Scott MacIntyre: I Love Him, He’s Perfect, Now YOU Change!

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Picture Courtesy Of AmericanIdol.Com

Quite frankly, I am sick to death about the random, delusional comments about Scott MacIntyre’s contribution to the Top 10 American Idol Season. Many people feel that his visual impairment is the sole reason that he was chosen for this competition and, thus, has avoided weekly elimination.

Well, I have had enough. Truly enough! He belongs in this competition because of his talent, which is a totally separate component from his visual impairment. When I see and hear Scott perform, I see and hear musicality, intellect, artistry, determination, technical refinement and, most important of all, sincerity.

After last week’s phenomenal performance of Billy Joel’s “Just The You Are“, how can anyone with a good set of ears deny the depth and dimension of his artistic talent? If so, then their comments are based in subjectivity and, might I say, hearing impairment?

So, move past Scott’s physical challenges and move down the road toward objectivity – in other words, take a reality check! He is not going anywhere for quite a while and, in fact, may be the true dark horse in this competition.

The judges have been continuously stomping on him on a weekly basis, but last week, Scott, with determination and resolve, demonstrated to the judges and to the viewing audience that negativity has no place in his life -and finally earned their respect and accolades in the process.

His strength and fortitude, combined with his sublime work ethic and inspired musical talent, will continue to garner notice during and after the American Idol Season. Producer David Foster is going to be all over this guy – mark my words. Additionally, the Foster Man will also play a role in Adam Lambert’s career.

Listen to the studio version Of Just The Way You Are

Watch Scott perform – this is a rough video, but it’s all that is left on YouTube.Com because American Idol has stripped all the Top 13 performances off the YouTube site.

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30 Responses to “Scott MacIntyre: I Love Him, He’s Perfect, Now YOU Change!”

  1. Good for you, MCL! I am so glad somebody is standing up for Scott, who has been a favorite of mine ever since I heard him sing a flawless rendition of “Home” in Hollywood Week. As you said, he proved last week that he more than deserves to be where he is in this competition, and his visual impairment has absolutely NOTHING to do with it. To be perfectly honest, there have been many times throughout this season where I have gotten so caught up in Scott’s stellar performances that I forgot he was visually impaired at all! For people to make horrible comments about him regarding his lack of sight is abominable. I also hate how they say Danny is getting sympathy votes due to his dead wife as well.

    Honestly, the cruelty of this world scares me at times. God forbid because I would never wish this on anyone, but some of those people who say awful things about Scott just may end up blind themselves one day. Then they will know the struggles Scott has to overcome every day. As I said, I pray that never happens to anyone, but if people could walk for a mile in someone else’s shoes, then perhaps they would think twice about making hurtful, untrue comments about them. I hope and pray Scott DOMINATES this week!

  2. Galen – I just felt it was time, you know? I am appalled at how Scott has been treated – in the media, by the fans and by the judges.

    What is wrong with everybody? Has everyone lost their ability to be compassionate and, most important, to recognize stellar talent, even if it doesn’t coincide with your particular taste in music?

    All these negative comments sicken me! Just awful!

  3. Hello Masterclass Lady…long time no talk. I’ve been meaning to stop by and leave a comment, but boy oh boy, life is busy. I suspect you understand that quite well. :)

    I like how you emphasized “sincerity” with Scott. I think you are right on. I know that in life I will tolerate the loud mouth, the meek, or the not-so-perfect artist so long as they are sincere. Sincerity reveals what kind of person someone is. In a world where we are faced with so much artificial everything, sincerity is truly a breath of fresh air.

    It’s interesting to me that children pick up on sincerity beyond just about anything else. Children often don’t get sarcasm, puns, or subtle jokes, but they know and get sincerity. Somehow we think it’s more grown-up to move past all that. Well, I for one want sincerity, and although I must admit that this years AI has been on the back burner for me, I do sense sincerity in Scott. Yes, a breath of fresh air.

    Take Care,

    Steve Gallie

  4. Those negative comments sicken me as well, MCL. I completely agree. About Scott, the bottom line is this. Regardless of when he goes home, someone is going to snatch him up instantly. Week after week, he has shown America what an amazing artist he is, and people in high places have no doubt taken notice of his skill. I predict without hesitation that he has a very bright future ahead.

    Steve, I agree with you wholeheartedly about the whole sincerity thing. You’re right. I’ve noticed that kids often can sense how sincere or insincere someone is just by spending a few moments with them. As Yoda said in Star Wars, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is!” Sometimes I wish we as adults could learn to see more through the eyes of a child. Perhaps if we did, this world would be a much friendlier place.

  5. Steve, I also agree with you wholeheartedly about the whole sincerity thing with regards to Scott. I have had no negative thoughts about him and do find him to be talented.

  6. When Scott sang Wild Angels, I had a true feeling of being transported into his world. I can’t even explain it, nor can my husband. It wasn’t the best singing ever, but I was so – I don’t know – atuned to Scott or something that the music just filled my soul. OK. I’m weird.

