final two, when Kris is supposedly a bigger draw on the charts. Isn’t the goal of Idol to find a future chart-topper à la Kelly Clarkson or Chris Daughtry?

    Are you surprised by this new finding? And what tracks have you been downloading? (“Mad World,” anyone?)”

  32. My ears appreciated Matt,Danny,Adam and Allison, but, Kris really sounded off tonight. Boy oh boy. His voice just sounded so much weaker than the others. Sad to say.

  33. I liked everybody this week. Good job Jamie Foxx!

    Meanwhile, this is just too cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2F8tsmBrb8

  34. Kris Lovers Represent! April 29, 2009 at 7:53 am

    I enjoyed all of the performances tonight, to varying degrees. This is clearly the right top five. (Okay, Gokey does nothing for me, but neither did those who are gone. And he was more engaging tonight than I’d ever found him before.) Being an overprotective fan, though, it does annoy me that I’ve seen some comments around the web (though not here) that Kris was off on the last note. Um, no, not so much. He just went, in typical artistic-Kris fashion, with an unexpected minor ninth ending. And I loved it. Come on, oh-people-with-technical-knowledge. Am I crazy?

  35. My favorite last night was hands down Danny Gokey. There’s no need to go into any depth about how I felt about Adam’s performance. I’ve said all that I can say about him, both positive and negative, and to reiterate any of that at this point would be wasted time. In short, despite the great vocals, I felt it was too dramatic.

    I wasn’t a big fan of any of the other three. They were all okay, but nothing that was so good that it will make that big a difference, I don’t think.

    My pick as to who is going home? Matt or Allison.

  36. Folks, I am an Adam fan (and Adam only), to the point I can’t even really listen to anyone else – they seem so mediocre compared to him…so that’s where I am coming from…
    My question is this: what do you think about that “low, husky” sound that he made coming down from that 14 sec glorious note? Was it intentional? Or was that sound a reason for him not being himself during judging?

  37. Thanks Kariann 1 for the welcome!

    I’m curious about Randy’s comment to Adam about being “a bit to theatrical”, isn’t that what makes Adam who he is? He can be over the top one moment and then gut wrenching,drag you so far into his performance at another. He so reminds me of the singers of the past that I loved so much: Freddie Mercury, Prince, Billy Idol, Michael Jackson, Cyndi Lauper, Aerosmith, Van Halen (David Lee Roth) all who were “theatrical”. I like that Adam never does the same thing twice. If he sang songs like mad world every week, it would soon become a bit boring, it shows that he is not a one or two trick pony. One more thing then I promise I will quit rambling; I loved his entrance last night, how many people can swagger down pink stairs? I can’t wait for him to start touring, he is going to be awesome!

  38. Response to TFLS – Where do you get your information re: remaianing top 10 cannot release a record contractually for one year after the winner releases his/hers? David Archuletta released his before David Cook, both records “Crush” and then his album. Also Kristy Lee had an early one, and most of them are due to release next month (Brooke, MJ, others) I think they can release now. Otherwise they would not have been able until this coming November.

  39. Hi y’all. I missed Kris’s performance; I really had to mind my 65 mph coming home from class. LOL

    Mmmm…I am surprised at the comments about Matt’s performance when Simon thought it was along the tone of Nat King Cole and I agreed. Mind y’all, I love them all.

    I was also surprised at the mentor…wasn’t he supposed to be funny? I see at one comment that he sings and dance. However, I thought he gave really good advice to Gokey. Didn’t you think so? Wow, how little advise makes such a difference, and did you notice that Simon did not think he was clumsy? nada! yes! go for it, Gokey!

    ((Galen)) back at ya. If you’re dorky, you’re dorky, nothing wrong with that anymore than you think I look funny. LOL My comment here sounds like a song–Gokey, dorky. Didn’t even plan it. (SOUNDS OF TWILIGHT ZONE)

  40. Listening to Adam’s performance again…what a gifted individual! So fearless, its really something. He always makes me smile and I started off the day feeling pretty low.

  41. Oh Adam, why do you do this to me? LOL. This kid is amazing.

    On a side note, the judges were acting funny last night. I think sometimes they must really confuse the contestants. How many times can they tell Adam he is theatrical? Loved Simon’s response to Randy. “Like telling a cow not to moo”. LMAO.

  42. Questions for MCL, please:

    Regarding vocal technique-

    1. Was changing the key the right thing for Matt?
    2. Why does Allison put the “h” sound before words like “over”?
    3. When Danny did the “growl” (technical term! heh), is that potentially damaging to the vocal cords?
    4. Why does Adam have to stick his tongue out on certain notes? Is that good, bad, neither?

