David Archuleta Performs O Holy Night

It doesn’t get much better than this.  David Archuleta rendered an inspirational performance of O Holy Night at the Holiday Of  Hope Tree Lighting Ceremony in Los Angeles this weekend.

His interpretation of this beloved classic carol was absolutely gorgeous and I especially fell in love with his creative melodic twists to the original melody during the second verse. It was just beautiful and truly came from the depths of his soul. This is how this song was intended to be sung – with reverence and respect for the lyrics.

David’s performance was tasteful, sincere and ringing with a consummate blend of vocal artistry and technical skills. His sustaining ability, coupled with his liberated soulful style, always ceases to amaze me – it is absolutely stellar.

Magnificent Masterclass performance David! Bravo!

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31 Responses to “David Archuleta Performs O Holy Night”

  1. I knew you’d love it, MCL!! It almost brings tears to your eyes hearing him sing. I love how he sings all the “divines” in this song…simply breathtaking. Seriously, how can one kid be so amazing?


  2. Thank you MCL, I don’t know what to say about David’s rendition of Oh Holy Night from last nights tree lighting ceremony. Saying that it was spectacular just doesn’t seem to cut it. It left me speechless!


  3. I’m speechless too…and quite tearful. David’s voice is DIVINE! Thanks for the review, MCL.


  4. Beautiful and thanks for the review.


  5. Thank you MCL for your review — I was blessed to be there in person to hear David sing what I suspect is a Richard Parkinson arrangement of Oh Holy Night.
    As you say David sings with respect and reverence to the lyrics and I have such respect for this fine young man.
    sigh – I am getting all teary eyed listening to this video.


  6. It’s so beautiful!
    His ‘Imagine’ from the same night is amazing…his best yet in my opinion. Would love to know what you think of it MCL!


  7. You are most welcome, everyone. I cannot get enough of his voice and spirituality – it is truly special.

    “Imagine” was a prayer when performed through David’s vocal delivery and passion. So sensitive and so expressive. Beautiful performance -truly special.


  8. Hello Masterclass,

    I live in LA, and was able to make the Tree Lighting ceremony, and VIP venue. There really are no words to describe how pure David’s voice really is. I was standing right next to the guy who took the video of David singing “Oh Holy Night”. The video is good, but I’m here to say that the live performance sounded better!

    Most of us fans were very moved, and to be honest, with a voice and delivery like that, I don’t know how you couldn’t.

    Take Care,

    Steve Gallie


  9. Linda Weaver-Pettingell December 8, 2008 at 5:00 pm

    David never ceases to amaze me either. On one of the websites, there is a video of his sound check at the Christmas Tree Lighting and you would never have known that he was on that big stage alone singing to no audience. He was so into that song (“Oh Holy Night”) during the sound check, maybe sang it better than the performance! Blew my mind.


  10. Man I love this teenager. I can’t stop listening to his CD, and can’t wait for his Christmas album to come out.


  11. it makes me cry.
    David is A TRULY GIFT from God….
    just Perfect


  12. I am in tears. Love this young man and his voice from the angels above. MCL your review was right on the mark. We are so lucky to have David Archuleta in our lives. Everthing is sweeter because oh him.


  13. David has to be a gift from God with the voice of an angel because I don’t understand why I love David and his music so much. This has never happen to me ever with any other musician in my life. When I watched the video of David singing O Holy Night I was mesmerized hypnotize and could not breath till he was done and then it brough me to tears. Who could do this to some one but an angel.


  14. Palm to Heart

    This is one of my most favorite Christmas Standards to try and sing myself. My the inflection David brings to it. My heart is pounding and racing to my throat while tears are puddling in my eyes. I am fighting to breath while knowing each breath may cause me to miss a note.

    What a blessing this young man’s voice is. If you don’t have kids who expect Santa, this year is the perfect year to have a back to basics Christmas with David James.

    Don’t you just want to take the entire family to get a tree and everyone select their favorite ornament to place on it and just sit and play David’s music. While The Christmas Story is read. Or go out to a live Nativity. Anything, as long as you do it as a family.