  7. Scott’s voice is really beautiful and his sound is very relaxing. Unfortunately, that’s not a sound that will win him the title of American Idol. But as for the negative comments, I very much agree with you MCL–it is really appalling. It seems that some people blogging on the internet see no need to put a filter on any of their negative thoughts because they’re anonymous. They just put these thoughts “out there” and then others who read them think it’s perfectly okay to feel that way too and then these nasty comments snowball. It’s almost like it is a backlash against being politically correct and the fact that there are now laws to prohibit discrimination against people with disabilities, etc. I have the impression that some people now believe that they’re at a disadvantage in life because they ARE NOT disabled, a minority, etc. So for those people, Scott only got picked BECAUSE of his disability. I’d never wish a disability upon anyone, but if people had to walk in a disabled person’s shoes for a day, maybe they would see the world differently. Personally, I blame talk radio for contributing to this negative way of thinking.

  8. Well hello Steve! :)

    Thank you so much for stopping by and adding your well-formulated comments. I knew would have some insightful commentary into this issue.

    I particularly loved this quote from you:

    It’s interesting to me that children pick up on sincerity beyond just about anything else. Children often don’t get sarcasm, puns, or subtle jokes, but they know and get sincerity. Somehow we think it’s more grown-up to move past all that. Well, I for one want sincerity, and although I must admit that this years AI has been on the back burner for me, I do sense sincerity in Scott. Yes, a breath of fresh air.

    Wonderfully said, Steve! I hope life is treating you well, even though I know and appreciate your hectic schedule. We all need to take time to breathe and have a look around us – there is so much to appreciate in this world and we all need to do so before our time expires.

    Apparently, the buzz over at Idolforums.Com is that Scott has another dramatic performance in the works for tonight’s show. I truly feel that he will move higher than everyone expected – he is a fighter! And his vulnerability and sincerity remind me so much of David Archuleta. They naturally connect to the audience.

  9. Good point, MCL. Scott’s sincerity does bring to mind David Archuleta’s. You’re right about that for sure, and I totally hope that Scott does an amazing job tonight!

    Anita wrote: “When Scott sang Wild Angels, I had a true feeling of being transported into his world. I can’t even explain it, nor can my husband. It wasn’t the best singing ever, but I was so – I don’t know – atuned to Scott or something that the music just filled my soul. OK. I’m weird.”

    You are not weird, Anita, because I agree wholeheartedly with you about “Wild Angels.” To me, that was Scott’s best performance so far on the show and one of the best performances of the season so far. Not necessarily because of flawless vocal technique, but because of something more important. He really put himself into that song and it totally shone through for those who had ears to recognize it. I have to confess something. I recently listened to Martina McBride’s version of “Wild Angels,” and I thought it was no where near as good as Scott’s version (though I do like a lot of Martina’s songs).

    And, hey, who’s to say Scott can’t win this competition? Now, I’ll admit the odds of him beating out Danny or Adam are fairly slim, but that doesn’t mean it is impossible. I have seen a lot of upsets throughout my time watching American Idol. For instance, with such a powerhouse as Chris Daughtry on the show, I would’ve never expected Taylor Hicks to make it all the way to the top, but he did. I didn’t think Jordin Sparks would beat out Melinda Dolittle, but she did. I thought Archuleta had it in the bag last year, yet for some unknown reason he didn’t. Scott may very well end up surprising a lot of people in the end. Don’t underestimate him. He seems to be improving each week, and I suspect that trend will continue as the weeks progress.

  10. Wow, I’m really surprised by this blog entry. I’m certainly not a Scott hater, but objectively I don’t believe he’s a great singer. Not because he’s not my style — he’s just often off-key and alternately a bit shouty or nasal. That said, *every year* on AI, there are contestants who make it far without fabulous voices. Not to name names, but two out of the top four last year weren’t exactly amazing songbirds.

    People like what they like, and if they’re touched by a singer, they vote. Still, I find a defense of Scott’s amazing vocal talent to be odd.

  11. To be perfectly honest and yet respectful, Liz, I have to disagree with you. Scott is an AMAZING singer and he is sure to become a remarkable artist once his time on Idol is over. Danny Gokey is still my favorite this season hands down, but I would venture to say that Scott is my second favorite. No offense at all to Adam fans, but if Scott and Adam were standing in the Bottom 2, I would be hoping that Scott was the one who stayed. I just like his sincerity. A lot of people can sing, but few are that sincere.

  12. Being deaf myself, and also a victim of misconceptions, patronization,phoney symphathy, empty connections. People are amazed that i enjoy music but of course they also think that I am an eight wonder of the world. He is just a person like you and me. Whether the judges cannot make up their minds, (get away from the piano, be upbeat and when he does, they say, go back to the piano. yadda) The judges do that to the others too. Don’t worry if Scott has his feelings hurt; ppl like he and I are tough as nails. WHAT I don’t like is that his group is not including him in their visual rapport. I can see him grasping for understanding what in the heck is going on? AND No one needs to grab him and pull him around like a baby. Soft and subtle visual cues suffices, dudes.

  13. whoops ha ha freduan slip….I meant soft and subtle audio cues and not visual cues.