  43. I enjoyed everybody last night. Personally, I was the least into Danny’s performanc. The judges were rhough, and it was great. It just wasn’t memorable for me.

    I’m glad Allison toned it down. It was beautiful! Matt did very well taking Jamie Foxx’s advice. I LOVED the song and performance. Adam’s entrance was PERFECT. Did you notice the big smile he flashed right when he sang the word “good”? He knows how to work it. I’m not sure I personally would buy his CD, but he is PHENOMENAL.

    As far as who is going home this week, I have no idea. Everyone was good. I wish they could all stay. I think it might be either Kris or Matt. From those two, I’m going to go with Kris. What a competitive Top 5 this is!

    Galen, you mentioned that there haven’t been any shockers this season. I consider Alexis’s exit at Top 11 a shocker. It definitely was at the time. However, after a week I got over it. It’s not a shocker in the sense that people aren’t still complaining about it too much. Now that the competition has progressed this far, this is the perfect Top 5. I wish Alexis could at least go on tour though.

  44. I meant: The judges were “though”, and I forgot the “e” on performance. Typos again, lol.

  45. Good point, Kirsten. I agree that the premature elimination of Alexis was the closest thing to a shocker this season has had so far. Still, for me, it definitely wasn’t a “Daughtry shocker”, you know what I mean? Anyway, I agree with you, I really wish I could see Alexis go on the tour.

    Now, to respond to some other comments that stood out to me . . .

    Seriously Surely wrote: “((Galen)) back at ya. If you’re dorky, you’re dorky, nothing wrong with that anymore than you think I look funny. LOL My comment here sounds like a song–Gokey, dorky. Didn’t even plan it. (SOUNDS OF TWILIGHT ZONE)”

    LOL! With that kind of singing, you should audition for American Idol next season! Seriously, though, thanks for the positive evaluation of Danny this week! I agree that it was probably his best performance yet (though I did love “What Hurts The Most”)! Oh, and I really don’t think you look funny–not really. LOL

    skid wrote: “My favorite last night was hands down Danny Gokey. There’s no need to go into any depth about how I felt about Adam’s performance. I’ve said all that I can say about him, both positive and negative, and to reiterate any of that at this point would be wasted time. In short, despite the great vocals, I felt it was too dramatic.”

    I absolutely agree with everything you said, skid! Danny was my favorite hands down as well, and I also thought Adam (while I did appreciate that amazing note at the end) was just a little too theatrical for my taste as well.

    Nica wrote: “Folks, I am an Adam fan (and Adam only), to the point I can’t even really listen to anyone else – they seem so mediocre compared to him”

    Whoa! I can appreciate the fact that Adam is your favorite, but give the others the credit they deserve! There were a lot of great performances from a lot of great performers last night. Adam is definitely not the only massively talented one this season! I’m a Danny Gokey fan through and through, but I still can respect and appreciate the God-given talent in the other four as well.

  46. I know exactly what you mean, Galen. Like I said, this was the perfect Top 5. In retrospect, all the contestants this year have left in “non-shocker” fashion, in my opinion. Alexis’s song choice the week she left was not the best.

  47. I agree that overall, this is probably the strongest Top 5. It’ll be sad to see anyone leave, at this point.

    I also agree that there should have been 2 songs per singer. And the show still ran long! Not sure how I feel about Jamie Fox(x?)as a mentor. It didn’t seem like he gave very good advice. And “getting all up in Danny’s grill” helped him in exactly what way? Had to laugh about Danny’s comment about breath and JF saying something like “it’s fresh/minty”.

  48. MCL – I have a question: I’m not sure how long you have been critiquing the idols, but in all the time you have been, has anyone ever came close to comparing to or exceeded Adam?

  49. I think what Jamie was trying to do was get Danny to loosen up a bit. I’ve noticed that Danny can sometimes get a little intimidated by the mentors. After all, I can’t really blame him. However, Jamie effectively used a very unconventional way to pull Danny out of his comfort zone and shake away those nerves holding him back. I really believe Danny took a lesson away from that, and it will serve him well in the weeks to come. Kudos to Jamie Foxx for giving my favorite excellent advice and great mentoring! I thought he did really great with all of the kids to be honest. I think he may be my favorite mentor so far this season!

  50. Vonnie, not sure what MCL will say, but IMO Adam is the best this show has ever seen.

    Incredible talent.