    David is so down to earth, he just makes you want the simply things of life. Ah man, I love this young man so much. I am having the best Christmas ever.


    Peace be unto you all. I’ve gotta find an online card for you guys. Oooh, I’m just so happy that David has crossed my path yet again.

    Palm to Heart My Angels, Palm to Heart


  15. I couldn’t agree with you more! Thank you for all the great things you say about David. (ALL TRUE!!!)


  16. There’s NOTHING MORE TO BE SAID THAN WHAT ALREADY HAS BEEN SAID! DAVID ARCHULETA IS THE BEST OF THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!I’m a Golden male Archie and I have ODD 1,000,000 over! haha I think I have worn out the CD already – Time to get a new one haha!


  17. MCL…a big heartfelt THANK YOU!

    David…Thank you dear one for giving this stellar performance to your most dedicated fans. It’s a gift from you we will cherish forever.


  18. As soon as the first note was sung, tears started falling uncontrollably. He seems to have this affect on me EVERY TIME – I don’t understand it sometimes. He has this amazing gift of story telling. He knows how to capture the spirit of the songs he’s singing. I think what makes it so is, as you mentioned MCL, his great reverence for music and the lyrics of the songs. When he sings, it is as if the music becomes alive and the meaning behind the music becomes transparent so that you focus on the message. I can think of “Imagine”, “And so it goes”, and now this one as examples. His voice is strong and yet tender, resonant and always pitch perfect too. Wow! What an incredible intrument he’s got and what a gift! Thank you MCL for your review on DAvid’s performances. I’m glad I have this site to go to for an expert opinion.


  19. I have to agree with Linda Weaver-Pettingell, when I heard David sing Oh Holy Night at the sound check, his voice absolutely floored me. Not only that, his intensity and conviction while singing it was jaw dropping. Honestly I grope for words to describe this young mans gift, I haven’t yet found any that do it justice.


  20. I’m not of the christian faith but I agree MCL that he treated the song with such respect and reverence that you can’t help but be filled with a deeply inspirational and immense spiritual resonance no matter what your religious denomination is.One’s heart literally fills to overflowing with it. It’s truly a communion with God no matter what your faith and I believe that David was channeling God’s voice in that moment. And who better than a remarkable and beautiful young man such as David Archuleta to deliver the message.

    Merry Christmas one and all


  21. I’ve been memorized with David James since I first saw him, he just keeps getting better and better, he is the best! an angel sent from heaven, just brought me to tears to hear him sing O’holy night, I think one of the best I have ever heard.


  22. Wow everyone! Thanks for the great comments. I have been nursing a sore mouth and taking care of my granddaughter, so that it explains the lack of communication on my part.

    I truly want to add some more articles about David’s recent performances – the Jingle Ball and so much more – but have had a lot on my plate lately.

    Doing my best here, but thank you all so much for your feedback. It means so very much to me and, of course, to David. :)

    I am taking part on a live chat over at http://www.countingdavidscharacter.com on Wednesday night – along with David’s esteemed vocal coach and instructor, Dean Kaelin. Please come and join in the fun!


  23. Wow. This has to be one of my favourite Christmas songs and he sings it so wonderfully!! Thank you so much for reviewing this, MCL. I agree with you, he sings this song with so much respect for the lyrics and lets them guide him.


  24. MCL, thanks so much for reviewing this..I was so hoping you would. Always look forward to your feedback on our David James.

    There is another video, a slightly different angle and you can really see the emotion in his face.

    Stunning performance! He is truly a gift.

    Would also love to hear your review of A Thousand Miles

    Apologies if I am getting greedy here, I know you are a very busy lady!


  25. Here’s David’s “O Holy Night” from last year just for kicks. He sounds really good in this one too.


  26. This is awekward


  27. David’s spirituality infuses this song. I have been even more taken, though, with the Christmas 2007 video recording of David singing “Mary, Did you Know”. I absolutely love his powerful version of that song. Before hearing David sing it, I didn’t like the song and barely tolerated hearing it on the radio.



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