  14. ….All I know is that Scott shouldn’t have been voted off so early. He does something brave and plays the guitar standing up, and gets punished for it! If they would’ve just given him one more week I bet he could’ve overshadowed Lil or Anoop….If Danny goes now I will get very angry!!!!

    Commander-Gage’s fav. quote realting to Idol:
    -”The translucent fires of Minder do not distinguish when Eagles take wing.”-

  15. Personally, I feel the show has lost some dimension without Scott in the mix. He added such a distinct – and uncluttered -vocal element to this Top 10.

    Also, I will just bet that he had one doozy of a song ready next week – hence the “not save” decision. AI has an obvious agenda this year, as always, and they do not want anyone to upset the apple cart.

    However, he did prove to everyone that he could sit at a piano or on a stool with a guitar AND stand up and sing with mike and still deliver 100 times better than many singers that have ever had the good fortune to grace that stage.

  16. Sorry, MCL but it was his time to go. Most of the others left are much better than he is.

  17. Sorry, Erin, but I disagree. In my opinion, here are at least two contestants who should’ve DEFINITELY left before Scott:

    –Lil (she seems to be getting worse each week and has never had a truly spectacular performance)

    –Anoop (He is very inconsistent and comes across smug at times. One week he bombs. One week he does pretty good. Scott was a lot more talented)

    I mean no disrespect to those two I mentioned above, but with all due respect, Scott was definitely more skilled than they are. Personally, after Danny Gokey, Scott MacIntyre is my second favorite this season. I can’t get enough of his “Wild Angels” studio version. In fact, I just listened to it today at work.

  18. He should have had at least one more week. What is the theme this week anyway?

  19. Also, AI should invite him back as a guest next season. Then he would show his true artost self. Don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I hope it does.

  20. Also, AI should invite him back as a guest next season. Then he would show his true artist self. Don’t know if it’s going to happen, but I hope it does.

  21. Kirsten, in response to your question, the theme for this coming week is “songs from the cinema” according to Idol Chat on the Tv Guide Channel. Oh, and there is supposedly going to be a guest judge. It’ll be interesting to see how having FIVE judges on the panel works out. Definitely a first for Idol . . .

  22. Five judges will be nuts, especially if they all have long comments. LOL! Since Scott left, I’m watching for Anoop mostly. Anoop is the last one who I care deeply for, and much less deeply than Scott. I’m curious what everyone will do but I’m not a die hard fan of anyone else. Scott is my favorite contestant this year, BY FAR, although I have LOVED a few of the other performances individually.

    Like I said in the post above, Scott should be invited back as a guest next season. He is beloved by most people associated with the show, it seems.

    Interesting theme for next week. No idea what’s in store. Funny, I watched Idol Wrap on TV Guide Channel right after I posted that. Answered my question right there, haha. Thanks, Galen.

  23. I think Scott is going to be on Regis and Kelly tomorrow!!! Not positive though. That will be cool.

  24. Hey, good for Scott! I hope he just continues to soar throughout his post-Idol career. Oh, and I definitely believe that he will be asked back next year to sing. It seems like almost all of Season 7 have been back (or will be back) at some point throughout this season, so I bet most of the contestants from this season will grace the stage next year as well.

  25. Did any of you see Scott on Regis and Kelly today? He also revealed that he had a kidney transplant because he was quite ill for two years while his kidneys weren’t functioning. And he began college at the young age of 14 and graduated when he was 19. He then received his masters when he was only 21. He earned a Marshall Scholarship and I think he said that he turned down a Fulbright. He joked that he was a scholar turned pop star. Quite a guy!!!

  26. Those last three words of your post say it all, Louise! He has been through so much in his life, and I know that God has something so special in store for his future. I look very forward to meeting him on the tour!

  27. I saw Regis and Kelly also. Regis and Kelly were both amazed. It kiiked to me like they were almost speechless! “Just The Way You Are” was gorgeous.

    I think a lot of those who criticize him do not realize that his Masters was in music. Academic music study is very different from pop. Pop is not his native genre, as he is classically trained, which makes his Idol run (a pop show) more wonderful. There is so much to Scott that people may not take the time to see. He is awesome. I will miss him SO MUCH this week. Can’t wait for FINALE NIGHT!!!

    Speaking of classical training, there is a video of him playing Chopin on YouTube. Check this out!

  28. Sorry – I meant ro say “It looked to me like they were almost speechless”.

    Darn those typos. LOL.

  29. I’m joining this stein if replies late in the game, but I’m so happy to find an article and group or responses that resonate with my feelings regarding Scott. He was by far my favorite, and I felt the most talented of the contestants. I already miss him greatly on the show. I feel he is an extremely talented musician, and he was really growing with each weeks performance. I’ve downloaded all his recordings, and I love his style. He brought a dignity, sincerity, and positive attitude to the show that has not been equaled prior to this season. I wouldn’t be surprised if he is snatched up and recording soon, because I feel like there is a strong market our there that would love his adult contemporary music, kind of along the lines of josh grobin.


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