  51. I thought last night was the best overall performance by the 5 contestents BUT, it’s a matter of taste in music isn’t it? I prefer opera, musicals and theater, therefore, Adam wins this competition hands down. His voice surpasses in his unbelievable range, delivery and power. As far as Allison goes, I had heard Katherine McPhee’s version, and feel her performance far outweight Allison. Again, a taste preference. This is really getting down to the wire and I truly like all the contestents but only one will win but I think Matt will leave tonight.

  52. nica -

    I listened to Adam again and I just don’t know how he does it! I think what you heard after that glory note was him dropping a few octaves. The last note was right on, but how he was able to get down there after being up so high, I just have no idea. I guess nothing he does should surprise me anymore. I am anxious to hear what MCL has to say about Adam using his lower register a lot more on this song.

    I love Simon’s comment to Randy that saying Adam is theatrical is saying that a cow moos! I have to remember that one! Yes, this is who Adam is and it’s a good thing. It’s totally part of performing. Elvis had it, Freddie Mercury definitely had it, so did David Bowie and too many others to mention. This is an integral part of singing. It’s not just about the singing, although Adam has the voice. Is there anything he can’t do?

    I also feel that singing these great classics can really separate the great ones from the good or okay ones. I am trying to be as fair as possible, but I truly thought that Kris looked quite ordinary last night. There is something about stripping away all the trappings and just standing there singing a great pop classic, that can show vocal weaknesses. That’s what I saw with Kris last night. His voice wasn’t up to the task of singing The Way You Look Tonight. I am not trying to be unkind, just calling it the way I saw it. There’s no place to hide and it’s all there for everyone to hear.

    I think that was most true with Matt. He just does not have the voice for a song like My Funny Valentine. It highlighted all of his vocal weaknesses and it just overwhelmed him.

    Having Danny and Adam sing back-to-back, could not have been a coincidence. I think they did this to show us a possible preview of the final two. If it happens, there will be a lot of vocal fireworks, that’s for sure. Adam and Danny are the two most powerful singers in this competition, although they could not be more different in style and sound.

    I can’t wait for MCL’s critique of last night!

  53. ILoveIdol – I think so too!

  54. Yeah, I wished also that they WOULD NOT do songs that other AI dudes have done in the past. My Funny Valentine by Melinda and Someone Watching Over Me by Katherine McPhee. Of ALL the songs they could have picked!! but again, there must be a copyright problem, and that is true because the songs that they’ve sang are downloaded on the IP Tunes. I wish AI would have something done before the audience will get tired of the same old same old; and probably will, it has been 8 years now.

  55. What in the world does Simon mean by “wet” for Kris? Ryan asked Simon and Simon says “not dry.” Simon also thinks that Allison is “not committed.”
    He also thought she sounded “mechanical.” Poor kid, she just turned 17; what a brave girl.

    I really dig the “dress-up” look. Don’t they look spiffy? da bomb.

    Randy and Simon disagree TWICE!

  56. TFLS, and others with the same concern: I believe the reason they are not doing two songs is that it is part nearly impossible to try to practice on two songs in one week and sing it well; not with all the photo-ops, red carpet (what happened to the Coke merchals?)going home, going to previews. Maybe it has a lot to do with Child Labor Laws. LOL (couldnt’ resist it, dudes.) peace out.

  57. Although I have definite preferences I certainly agree that all 5 are very good. Furthermore, they seem to be particularly tight and friendly this season, and Simon can downplay that and say it’s stupid and anti-competitive and even fake all he wants – I think it’s great!

    Matt to me is saved primarily by his studio work, which sounds so much better (IMO) than his live singing. Really a lot better! Live I’m pretty unimpressed. I can’t fairly evaluate last night for him cause for me all oher versions are eclipsed by Melinda’s virtuoso performance.

    Kris, Allison, Danny are somewhat equal in my affections. All very talented with distinctly different strengths. Kris is the low-key one who relies on his musicality, arrangements etc as much as his voice I think. Some really lovely performances and others that failed to move me, last night being a case in point. Perfectly serviceable, nice enough, but nothing special.

    Allison is wonderful and I thought Someone to Watch Over Me was her best yet, but at the same time I really do believe she’s not quite ready. Phenomenal voice and talent, but needs to mature artistically. No surprise and certainly not meant as a putdown considering her age.

    Danny was my early favorite and I love his voice but he has consistently failed to move or excite me with his song and performance choices. He’s always good of course, sometimes great (last night) but it’s all too similar to me. I enjoy him, but no thrill.

    Heh – and then there’s Adam! I always thought he seemed like a really good guy, very professional and well-mannered, who also gave fun performances, but I was just along for the ride until ROF. Bam – for one of the only times in years of watching I’m even voting. Love him, have enjoyed every single thing he’s done. I actually understand the “screechy” complaints, cause although I don’t agree or hear it that way myself, it’s not my favortie part of his voice. Though I did absolutely love it in If I can’t have you. Anyway, different things sound good/bad to different people and that’s fine. I found Feeling
    Good to be just a blast, a ride, a spectacle in the best way and so much fun.

    I have no problem with the seemingly pre-ordained final two of Adam and Danny. Obviously for me it’s really about Adam and anybody, but I think Danny has probably been the most consistent, and as I said I do like his voice a lot.

    Whew, sorry for the length, this is my first comment anywhere this season and I just poured it all out. Love all the info I get here, not to mention the reasoned and respectful dialogue. Thanks MCL and all!

  58. Meanwhile, this is just too cute: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2F8tsmBrb8

    I really hope Adam sees this. He seems like the type of guy who would get a kick out of it!

  59. Jessica T – thank you! Thats more than cute! So now we can say that the fan’e range from 15 months to 90+…! Awesome!

  60. Mindy,
    thank you for the reply –
    the sound is sort of like “growl”, at first I thought it was my recording, but checked today on the AI site – and its definitely there… it does not sound as just going down in register…but may be he intended that sound to be there…

    I really did not mean to say that there is no talent aside from Adam. What I was trying to say that I am so deeply under his “spell” that I can not hear anyone else… It is strange but its the fact. I noticed that although I watch/listen to everyone I have no idea what they sang or how they sounded almost as soon as they finish… I have the deepest respect for everyone in the competition, I think they are all brave and must be super talented to get this far, its just that I do not respond to anyone but Adam. I want to add that the music I normally listen to happens to be classical, so as far as vocal performances – Opera – nothing else pritty much. All other kinds are sort of a background to everyday routine for me…so in this sence I am not a good judge at all… However Adam crossed that gap for me and I am ready, first time in my 50+ life, to become a groupy – LOL!! I do hope that I did not offend any fans – that was not my intent!

  61. Vonnie, I think I have been reading MCL’s comments for about 5 seasons. Not sure who she would say, but my guess would be Constantine and then maybe Fantasia. These Idols were very polarizing, but they are not equal to Adam! He is setting the bar for furure seasons.

    SS, I was also thinking about Constatine’s version of ‘My Funny Valentine’. Oh my goodness, it seems to me that Con was just too ‘theatrical’; told Clay he was also was too ‘theatrical’!! Well, these gents ARE working!

    Perhaps it comes from years of being a performer myself…..but when he came down those stairs – he reminded me of Freddie Mercury back when Freddie used to wear that white satin tux.

    TFLS, I would say that’s the most dramatic entry I have seen from any idol, and I have watched all eught seasons. It was cool, but it made me feel sorry for the other contestants.

    Other TOP 5 Idols were able to do five songs. IMO, there is NO reason the judges couldn’t shorten their remarks. Ryan didn’t have to do the interviews. I really missed that last night.

    Mindy, I hope we are right!

  62. Hey, thanks for clarifying that, nica. I understand perfectly what you are saying. You really like Adam 100%, and while I am a Danny fan myself, I can certainly appreciate that!

  63. Acre, your post was excellent! No worry, there.

  64. I will buy Matt’s records. There is just something about him that tickles my fancy. His moves were incredible–da bomb Tuesday night; man, did he bloomed.

    I thought Taylor Hicks blossomed a mile high; he was so good and I like watching him. I wish there are more that I can watch them.

    Did you see all the judges standing O for Taylor?So much for the “sings like a drunk at a wedding.”

  65. Good observation, Surely, I was also pleased that the judges gave Taylor a standing O. It’s about time someone on that show gives him a little respect.

  66. It was so important to Taylor that Simon also give him a much deserved standing “O”! Taylor always seemed to be having a good time. His joyful performances were wonderful. His ballads tender.

  67. You know what I like about Taylor? He may not be the most successful Idol winner in terms of popularity or the number of hit singles he has had, but he just goes out there on that stage in front of millions of people and HAS FUN! I saw the same Taylor last week that I grew to really enjoy when I watched him win it all in Season 5. I have NEVER regretted voting for him, and I still enjoyed him more at the time than I did Daughtry. I am glad he won, and he is an amazing performer in every sense of the word.

  68. Love this site. So wish I could vote in Canada. Please all you Adam fans, vote your fingers off in the next few weeks as Adam deserves we give him our all as he does for us every week (I am making sure my sibs there do the same!) Heh, someone with the know how should make sure Adam gets a hold of that video of his youngest fan – I’m sure he’d be touched!


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